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The Glennie School Prospectus | All She Can Be


Senior Years

YEARS 10 TO 12

For mentoring young women

on choices for their future,

Glennie Senior Years is the

best choice.

Glennie Senior Years is

an exciting combination

of academic, vocational,

technological, artistic, sporting

and leadership pathways.

Here, your daughter will be

mentored by the highest quality

teachers from all over the

world in a personalised learning

environment. She will have the

opportunity to forge her own

curriculum pathway and shine in

the classroom, on the

sports field, in the concert hall

and in the community.

Through a carefully and

thoughtfully developed pastoral

program that encourages

leadership, citizenship and the

development of character, girls

will be prepared to embrace the

challenges of the 21st Century.

Glennie’s Senior Years is

designed to equip all girls with

courage, creativity, confidence

and connection to the world

they will lead in the future.