A Message from Mrs Cohen

17 February 2017

Last weekend, Head of Middle Years, Mrs Jo Matherson; Senior Resident of Boarding, Mrs Gayle Ash; Registrar, Mrs Karen Morris and I braved the 45º heat for the first leg of the Glennie regional tour. This was the first time I have travelled to these towns to meet boarding families who were unable to join us for the Welcome Drinks that occurred prior to the start of Term 1.  

First stop was Millmerran where a lovely morning tea was hosted by Mrs McKinlay and her daughter, Year 12 student Meg, at their family property.  A lovely garden setting greeted us for the function, and we appreciated the McKinlays’ efforts in making us feel so welcome. We thank the new parents and girls who came along to find out more about Glennie. Your time commitment on such a hot day was wonderful.    

A short drive to Inglewood and a delightful lunch at Mr and Mrs Markey’s property was a wonderful way to catch up with current and prospective Glennie families in the area. It was also nice to catch up with Mrs Shona Clark-Dickson the local ICPA representative.

On the road again to Goondiwindi. Old Girl Melissa Lewis (Boughton, 1998) catered a wonderful function at The Larder for our boarding families and it was a delight for Glennie staff to speak with so many new parents and girls ready to start their boarding journey.

After a relaxing sleep in air-conditioned comfort at Ascot Lodge Motor Inn, we took to the road for Meandarra. Mrs Coggan and 2015 School Captain, Emily-Louise, were gracious hosts and introduced us to their friends and families in the region who are current boarding families or families exploring their boarding options.  

On the way home, our Dalby families welcomed us with open arms.  It was delightful to see a few new faces in the region, and we look forward to showing them around the School when they next visit Toowoomba.  

The hospitality extended by boarding families was outstanding and paves the way for more exciting tours. I would like to thank Mrs Matherson, Mrs Ash and Mrs Morris for their company and time away from families to accompany me on the tour. I am looking forward to meeting more families when we hit the road again on the 25 February to visit families in the areas of Taroom, Roma and Chinchilla.

Wishing you all a blessed and relaxing weekend and fulfilling week ahead.

Mrs Kim Cohen

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A Message from the Head of Middle Years

17 February 2017

After a warm few weeks, the Middle and Senior Years girls were keen to hit the pool today and compete in the annual Swimming Carnival. The cup was hotly contested again this year, and girls proudly displaying House colours cheered on those competing to do their best in each event. A day like today really highlights the vitality you feel as a member of the Glennie community. It is not so much about winning or losing but about having a go, supporting others to do their best and sharing in the highs of House spirit.

Mrs Jo Matherson
Head of Middle Years

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Glennie hosts ASC HR delegation

17 February 2017

The Anglican Schools Commission convenes a meeting of Human Resources representatives from independent Anglican Schools once a term.  These meetings serve to streamline processes and procedures in order to meet increasing demands stipulated by legislation and other governing bodies.

The first meeting for 2017 was hosted at Glennie last Friday with 13 staff members from the Anglican Schools Commission, St John’s Anglican College, The Springfield Anglican College, St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School, The Southport School, Coomera Anglican College, Matthew Flinders Anglican College and St Hilda’s College in attendance. Guest speakers, Mrs Marlene Norris from the Anglican Schools Commission and Mrs Nadia Taylor from employment advisors Livingstones spoke about Blue Card services changes and employment and industrial relations developments.

We thank Glennie Senior, Sally Wong for playing the piano beautifully for our guests while they enjoyed their lunch.

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Dissection continues, with kidneys

17 February 2017

Our young scientists at Glennie have already tested their dissection skills with brains, and now they have discovered kidneys. Year 9 girls Anyela Naumann, Vanessa Horton and Jessica Steels recap their experience:

The 9D Science class dissected a sheep’s kidney. First, we peeled off the layer of fat that protects the kidney and found the blood vessels. Then we cut the kidney in half to identify the cortex, medulla and the pelvis. After that, we used the scalpel to cut a very thin piece of tissue from the cortex and medulla to examine under the microscope. After the dissection, we had to suggest the advantage of having two kidneys, not just one. We believe that this experiment helped us to understand more about how our bodies function.

Click here to view the photo gallery. Not for the squeamish!

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A taste of Boarding in the 1950s

17 February 2017

The Glennie School’s Year 9 English classes were delighted this week when they were visited by Mrs Jan Kretschmann (Knust) who, as a Prefect and the Captain of Hale House, finished her senior year at Glennie in 1958, the year of the School’s 50 Year Jubilee celebrations.

Mrs Kretschmann shared with the girls the many ups (and downs) of being a boarder at Glennie during the 1950s. She reinforced the truly wonderful life-changing effect that Glennie had on the rest of her life and how she has always remained very proud of being a Glennie girl.

Our Year 9 English students were extremely appreciative of her personal account and marvelled at the differences as well as the similarities that they share. Mrs Kretschmann patiently and keenly answered many questions from the girls who were certainly provided much inspiration for their assessment in English this term. They have the task of writing a narrative based on ‘Glennie – past, present and future.’  

We thank Mrs Kretschmann very kindly for giving her time on Tuesday and Thursday this week to inspire our girls and share precious memories that we will treasure.

Mrs Natalie Bennett
Head of English – Senior Years

Click here to view the photo gallery

Here is a video of one of the lessons (40 minutes).

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Meet our new Foundation Officer

17 February 2017

My name is Tammy Wilson and I have just joined the Glennie School Foundation as the new Foundation Officer.

After nine years working in media and politics in London, I returned home to Toowoomba to start my family. I have a background in communication, media, stakeholder engagement, writing, marketing, crisis and reputation management, event management, and fundraising.  I am passionate about helping people and my four years at the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation enabled me to do that in a very direct and tangible way. My recent time at the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce allowed me to utilise my skills to help local businesses.  

I am really excited about joining the Glennie team. I am looking forward to working with and helping the students, staff, families and friends of Glennie.

I work in the Development Office on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, so please feel free to pop in and say hello.  

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Be my valentine

17 February 2017

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for the girls to celebrate love. It is a time for them to think about their platonic relationships with family, friends, Glennie staff, and their school.

This year, the Student Welfare Committee (SWC) wanted to focus on spreading the love to all. This was achieved through the placement of balloons, love heart quotes and hug squares in locker rooms, staff rooms and the veranda. As well, the much-loved heart shaped lollipops were handed out by the SWC “cupids” before school.

Other celebrations included tutor breakfasts, in particular, W/A’s Valentine’s Day themed breakfast in the senior courtyard, secret valentines in tutors and the love heart which was mown into the grass on the oval.

Although much hard work and preparation was required to ensure the day was a success, it was all made worthwhile seeing the smiles and hearing the laughter of girls and staff alike.

Sidney Lawson and Emma Heidrich
SWC Captain and Vice-Captain

Click here to view the photo gallery.

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Living the Law

17 February 2017

Last Friday, the Year 12 Legal Studies class had the privilege of taking part in the 2017 Living the Law Conference at USQ.

We attended four lectures throughout the day presented by an array of engaging and passionate professionals including representatives from O’Neill Family Law, The Rule of Law, the Queensland Police Force and the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

The lectures covered various topics ranging from information on our upcoming independent study into how the police handle crime in the community. The last session of the day was a question and answer forum. Students were able to direct questions to a panel of law professionals. This allowed the exchange of more specialised questions and answers.  

A definite highlight, and surprise of the day, was the Japanese drumming presentation after lunch. Tokoton Taiko, a drumming team from Brisbane, gave an upbeat performance that served its purpose in waking everyone up for the afternoon session! Students were also given the opportunity to try their hand at the art of drumming with a few Glennie girls stepping forward to show their musical talent!

It was an invaluable and enjoyable day. It enabled us to learn more about different areas of law and how they impact on society.

Mia Semple,
Year 12 Legal Studies student

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Glennie is in safe hands with Adopt-a-Cop

17 February 2017

Senior Constable Joanne Bailey was officially welcomed as the Adopt-a-Cop for Glennie Junior Years at Assembly this week. We look forward to seeing her around the School during 2017 and encourage you to introduce yourself when you have the opportunity.

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Ash Wednesday

17 February 2017

Lent is the period of forty days which comes before Easter in the Christian calendar. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, Lent is a season of reflection and preparation before the celebrations of Easter.

By observing the forty days of Lent, Christians seek to replicate Jesus Christ's sacrifice and withdrawal into the desert for forty days – perhaps by spending more time in prayerful reflection, reading the Bible or helping others in some special ways.

This year, Ash Wednesday falls on 1 March, and to mark the day, there will be a special Service of Holy Communion held in the Chapel at 8.00am. You are all most welcome.

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Year 6 leaders rise and shine

17 February 2017

Year 6 girls were inducted into their leadership roles at Junior Years Assembly. At Glennie, each Year 6 girl has leadership responsibilities. They serve as captains and committee members throughout their last year as a Junior Years girl. These leadership roles and added duties prepare them for the transition into the 'big school'.

Proud parents watched on as Mrs Kim Cohen presented the girls with their badges and outlined to them their responsibilities as leaders. A lunch with the girls’ parents followed the ceremony.

Click here to view the photo gallery.

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Movie night under the stars

17 February 2017

Recently, we held our annual French Immersion movie night. Youth Connect came to help set up the big blow-up movie screen that played Daddy's Home. We really hope everyone enjoyed the entertainment, company and food; we know we certainly did!

A very special thank you to the lovely parents and girls who helped to set up and the Toowoomba City Council for supplying the equipment. Thanks again to everyone who came and supported us for our trip to France this year. We hope to see everyone again next year!

Torwen Eerkens and Georgia Grimley
Year 10 French Immersion students

Click here to view the photo gallery.

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Dangers of binge drinking

17 February 2017

On Wednesday, Year 12 health classes were privileged to have guest speaker Senior Constable Joanne Bailey talk to us about binge drinking and the effects that this imposes on our society. The information that was presented to us is vital for our upcoming assignment regarding binge drinking in adolescents.

A highlight for many of the girls was using ‘beer goggles’ to demonstrate the effects alcohol has on vision and judgement. This was done while throwing around a ball and provided many laughs for all.

We all learnt important new information and hearing somebody talk with such insight was invaluable, not only for our current school work but also for our future lives outside of school.

Alicia Beccaria,
Year 12

Click here to view the photo gallery.

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Year 7 girls explore chemical reactions

17 February 2017

This week, Year 7C students undertook some simple chemical reactions in order to gain familiarity and experience with handling scientific apparatus and working safely in the laboratory. Through this work, girls gained skills with observing, recording, explaining and writing practicals.

For many of the students, it was the first time they had used some materials and chemicals since learning the laboratory safety procedures in Week 1.

Practical work is what teaching and learning in science is all about. Most practitioners would agree that good quality practical work can engage students, help them to develop important skills, help them to understand the process of scientific investigation, and develop their understanding of concepts. A further consequence of experiencing practical work, particularly in chemistry, is the acquisition of an understanding of hazard, risk and safe working. These are just some of the many different reasons for choosing to use a practical activity in a lesson.

Mrs Jennifer McPhie
Science teacher

Click here for more photos and two short clips of video

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The Week in Boarding

17 February 2017

This week in boarding saw a special annual event, the much anticipated Valentine's Day dinner. Girls dressed imaginatively, and there were prizes as well as a lovely meal of the Boarders' choice. They enjoyed a beautiful chicken curry, heart shaped ice creams and a sparkling apple drink.

The dining room was a sea of pink and red with the decorations made by the Boarding Committee and junior boarders. The Boarding Committee put in many hours of preparation and the night was a great success. There were prizes for the best dressed and spot lucky prizes. Many day staff including Mrs Kim Cohen joined in the celebration.

School Chaplain, Miss Kate Powell said the Grace and spoke about the real St Valentine. We took up a collection for the Bush Ministry and raised $165. Mrs Gayle Ash baked lovely cupcakes this week as a fundraiser for the same appeal.

This Friday is the start of Bella Chicks, a program of self-esteem for teenage girls. Our Year 6 and 7 boarders will attend this, and any other interested girls are welcome. Our initial chess session with Mr Les Lord was popular last week and is a continuing Friday activity.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

Click here for a photo gallery

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Music Camp

17 February 2017

Last weekend heralded our annual Music Camp at the Sunshine Coast where 180 students and staff spent their days music-making and forming steadfast friendships.

To cool down through the heat wave, we took to the pool for choir rehearsals. This was a great incentive for students to learn the words of their new songs so they could rehearse without sheet music. This inventiveness even caught the attention of WIN TV news, and we shared it on Facebook. Unfortunately for the woodwind, strings, brass and percussion students, they had to make do with fans and the sea breeze!  A highlight of the camp was a wonderful buddy session that encouraged friendships between girls in different year levels who are learning the same instrument.

For the Middle and Senior Years Rock Awards night girls dressed in costumes from Grease, Winnie the Pooh, Wonderland, Cats, Mary Poppins and a host of other musicals. The entire Year 10 cohort dressed as characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  

A special thank you goes to all the staff, from both Junior Years and Middle and Senior Years for a wonderful music camp:  Mrs Sharon Gilbert, Mr Jacob Finlay, Mr Jason Wisley, Miss Leanne Mitchell, Miss Wendy Evans, Miss Emma Kann, Mr Steve Warren, Mrs Vicki Bravery, Miss Elizabeth Gordon, Mrs Lorraine Fuller, Miss Andreas Elms, Mrs Sue Greig, Mrs Jeanet Dawson and Mrs Christine Kleidon. A special thank you to Mrs Alicia Hawthorne for her work in preparations for such a successful camp.

Click here for the photo gallery

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Glennie Junior Years wins Primary School of 2016

17 February 2017

Congratulations to Glennie Junior Years, winner of 2016 Primary School of the Year category at the 2016 Sports Darling Downs awards presentation last Saturday night. It was a wonderful reward for our sporting girls, their teachers (coaches) and supportive family members.  

Ava Black (Netball), Lucinda Jensen (Cricket), and Grace Muirhead (Equestrian) were also recognised for their sporting achievements.

These awards are given in support and recognition of the efforts of our local athletes. Congratulations girls! Your hard work and dedication to your chosen sport is a wonderful example to us all.

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Hale Champions

17 February 2017

The Middle and Senior Years Inter-house Swimming Carnival may not have been quite as hot as the Junior Years Carnival, but it was just as noisy and just as competitive.

Every girl cheered and many girls tried their best to earn points for their House. There were some terrific personal results and new records set.

Abigail Schoorl had another successful carnival winning all the trophies for individual best performance in each stroke. Abigail was also the Senior Champion. She set five new Glennie records. Caitlin Lipp set two records, won the 15 years age division, and was runner-up to the Senior Champion. Congratulations, Abigail and Caitlin!

Congratulations to Hale House who won the day followed by Tufnell, Donaldson and Webber. 

Individual results were:

  • Jessica Fitzgibbons, 12 Years Winner;
    Madeleine Naumann, Runner-Up
  • Keeleigh Cauley-Gleeson, 13 Years Winner;
    Amity Warner, Runner-Up
  • Kasey Koina, 14 Years Winner;
    Lily Rowe, Runner-Up
  • Caitlin Lipp, 15 Years Winner;
    Torwen Eerkens, Runner-up
  • Abigail Schoorl, 16 Years Winner;
    Caitlin Crook, Runner-Up
  • Pippy Donaldson, 17 Years and Over;
    Taliesha Leslie, Runner-Up

Individual Trophies: Abigail Schoorl

  • Buchanan Cup for fastest 50m butterfly
    Laiban Cup for fastest 50m breaststroke
    Araloma Cup for fastest backstroke
    Cadan Cup for fastest freestyle

Individual Campions

  • Kasey Koina, Junior Champion;
    Lily Rowe, Runner-Up
  • Abigail Schoorl, Senior Champion;
    Caitlin Lipp, Runner-Up


Abigail Schoorl

  • 16 Years 50m freestyle 28.06sec
  • 16 Years 50m butterfly 30.35sec
  • 16 Years 50m backstroke 31.12sec
  • 15-18 Years 100m butterfly 1.09.28min
  • 15-18 Years 100m backstroke 1.07.69min

Caitlin Lipp

  • 15 Years 50m freestyle 28.61sec
  • 15-18 Years 100m freestyle 1.014.02min

Congratulations to all our winners, it has been a very good day.

Thank you to all the staff who assisted and to our wonderful Glennie parent Sports Supporters who kept those sausages and sno cones coming.

Click here to view the photo gallery.

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Grace’s successful ski

17 February 2017

Grace Griffiths (Year 12) is riding the wave of success in water-skiing.  Early in  February, she competed at the 2016 Asia and Oceania Waterski and Wakeboard Championships held in Auckland, New Zealand.

“I was awarded sixth place in the under 18’s events and competed against skiers from New Zealand, Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia and Indonesia. Overall the Australian team came out on top, which was good” said Grace.

Grace’s next event will be the AUS-Kiwi challenge taking place at Myuna Bay, New South Wales in March.  We wish you every success at this event, Grace.

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Mrs Waters wins her swim

17 February 2017

Last Saturday, Head of Webber House Mrs Cathy Waters competed in the Noosa Summer Swim which is part of the World Series Ocean Swims. Mrs Waters swam the 2km event in 24 minutes and 41 seconds. She came ninth out of all the women competing and came first in her age group.

Mrs Waters explains, “I train with Glennie Aquatic Centre coach, Mr Cody Grimsey three times a week with a group of adult swimmers who are mainly triathletes but some who just want to swim for fitness. We start at 5:15 am each Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at the Glennie pool and swim from 3 to 4km in a session. Cody is a wonderful coach who is very knowledgeable about the sport of swimming. He motivates each of his swimmers to be the best they can be.”

Congratulations, Mrs Waters!

Photo: Mrs Waters with Olympian Libby Trickett

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Darling Downs Selections

17 February 2017

Glennie girls attended various Darling Downs trials this week.

Congratulations to the following girls who will represent the Darling Downs region at the State Championships later in the year:

  • Volleyball - Nell Brodie, Nikki Seis, Amber Lane, Ella Stone and Lucy Carswell
  • Touch Football - Anthea Moodie, Zoe McLoughlin, Paige Edwards, Lizzie Chicalas, Isabelle Reed, Ava Black and Matilda Leight
  • Softball - Emily Byrne and Aimee Keighran
  • Water Polo - Pip Donaldson, Maddy Webber, Georgie Daniells and Isabelle Macpherson are well into their training for the Water Polo State Championships to be held at the 2018 Commonwealth Games pool at Southport in March.

Absent from photo:  Isabelle Reed, Ava Black, Matilda Leicht and Lizzie Chicalas

Good luck, girls!

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Junior Years Interschool Sport

17 February 2017

All girls in Years 5 and 6 are now enjoying the tennis, cricket and touch competitions on Friday afternoons and are improving their skills in these sports. Training on Wednesdays is compulsory for all girls unless they have another scheduled activity that day and have spoken to Miss Potter.

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West Zone Trials

17 February 2017

The West Zone Swimming trials took place at the Glennie Aquatic Centre this week. Twenty-one Glennie students participated at the trials aiming to be selected into the West Zone Team to compete at the Darling Downs trials later this term.  

Sixteen Glennie girls were selected in thirty-five events, a great result.  A special mention goes to Mya Gilbert who broke the Toowoomba Zone 10 Years Girls 100m Butterfly Record with a time of 1:45.28.  This record was previously held by another Glennie student Kasey Koina (1:51.80)

The girls selected are Hayley Baker, Caleiah Budd, Bethany Casey, Cara Cronje, Dulini Dewage, Jessica Fitzgibbons, Mya Gilbert, Ruby Leicht, Iona MacRae, Scarlett Martin, Georgia McTaggart, Madeleine Naumann, Mia Nolan, Xanthe Schubert, Madeleine Tooley and Abbey Wardle.

Pictured, record-breaking Mya with her friend at the trials

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Club G Netball 2017

17 February 2017

Teams have now been finalised, and training is in full swing for the upcoming season which commences on Saturday 4 March. Uniforms are available for purchase at GOSS.

Please speak to Mrs Draheim in the Sports Office if you have any questions or concerns.

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Talent Scouted

17 February 2017

Glennie basketball players had a great round against St Saviour’s last Friday, winning two of the three games. We are looking forward to our Intermediate girls having their full squad available this week against Concordia.

Special congratulations to Basketball Captain Lucy White and Cheylee Berther who were both scouted to join the Mountaineers SBL program after the game last week.

Well done, girls!

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