Year of Courage comes to an end

25 November 2016

Speech Day is the day that Glennie celebrates the successes of the past year. The Year of Courage saw Glennie girls rise to challenges throughout the year and there was much to acknowledge at both the Junior Years and Middle and Senior Years Speech Day ceremonies.

Congratulations to every girl who was awarded a prize. Special congratulations go to the girls who won major awards.

Middle and Senior Years Special Award Recipients are:

  • Bella Mott:  The Glennie School Ethos Award - Middle Years
  • Katie Deane:  The Glennie School Ethos Award - Senior Years, Sue Edwards Trophy
  • Laura Baartz:  Mitchell Shield for Best Year 12 All Rounder
  • Sheree Phillips:  GOGA Prize for Dux of the School, the ANFIN Bursary
  • Hale:  House Shield, Best All Round Performance

Junior Years Special Award Recipients are:

  •  Holly Whittaker:  Archbishop's Award
  • Chelsea Armstrong:  Ivy Waugh Trophy for Citizenship
  • Tyler Kinkema:  Egan Family Prize for Junior All-Rounder
  • Jessica Barnes:  Ibell Prize for Academic Excellence
  •  Prisha Gupte:  Head of Junior Years Prize for Academic Excellence and Effort Sponsored by Glennie Foundation Limited
  • Isabella Shelton:  Barkla Family Prize
  • Jessica Barnes:  Ayl Dro Award

It was an honour to have The Right Reverend Cameron Venables, Bishop of the Western Region in attendance to offer his blessings for both award ceremonies.  Speeches were given by Chair of Council, Mr Bill Armagnacq; Adventurer, Alyssa Azar; School Captain, Katie Deane; Mr Waverley Stanley; Mrs Stephanie Munday-Lake; Mrs Meg Durham; Mr Warren and Mrs Ashley-Cooper.  In addition to inspirational speeches, they each gave thanks to the many people who work so hard throughout the year to make Glennie such a special place.

Mr Warren, Mr Griffiths, Mr Finlay, Mr Carter and Mr Broom comprised the ‘five tenors’ who took the stage to sing Lord Bless You and Keep You assisted by the G Major choir as a special blessing for Mrs Ashley-Cooper, it was a lovely tribute.

In her address, Mrs Ashley-Cooper considered the concept of becoming "all we can be." She talked about the importance of education being aspirational, and encouraged students to strive and struggle to better themselves. She counselled parents not to protect children from hardship, but see it as a proving ground for resilience and the development of character. She also reviewed some of Glennie's major achievements over the past fifteen years. In this Year of Courage Mrs Ashley-Cooper delighted guests with a unique and heart-warming solo performance with a standing ovation a fitting finale.

Performances by Junior Years Orchestra, G Major Choir, Glennie Junior Years girls, Middle and Senior Years girls and the Concert Band showcased the emerging talent of performing artists at Glennie.

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The Last Farewell

25 November 2016

The time has come to say our last farewell to Mrs Ashley-Cooper. So many kind words have been said by students and staff at farewell celebrations in the Junior Years and the Middle and Senior Year. Staff and special guests also honoured her with messages of thanks and farewell at the Speech Day celebrations.

Thank you Mrs Ashley-Cooper for 15 years of dedication to making Glennie a better place. The School has benefited from your strong leadership and, although she will always go on, Glennie will be a different place without you.

Go well, Mrs Ashley-Cooper.  

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Staff Farewells

25 November 2016

The end of the year is a time for celebration but it is also a time for farewells.

Not to be overshadowed by the many celebrations to honour our departing Head of School, we say goodbye to some of our members of staff many of whom have worked at Glennie for as long or indeed longer than Mrs Ashley-Cooper.

Junior Years

Mr Warren writes: Today, we farewell a number of Junior Years Staff members who have been with us for a combined total of 39 years of dedicated service to the Junior Years. Mrs Edwards leaves us after seventeen years, Mr Carter after seven years and Mrs DeGraaf who has been on leave since 2015. These staff are pursuing other business interests.

Mrs Murray from our Kindergarten leaves us to prepare for a new addition to the family and we wish her well. Reverend Penny Jones is moving to Brisbane to be Director of Foundation at St Francis College and will be Rector of Auchenflower-Milton Parish. We wish her and her husband, Reverend Dr Jonathan Inkpin, the very best of wishes. Mrs Willmington will be taking leave in 2017 and we wish her all the very best.

I would like to thank all of these staff members for their wonderful contribution to the Junior Years over so many years.  We wish you all the very best.

Middle and Senior Years

In Middle and Senior Years, Mrs Kaye Broadfoot is taking long service leave for Term 1. Contract teachers, Mr Wally Richards, Mr Brant Hardgrave, Miss Megan Grohn and Mr Chris Persian have completed their time with us. A happy face that has been part of Glennie’s cleaning team, Mr Geoff Russell, is retiring today.

After almost ten years at Glennie, Mrs Annie Muller is about to retire from the role of Registrar.

We thank these staff members for their dedicated service to The School. We wish all departing staff members well in their life after Glennie.

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Carol Services

25 November 2016

Junior Years families gathered at St Luke’s for Carol Services on Sunday.  Reverend Penny Jones conducted the services which included beautiful singing, mime, story-telling and liturgical dance.

Our families made generous donations towards the St Luke’s Parish Larder which is currently attempting to support over fifty needy Toowoomba families, so your donations were very well received.

In the Middle and Senior Years Service at the Empire Theatre, the Middle and Senior Years choir and a combined string ensemble performed beautifully. Revd Kate Powell delivered a touching message on the theme of love: how Jesus was “Born to Love” and how each one of us can be inspired and empowered to love our world and each other more.

Click here for a few more photos of the Junior Years Service

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Memories made on the river

25 November 2016

Last Friday, the Year 10 girls got a taste of what it is like to go to the Formal as they dressed in their best for the Brisbane River Cruise. After an emotional day of saying goodbye to the Senior girls at the balloon release, Glennie girls gathered near PAC to check out the fashions and take some last minute photos before the Year 10 girls boarded the buses.

The girls enjoyed a great night of fun and friendship as they cruised down the Brisbane River.

Click here to view photo gallery.

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Science has heart at Glennie

25 November 2016

As part of their final unit of work on Body Systems, the Year 8D students had the opportunity to undertake a heart dissection using cow/bullock hearts of various sizes and ages. In addition to locating and observing the structure of a mammalian heart, students were also able to identify the condition of the heart and link this knowledge to age and diet. The hearts, belonging to adult cows/bullocks, were larger than those from young calves, and the discolouration and fat envelopment signified the older hearts and those individuals who had access to richer food (with fat content high around the outer sections) and reduced exercise.

As a result of the heart dissection, students are now aware of what makes a 'heartbeat' (the valves opening and closing) and how the condition of body organs and healthy lifestyle choices strongly underpin each other.

“On Friday the 18th the Year 8D Science class did a dissection of a heart.  We had to locate the tendons and valves in the heart.  I really enjoyed seeing what is inside a heart without just looking at a textbook” said Kaitlyn Nicholls

Click here to view the photo gallery. (Some photos may make you squeamish)

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Labyrinth of reflection

25 November 2016

This week,  all girls in Year 6 participated in a walk through the temporary labyrinth which was constructed at Junior Years by Reverend Penny Jones. This walk allowed the girls who were soon to conclude their time in the Junior Years to reflect on the past. Girls placed rocks in the pool as they left behind their regrets and negative thoughts. This was a great experience for the girls and we thank Reverend Penny for organising this for the girls.

Click here to view the photo gallery.

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Mangoes galore!

25 November 2016

Glennie Pitstop would like to thank the Glennie Community for supporting their 2016 fundraiser.  A total of 280 trays of mangoes were purchased with means a profit of $1,500 will go towards the purchase of playground equipment for the service.  

Enjoy your mangoes!

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Interhouse Drama, Song and Dance competition delivers talent

25 November 2016

The combined Inter-house Drama, Singing and Dance competitions have been a huge success this year. Middle and Senior Years girls were able to relax after the busiest term and impress the audience with their skills in drama, song and dance.

Girls are to be congratulated on their sensational use of costumes, audio and stage presence. After weeks of rehearsals, this was the last opportunity for Years 7 to 11 girls to boost their house point tally.

We are pleased to announce Webber won the Drama competition with Hale triumphant in the Singing and Dance competitions. Congratulations to the individual prize winners for their outstanding performances on the day.

  • House Plays Encouragement Awards (Trophy and Certificate): Georgia Meise (Webber), Apoorva Abeysundera (Donaldson), Harper Lanigan (Hale), Sandra Miller (Tufnell)
  • Best Supporting Actress (Trophy and Certificate):  Sarah-Jane Coggan
  • Best Actress (Trophy and Certificate):  Lauren Baryla
  • Overall House Play Trophy:  Webber
  • Best Script:  Tufnell
  • Best Dancer from each House:  Rachel Hall (Donaldson); Josie Fawckner (Hale); Lizzie Chicalas (Tufnell) and Lorraine Han (Webber)

We thank adjudicators, Mrs Mary Taylor, Mr Martin Paroz and Mrs Leanne Farrell for their time. The feedback they offered will assist the girls to prepare for their 2017 performances.

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Glennie leads the way in blood donations

25 November 2016

This year, the students set the goal of 150 donations, and as you can see, we have exceeded this (and we will capably reach 200 by 31  December). At present our tally has reached 175.

In case you were not aware, the school is part of the corporate event 'Club Red25'  which aims to enrol 1,400 new and existing donors each year across regions and city council areas Australia-wide. We have given nearly 200 towards this total.

At present, among corporations, The Glennie School stands in 5th place overall- not a bad 5th place when you consider that this is out of 300 businesses, clubs, councils etc in the region; and we stand 5th place behind...The Army, The Toowoomba Regional Council and the Red Cross itself!

A big' thank you' to Vikki Payne (Ms V) for being a great support to me this year as I have coordinated the program. This result could not have been achieved without the support to the girls in setting up the appointments and getting them to the venue each week!

However Christmas is coming and this means lots of activities on the road- consider donating before the break and during the break- wherever you are. And don't forget to nominate the Glennie Club Red25 account!

The top five results from 1 January to 20 November 2016:

  • The Glennie School 173 donations saving 519 lives!
  • St Ursula’s College 87 donations
  • Fairholme College 75 donations
  • Centenary Heights SHS 74 donations
  • Downlands College 71 donations

I pass on my thanks and congratulations to all who have donated in the past 12 months.

This is truly an outstanding effort and the commitment shown by The Glennie School is leading the way in uniting to save lives through blood donations.

Congratulations again and we will let you know of the new Community Relations Officer’s details in 2017.

Mrs Jennifer McPhie
Science Teacher and Club Red Co-ordinator

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Year 7 Physics girls are a force to reckoned with!

25 November 2016

With assessment over, to keep learning happening, we brought out the Lego dacta technic 1031 kits, to complete the Physics unit this term. These kits enable students to build simple and complex machines demonstrating their knowledge of levers, pulleys, energy, force, and mechanical advantage. Using the kits and understanding the basics guided by instructional booklets, students were able to move onto building their own machines from an array of materials, based upon their understanding only without instruction.  

This year in Physics I have learned about gravity, friction and force. It has been an amazing year, it couldn’t be better. I learned how to work in the lab properly when it comes to experiments, I have learned what to do if an accident happens and I have learned what to do in preparation for experiments. It has been amazing.

LIKE: I liked it when we did experiments in the lab.

DISLIKE: I didn't like getting so much homework from science.  

Lillian Vaughan, Year 7

Click here to view the video and photo gallery.

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Pick me!

25 November 2016

The number of unclaimed elements has been steadily dropping this week. There are still some left and we would really like to find them all a home before Christmas. Payments can be spread over five years. Just because the Science Centre is complete does not mean that your contribution is not important.

Hopefully the rest of these elements will be claimed so they can join their friends on the Periodic Table of Elements Honour Board which adorns the Sue Edwards Science Centre in recognition of the generous donors in the Glennie community.  

Pick yours today! Visit the Glennie website to secure its place on the Honour Board

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Eye Spy Glennie in the Media

25 November 2016

Did you spot these stories in the Media?

If you spot a story about a current Glennie girl or Glennie Old Girl in the media, we would appreciate your sharing of the story with us. Kindly forward the story via email to

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The Week in Boarding

25 November 2016

The boarders always enjoy the last weekend of the year and the trip to a Gold Coast theme park. Due to the recent tragedy at Dreamworld we changed venues and the girls enjoyed the outing to Movieworld and some down time. Even a bus trip can be relaxing! The younger boarders were accompanied to the Park by the incoming Seniors on Sunday and all of Brown House took part in a movie evening with popcorn.

The last week of term is always enjoyable with many festivities to be involved in. A significant feature of the last week of any term is the packing for home. Our Year 11 and Year 8 girls anticipate the change of boarding house.

The 2017 Simmons boarders chose their rooms on Monday. We looked forward to the Carols evening on Wednesday and also Speech Day. Boarding wishes all of our Glennie Families a safe and happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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Speech and Drama

25 November 2016

The final weeks of Speech and Drama have included group activities and workshops to improve improvisation skills and work on ensemble building.

Both the Junior Years and Middle Years students worked enthusiastically in the workshops - stretching their imaginations and stepping out of their comfort zones to try new activities.

Individual and small group Speech and Drama lessons are held at the school. Lessons encourage students with a flair for the dramatic or students who need a little help in speaking in front of a group or their peers,

Speech and Drama can help in many ways. I would like to thank the students, parents and staff for a wonderful year and their never ending encouragement and support.

Have a lovely break and see you in 2017.

Miss Andreas Elms
Speech and Drama Coach

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Swimming Calendar

25 November 2016

Parents are reminded to check the Aquatic Centre online calendar (use parent login) to check what is happening in the pool during the Christmas break.

Activities and programs in the calendar include:

  • Pool open for Fun swim
  • Dive clinics
  • Squad training times 
  • Squad clinics
  • Holiday Accelerator blocks
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Anna off to boxing camp.

25 November 2016

The proud parents of Anna Christodoulou let us know that Anna has been asked by Boxing Australia to participate in their Female Futures Boxing Camp at the Australian Institute of Sport Combat Centre in Canberra.

The purpose of this camp is to profile the current talent in women's boxing, with the intention of knowing more about potential boxers for the 2020 Tokyo and 2024 Olympics. Anna’s parents Megan and Nick say, 'we are very proud of her effort and commitment to her chosen sport'.

An article about Anna appeared in The Chronicle.

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Under 13 State Futsal Titles

25 November 2016

Glennie’s Under 13 Futsal team travelled to the Commonwealth Games Indoor Stadium in Coomera to play in the Queensland Futsal Titles.

Glennie’s team was one 100 teams from all over Queensland who participated in regional competitions in a bid to qualify.  Our team won the Darling Downs competition in September and was one of 16 teams that contested the inaugural Queensland School Sport Futsal titles.

The girls went through the whole day undefeated. They beat; Redbank Plains  17 - 0, Chisholm College   4 - 1, Southern Cross College 9 - 1.

In the elimination quarter final they defeated Calvary College 8 - 2 and in the semi-final, they defeated Varsity College 6 - 2

In the grand final, the girls faced Chancellor College, a school of 2,000 students with a specialist futsal program. The girls fought through injury and fatigue and tried their absolute best until the end. Unfortunately, the girls could not hold on. The final score was 8-4 to Chancellor.

They received silver medals and the honour of being second in Queensland.

Congratulations to Georgia Barnes, Alyssa Baker, Tori Gallegos, Gidget McErlean, Bella Mott, Jacinta Sullivan, Galliano Lauri, Veronica Fischer and Becci Roellgen.

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Swim Australia CEO visits Glennie Aquatic Centre

25 November 2016

In June, Mr Gary Toner was appointed CEO of Swim Australia.  Mr Toner is currently on a regional tour as part of Swim Safer Week. This week, Glennie Aquatic Centre staff had the pleasure in welcoming him to the Centre. Centre Manager, Ms Shannon Townsend introduced Mr Toner to Head Swimming Coach Mr Codie Grimsey and our swimming instructors. He was able to see the swimming programmes offered to families, witness swimming instructors in action and get a feel for their engagement with young swimmers and their families.  

The Glennie Aquatic Centre thanks Mr Toner for his visit and will take his feedback on board to continually improve service to its swimming families.

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Term Dates 2017 Changed

25 November 2016

Parents are advised that the start date for Term 1 2017 is Monday 23 January. All boarders are asked to be in the boarding houses by 4:00pm on Sunday 22 January.

A copy of the term dates is on the Glennie website.

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Christmas Holiday Squad Training

25 November 2016

This year, the Development, Fitness, Senior, Adult Squad and Andrew’s Cup training sessions will not stop over the holiday period as we have done in the past.

We will also be conducting a swim clinic in January. For more information on this clinic or to book an assessment for our squads, please contact Glennie Swimming Coach, Mr Codie Grimsey:

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Deposits  Due

25 November 2016

Thank you for your support of our ‘Treasures of the Mediterranean’ tour.  To secure our arrangements with airlines and suppliers and your place on the tour, we need to collect a deposit and complete a Travel Booking Form by Friday 2 December, 2016.

To pay your deposit and complete all initial documentation contact our Travel Consultant, Sue McPherson from Stonestreets Coaches and Made Easy Tours on (07) 4687 5555 or

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by phone (07) 4688 8821 or email

Don’t miss your chance to experience the glorious Treasures of the Mediterranean.  

Mr Leigh Duffin
Head of Senior Years Social Science
Tour Co-ordinator

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Recommended reading for holidays

25 November 2016

Every year Teacher Librarians from around Australia compile a recommended reading list for the Christmas holidays. Click here to download the list for many hours of sensational reading.

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Ham Drive

25 November 2016

The Glennie Sports Supporters have teamed up with Ashton’s Butchers to bring you locally grown - 100% Australian - hams in time for Christmas.

Choose from a half or full ham, pay your deposit and collect your ham on the two collection dates closer to Christmas.  

Download the order form below

Download the flyer for more information

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Pitstop Vacation Care Program

25 November 2016

The Christmas holiday vacation care program is available now.

Download the brochure and the booking form and secure your place today.

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