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The Arts

musicGlennie delivers a highly successful Arts program where girls explore their creativity through Visual Art and Music. Our visual artists exhibit at shows and expos to high acclaim. Glennie’s ensembles and choirs are regular winners at the Toowoomba Eisteddfod and the Queensland Youth Music Awards. Their success is as far-reaching as the Montreux Jazz Festival and the Bratislava Youth Music Festival.

Co-Curricular Program

visual-artThe Arts program at Glennie is divided into two parts. The co-curricular subjects of Music, Drama, Dance and Visual Arts are embedded in the curriculum. Junior Years girls receive a solid grounding in these subjects as part of a well-rounded education. They learn a musical instrument from an early age and also study Ballet and an engaging Visual Arts program.

In Middle Years, girls continue their compulsory study in the Arts. From Year 9 onwards girls can choose to continue their study of the Arts as part of their subject selection options.

Musical ensembles and choirs are part of the co-curricular program. Some are auditioned, some are available to all Arts students who wish to join. There are many opportunities for girls to perform at eisteddfods, competitions, festivals, School functions and community events.

Extra-Curricular Program

The extra-curricular program offered at Glennie allows girls to explore their musical options through specialist lessons. Lessons are available for girls from Prep to Year 12. Professional instrumental and vocal tutors provide comprehensive and specialist tuition. Lessons offered include:

  • Instrumental music
  • Voice
  • Speech and Drama
  • Music Theory and Music Craft
  • Dance
  • Ballet

Girls studying extra-curricular lessons have the opportunity to perform at the Toowoomba Eisteddfod. They can sit for external examinations if they choose.

For information

For more information about performance opportunities at Glennie, download the Performing Arts Handbook

Parents are welcome to join the Glennie Performing Arts Supporters Association (PASA) a sub-committee of the Glennie P & F Association . . . Read More