The Glennie School, Toowoomba

Welcome to Glennie

Offering your daughter the opportunity to explore and develop her unique passions and talents, providing her the personal attention she needs to be All She Can Be.

Glennie’s individualised learning environment, together with the best contemporary teaching methods and dynamic growth and wellbeing programs, will offer your daughter the opportunity to explore and develop her unique passions and talents, providing her with the personal attention she needs to be All She Can Be.

As you are exploring education options, you are no doubt asking yourself which school is going to provide the best education for your daughter.

No two families will answer this question in the same way, just as no two girls are the same.

At Glennie, we understand that each girl is an individual with her own distinctive strengths, challenges and interests and every learning pathway is truly unique. Our vibrant and supportive community empowers each girl to be proud of who she is, building the confidence and courage needed to reach her full potential and create her own future.

A commitment to girl’s education

Glennie girls are educated to the highest standards of which they are capable. In addition, Glennie girls are given the opportunities to develop their sporting and cultural talents through a rich, diverse and relevant extra-curricular program.

By achieving an understanding of their own spiritual dimension, Glennie girls will make a positive contribution to the world with a sense of their own worth and character, in addition to a well-developed sense of citizenship.

As well-skilled, well-rounded and well-grounded young people of excellent character and integrity, Glennie girls will be able to be all they can be.

Strings workshop with guest conductor, Louise King
Investing in Women

Investing in Women

This week The Glennie School proudly inaugurated its latest facility, the Student Wellbeing Centre, displaying the continued commitment the School has in providing a nurturing..

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A passion for STEM paving a path for success

A passion for STEM paving a path for success

With a passion for STEM and an eagerness to discover “why things are the way they are”, the 2023 Glennie School Dux Imogen KIeidon achieved..

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On returning to Glennie

On returning to Glennie

Maintaing a busy life of study and philanthropy for which she was renowned during her time at Glennie, Glennie Old Girl and Former School Captain..

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ATAR of 95 and above

In 2023, 25% of students achieved an ATAR of 95 and above

French Immersion

67% of girls who achieved an ATAR of 98 and above graduated from French Immersion

Co-curricular engagement

90% of our 2023 graduates who achieved an ATAR above 90.00 engaged in co-curricular activities

Empowered girls

Glennie girls are encouraged to make a positive contribution to the world. As a community, we draw upon our Anglican faith to enact our core values of respect, integrity, compassion and courage in all that we do.

Tackling the issues that girls face growing up, our carefully developed personal growth and wellbeing programs will encourage your daughter to explore her individuality and develop in her the skills to build meaningful and healthy relationships with herself and others. Our wellbeing programs are led by experienced educators and build a strong sense of community, belonging and trust.

Your daughter will be supported and inspired to adopt a growth mindset, building the resilience and self-belief to overcome life’s challenges.

Commitment to a culture of service nurtures kind and compassionate young women and enriches the lives of those who give their time and effort to support others.