A message from Mrs Cohen

24 November 2017

Yesterday we celebrated the end of the Year of Possibility and acknowledged student achievement in its very different forms during The Glennie School Junior Years and Middle and Senior Years Speech Days and Prize-giving Celebrations. Below I have shared parts of my presentation for those who could not be there.

Start by doing what is necessary, then do what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible (St Francis of Assisi).

This quote has inspired me (and often kept me going) during this, the year of Possibility. At the start of each term I have reshared this quote with all staff members, hoping that they might be similarly motivated.

I have been delighted to see the community embrace the theme that Wendy Ashley-Cooper and I chose over a year ago. It is hard to embrace change especially when a new person takes over the helm after fifteen years. I thank all of you who have done just that this year. Instead of pining for the old, and focusing on ‘how we’ve always done it’ – you embraced the Year of Possibility and the new Principal, done what is necessary, then what’s possible and finally we are ‘negotiating the impossible’. Be that in the classroom, on the sports fields, in staff rooms, in the kitchen and in the boarding house, Junior Years and Middle and Senior Years. I thank you - but this is only the Beginning!

During Term 2 and 3 as a staff we have been working hard on the creation of the School’s new Strategic Plan. We relied on input from parents and students and have created our living document.

First we determined the four underpinning core values of all that we do here; the values that determine how we live our lives at Glennie and go about our day to day activities.

These values are - Respect , Integrity , Compassion and Courage .  

  • Integrity: We are truthful and sincere.
  • Respect: We respect ourselves and treat others with courtesy, dignity and positive regard.  
  • Compassion: We treat each other as we wish to be treated ourselves.
  • Courage: We continue to strive to improve as individuals and we remain positive and resilient, despite adversity or challenge.  

Once these values were determined and agreed upon we decided on the five Pillars of our core business at Glennie and came up with:

  • Empowered Girls 
  • Enriched Learning 
  • Passionate Staff 
  • Connected Community 
  • Sustainable Operations  

Please enjoy this video clip, which outlines the new Strategic Plan.

There is of course more detail under each of these Pillars and this will be available from next week on the school’s website.

I have decided to continue the tradition the Mrs Ashley-Cooper started, where the Principal determines the theme for the year and how to name it.  She called the theme, The Year of . . . for example, The Year of Possibility. From the very first time I heard the Glennie tag line – “All She Can Be”, I fell in love with it because of its complexity, and at the same time simplicity.  So going forward the annual themes will focus around this tag-line, from now on we will refer to the theme of the year as ‘Being’. In other words Be Courageous, Be Inspiring, Be Active etc.

And our theme for 2018 is Be Like a Girl.

What does it mean to Be Like a Girl? It will mean different things to different people. But in this day and age it certainly should only have positive connotations. To me Be Like a Girl means:

  • Be feminine yet strong
  • Be compassionate yet firm
  • Be nurturing yet challenging
  • Be gracious yet competitive
  • Be thoughtful yet ambitious
  • Be respectful yet respected
  • Be helpful yet independent

It means - Be all you can be!

I expect that it means very different things to each of you, but I certainly hope your list does not include - be subservient, be submissive, be content with less than you deserve.

We’ve come a long way in the past few decades, but girls, it is now up to you to take it the next step and empower yourselves to step forward and run, throw, study, lead, achieve like a girl.

Being empowered does not mean be like a man and that is why I like this theme. So often people, men and women, believe that to get ahead, to be successful you need to be like a man. When I say ‘like a man’, that is the conventional idea of men - authoritarian, hard, uncompassionate. We all know that is not what being a man is about - but I will leave that for the Principal’s of Boys’ Schools to delve into.

We need men and women, girls and boys, working together, on an equal playing field in order for society and our culture to move forward positively. There is no ‘better’ gender. There are just different genders.  

Emma Watson (Hermione to many of you) said, “Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong”

In my speech at the Year 12 Graduation, I referred to strong women in the bible who epitomise different values. I would like to refer again to two women in particular – Lydia and Phoebe. According to Joan Chittister, both of these women behaved like girls in the true sense of the word – they were strong and independent, trustworthy and did good by others. These characteristics are not the sole preserve of girls – but they certainly have them in truckloads. Lydia opened a whole new way of thinking about the world, she was a business woman who negotiated with those who made clothes for kings. She had influence. Lydia did what she set out to do.

Phoebe was also an independent woman, but certainly not self-centred. To her, friendship to all obligated her to the good of the other but at the same time did not deny the obligation to fullness of self.

So Glennie girls of 2018 and Seniors of 2017 I encourage you to stand up for yourselves and others. Do not shy away from a challenge or opportunity because you believe you cannot do it. Instead of having the mantra I can’t do it (I never want to hear that) rather add an important word to your vocabulary, ‘yet’; rather say, ‘I can’t do it yet’.

This week we sadly farewell a number of staff members from Glennie and wish them well with their future endeavours:

Teachers leaving us at the end of their contracts are:

  • Mrs Victoria Macdonald
  • Mrs Debbie Leis
  • Ms Katelyn Hannah
  • Mr Richard Jessop
  • Mrs Kristen Sessarago
  • Mrs Liza Barnes
  • Mr Wally Richards
  • Mrs Kelly Dyson
  • Ms Stephenie Fox
  • Mr Peter Klein

Teachers who have been teaching with us for some years and are heading off to pursue further career options are:

  • Mrs Kerryn Chapman is leaving after 11 years providing dedicated learning support to Glennie girls to commence her own business assisting children requiring extra support. 
  • Miss Lauren Potter is leaving after many years of building the Junior Years sports program. Miss Potter has worked with every Junior Years girl and has had a positive impact on their lives.
  • Mrs Sue Fuss has worked at Glennie for over 20 years, teaching in all year levels from Prep to Year 6. All Junior Years girl will miss Mrs Fuss.
  • Mrs Shaz Willmington who has been on leave this year has decided to conclude her part-time role in Year 3. We thank her for her support and care over the years.
  • Mrs Amber Vendramin has been a  passionate supporter of the students in Learning Support during her time here. Her friendly smile and engaging demeanour brightened up the day for many girls.
  • Mrs Caroline McLean leaves us to take up a position at Mt Alvernia in Brisbane. The love and dedication that she has brought to her role as English teacher and Head of Middle Years English will be missed by all.
  • Mrs Jennifer McPhie is currently on leave and during her time away made the decision not to return to Glennie and has resigned with effect 31 December. Ms McPhie has been at Glennie for four years and during this time has been a passionate teacher of Science. 
  • After almost 22 years Reverend Kate Powell has said her last goodbye. Miss Powell has had a profound effect on most who have crossed her path during this time. One of her lasting legacies will be the amazing Ribbon day which she initiated.
  • Mrs Anthea Rowe has been familiar face in the Glennie Junior Years Tuck Shop for some years now and she has made sure that girls have healthy and well balanced options to choose from. The Junior Years girls will miss her.

Mrs Tracey Patrick has worked at Glennie for almost ten years. She first joined us as Administrative Assistant in the Performing Arts Centre. For the past few years she has been the face of the Middle and Senior Years Office as the Academic Administration guru. She will be missed.

Director of Operations Mr John Devine is taking up a new role in Tasmania as State Manager of AICD. We thank him for his dedicated service to The Glennie School over the past two years.

As a staff we will be saying our farewells formally today to our departing colleagues, but in this forum I would like to express my thanks and wish you all well in your new ventures.

To all our Glennie families, may God bless and keep you until we meet again in a couple of month’s time. Best wishes for a blessed and joyous Christmas.

We thank you Lord, for this year. For the challenges, the successes and the mistakes from which we have learnt.
Be with us as we spend our time with family and friends.
Guide us to be peacemakers, and to always be conscious of you in our lives.
Keep us safe in all that we do; give us good rest and good fun.
Bring us back refreshed and ready for a new term.


Mrs Kim Cohen

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A Message from the Head of Middle Years

24 November 2017

I love this time of year. It is full of energy, fun and a sense of relief now that assessments are over. Term 4 is a short and consequently busy term for all, but is the most rewarding. The end-of-year activities build house spirit and celebrate achievements, creating an atmosphere that has a buzz about it, and this is what the Glennie community spirit is all about; it is hard to describe to others that aren't a part of it.

I hope that your daughters have enjoyed the year and look forward to family time over the Christmas and New Year period. We look forward to them returning, recharged and refreshed and we hope you will have time to relax over the summer school holidays.

Mrs Jo Matherson
Head of Middle Years

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A day of celebrations

24 November 2017

On Thursday we celebrated the Junior Years Awards Morning and the Middle and Senior Years Speech Day and Prize-giving. The Empire Theatre was packed for both events as special guests, students, parents and staff gathered to acknowledge the academic achievements of our Glennie girls.

Celebrations included an address by Mrs Elizabeth Gillam, Chair of Council and The Right Reverend Cameron Venables, Bishop of the Western Region gave the blessing. Guest speaker at the Middle and Senior Years celebration was Professor Helen Chenery, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine at Bond University. All three special guests took part in presenting prizes to their worthy recipients.

An enormous amount of work goes into preparing for these presentations. Not only do the girls rehearse for the various performances, but staff in both Junior Years and Middle and Senior Years have worked late into the evenings to make sure that all the prizes are allocated correctly and everything is in order for such an important day.

Mention should be made of the sponsors who contribute towards the named prizes that are given annually. These generous members of the Glennie community are greatly appreciated.

Congratulations to every girl who earned an award. Special congratulations to the winners of the major awards.

Junior Years Major Awards

  • Archbishop’s Award: Haylee Silver
  • Mayoral Medal: Sidney Cochrane
  • Alyssa Azar Award for Inspirational Leadership: Valentina Holland
  • Ivy Waugh Award for Citizenship: Sophie Fleming
  • Egan Family Award for Junior All-Rounder: Dulini Dewage
  • Ibell Award for Academic Excellence: Mia Brown
  • Head of Junior Years Award for Academic Excellence and Effort
  • Sponsored by Glennie School  Foundation Limited: Janithya Dharmawardhane
  • Barkla Family Award: Tyler Kinkema
  • Ayles Family Ayl Dro Award: Mia Brown

Middle and Senior Years Special Awards

  • Glennie School Foundation Award – Academic First in Year 7: Sienna Richardson
  • Glennie School Foundation Award –  Academic First in Year 8: Olivia Taylor
  • Dorothea Brightman Prize for Leadership and Fellowship: Lily Bragg
  • Glennie School Foundation Award –  Academic First in Year 9: Molly Martin
  • Jocelyn King Memorial Prize for French Immersion: Torwen Eerkens
  • Spark Cup for Citizenship: Erin Geddes
  • USQ Year 10 Excellence Award –  Runner-up to the Academic First in Year: Sofie Halfpenny
  • Glennie School Foundation Award –  Academic First in Year 10 (Shared): Nikhitha Jacob and Thedini Pinidiyapathirage
  • USQ Year 11 Excellence Award –  Runner-up to the Academic First in Year: Claudia Sullivan
  • Glennie School Foundation Award –  Academic First in Year 11: Charlotte Lindemann
  • TAFE Queensland South West Outstanding Vocational Student Award: Grace Dunstan
  • Grace Lawrance Cup for Conscientious and Consistent Effort: Alanah Broom
  • Archbishop’s Award for Improvement: Phillipa Donaldson
  • Principal’s Award for Service: Paige Caldwell, Susannah Hilliar, Abby Smith, Grace Twidale
  • The Glennie Character Cup: Courtney Markey
  • The House Shield – Best All Round Performance: Hale

Middle and Senior Years Awards of Distinction

  • Beris Sheehan Memorial Trophy – Best Year 7 All Rounder: Tanvi Chand
  • Beeson Family Trophy and Trevor Watts Prize – Best Year 8 All Rounder: Genevieve Dean
  • Principal’s Award for Academic Excellence – Middle Years: Lauren Baryla and Emma Prewett
  • Roberts Family and Jenny Lavers Trophy, Trevor Watts Prize – Best Year 9 All Rounder: Alyssa Baker
  • The Glennie School Ethos Award – Middle Years: Bella Mott
  • ADF Long Tan Award for Leadership and Teamwork – Year 10: Katherine Chicalas
  • Margery Martin Memorial Shield – Best Year 10 All Rounder: Ekene Aghanwa
  • Caltex Best Year 11 All Rounder: Georgia Meise
  • ADF Long Tan Award for Leadership and Teamwork – Year 12: Angela Sharp
  • Principal’s Award for Academic Excellence – Senior Years: Lucinda Brodie, Ellen de Jong, Emilee Hockaday, Bianca Loughlin and Lydia Paine
  • Mitchell Shield and Parents and Friends’ Prize – Best Year 12 All Rounder: Phillipa Donaldson
  • The Glennie School Ethos Award, Sue Edwards Trophy – Senior Years: Bianca Loughlin
  • USQ Year 12 Excellence Award – Proxime Accessit: Bianca Loughlin
  • GOGA Prize for Dux of the School and the ANFIN Bursary: Emilee Hockaday

Click here for a photo gallery

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Cruising along

24 November 2017

Last Friday, our Year 10 girls enjoyed a ‘semi-formal’ evening cruising on the Brisbane River. Although their departure for the trip to Brisbane did not attract quite the same rock star status as the Senior Formal, the girls all looked glamorous and there was an impressive crowd of family and friends on hand to make their evening start on a high note.

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Junior Years Thank You

24 November 2017

I would like to congratulate all of the girls on their effort and commitment to their schoolwork and co-curricular activities this year. There have been so many successes and personal stories and it really has been a Year of Possibility for us in the Junior Years. I am currently checking reports and it is pleasing to see the progress that most girls have made.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all families of the Junior Years for their support during this year. There are so many activities in which parents have offered support to the staff and girls of the School. For this we are very grateful.  I would also like to pay tribute to the Parent Representatives in the Junior Years this year, who have gone above and beyond their role, to support the School and families. Thank you, so very much!

I wish all Glennie families a happy and Holy Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to welcoming you back in 2018.  

Mr Steve Warren
Head of Junior Years

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Song, Dance and Drama

24 November 2017

After weeks of rehearsals and preparations, the day finally arrived for the girls in Years 7 to 11 to celebrate the end of the year with the Interhouse Singing, Dance and Drama Competition.

Donaldson won the singing and dance, Hale won the drama.  Individual results are as follows:

Drama (Adjudicator Andreas Elms):

  • 1st - Hale presented ‘A Very Hale Christmas’
  • 2nd - Donaldson presented ‘The Missing Teachers’
  • 3rd - Webber presented ‘When you miss one day of school’
  • 4th - Tufnell presented ‘House Feud’

Drama Encouragement Awards:  

  • Webber - Karma O’Reilly,
  • Donaldson - Felicity Brown,
  • Hale - Alyssa Baker and
  • Tufnell - Hannah Scotney
  • Best Supporting Actress Award:  Sandra Miller
  • Best Actress Award:  Alim Deng
  • Best Script Award:  Donaldson

Singing (Adjudicator Martin Paroz):

  • 1st - Donaldson singing a Glee mashup of ‘Living on a Prayer’
  • 2nd - Webber singing ‘Let’s hear it for the boys’
  • 3rd - Hale singing ‘Man in the Mirror’ and ‘Don’t Stop Believing’
  • 4th - Tufnell singing ‘I’m walking on Sunshine’

Dance (Adjudicator Lauren Budden):

  • 1st - Donaldson presented ‘Willy Wonka’s Creations’
  • 2nd - Tufnell presented ‘Peter Pan’
  • 3rd - Webber presented ‘Movies through the Decades’
  • 4th - Hale presented ‘Trapped’

Best Dancer awards:

  • Webber - Sienna Richardson
  • Donaldson - Rachel Hall
  • Tufnell - Anthea Jones
  • Hale - Mackenzie Dunn

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Carols Service

24 November 2017

Thank you to our Junior Years families for attending our Carols services last Sunday at St Luke’s. It was great to see so many families at the services. Thank you to Reverend Paul Mitchell for leading our services. Kevin the Christmas Koala was definitely a hit!

Thank you so much for your generous grocery donations towards the Parish Larder. These was gratefully received by Reverend Paul

Mr Steve Warren
Head of Junior Years

Although we hear the Nativity story every year, each Christmas gives us a fresh opportunity to reconsider its message, and the extraordinary way in which God chose to make himself known to our world.

To that end, on Wednesday 22 November, the Middle and Senior Years' gathered at The Empire Theatre to celebrate the Christmas message, focusing us in ways that are good, and the difference it can make to the way we live.

To help make the Service special, the Middle and Senior Years Choirs contributed some beautiful Choral music, and the String Ensemble led the Carol on the theme of light – how the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth can guide singing. Many other students were involved as readers, actors and dancers.

Warm thanks must go to all the music staff for all their time and effort in preparing the choirs and string ensemble, and to the staff who worked backstage.

Rev’d Powell
Glennie School Chaplain

Click here to view the photo gallery (Photo credit: Mrs Gilbert)


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Meet the Committees

24 November 2017

Congratulations to all our parents who have been elected to Committee roles in the Parents and Friends’ Association and its sub-committees.

Office bearers for 2018 are:

Parents and Friends’ Association

  • President - Jason Lipp
  • Vice President- Louise Gall
  • Secretary - Cherie Gibb
  • Treasurer - Karen Reeves

Glennie French Immersion Supporters Group

  • President - Mary-Lou Barnes
  • Vice President- Jacinta Baryla
  • Secretary - Anne Shelton
  • Treasurer - Tonya Grant

Glennie Sports Supporters

  • President - Karen Reeves
  • Vice President - Sharon Willmington
  • Secretary- Vacant
  • Treasurer - Jane Heidrich


  • President - Fleur Winter
  • Vice President - Susan Carter
  • Secretary- Amy Casey
  • Treasurer - Robyn Dunn


  • Chair - Tracy Nicholson
  • Secretary - Hanna Rose
  • Treasurer - Julie Meyer

The Glennie Old Girls’ Association has also held their annual general meeting and the following office bearers have subsequently been appointed.

  • President - Linda Lester
  • Vice President - Sarah Gleeson
  • Secretary - Jennifer Shirtcliff
  • Treasurer - Mel Reimaan
  • Notes & News Editor - Christina Drysdale
  • Social Convener - Kellie Templeman
  • General Committee Members - Lisa Frappell, Rosemary Ogg, Joan Kelly, Ruth Doyle
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French Immersion Graduation

24 November 2017

On Monday, the Year 10 French Immersion students: Alice Armytage, Torwen Eerkens, Ellen Gall, Erin Geddes, Olivia Gibb, Georgia Grimley, Sofie Halfpenny, Isabel Lanigan, Aimee Lawler, Chloë Musch, Emily O'Connor and Ella Stone received their certificate for completing the French Immersion Program over the last three years.

Erin Geddes was awarded the Linda Gray Memorial Trophy for Perseverance and Participation. Sofie Halfpenny received a prize for being the most positive student and Torwen Eerkens was awarded the Jocelyn King Memorial Trophy for the Best Student in French Immersion.

In Year 9, Molly Martin and Louise Galvin received prizes rewarding the best two students. Olivia Taylor and Amy Grant were the recipients for the Year 8 class.

Well done to all the girls for studying some of their subjects in a foreign language.

Mr Park-Ballay
French Immersion Teacher

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Kindy's Last Week

24 November 2017

This week saw our Kindergarten children celebrate their final week with their teachers and friends. This began with our K-3 Carols Service on Sunday afternoon where the children joining their prep friends to sing ‘Shining Brightly’. Toowoomba Christian College students visited on Monday to share a performance of ‘The Story of the first Christmas’.

The week concluded with a Christmas party where children shared songs and party food with their families!

Here are a few photos


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Winner, winner, ham dinner!

24 November 2017

The winner of The Glennie School Foundation Christmas food hamper is Junior Years mum, Tanya Archinal. Tanya and her family will be enjoying a ham, pudding, and tray of mangoes. Thank you to everyone who entered the Foundation's competition and liked their Facebook page.

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Eye Spy Glennie in the Media

24 November 2017

Did you spot these stories in the Media?

If you spot a story about a current Glennie girl or Glennie Old Girl in the media, we would appreciate your sharing of the story with us. Kindly forward the story via email to development@glennie.qld.edu.au.

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This week in boarding

24 November 2017

This week our boarders have been busy packing and looking forward to Carols, Speech Day and the trip home.

In spite of a bit of wet weather, the boarders had a lovely day last Saturday with a visit to Dreamworld. These group outings are almost military operations managing transport and meals but are worthwhile in terms of the experience and the opportunity to relax with friends. There was swimming on Sunday in addition to our final Breakfast Chapel with Miss Kate Powell.

We wish all boarding and day families a happy holiday period and blessings for Christmas

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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Music Camp enrolment forms due

24 November 2017

Music Camp next year will be at the end of Week 3 of Term 1, so it is important to complete the epack forms early to secure a place. The following ensembles will be going to camp:

Junior Years:

  • G Major Choir, 
  • Junior String Ensemble,
  • Junior Concert Band

Middle and Senior Years

  • Middle Years Choir, 
  • Senior Years Choir, 
  • Youth Jazz ensemble, 
  • Big Band, 
  • Concert Band, 
  • Adelphi Strings  
  • String Ensemble

For girls in Years 7to 12, the theme for Rock Awards is "Love", so girls are encouraged to dress according to the theme, either individually or in groups. "White" is the theme for our ten-pin bowling night which involves all girls on camp from Years 4 to 12.

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2018 Sports Captains

24 November 2017

This week at assembly the 2018 Sports Captains were announced. We are looking forward to their leadership and stewardship of their particular sport. Sports Captains provide staff with vital support and the role requires organisation, patience, initiative, and courage.

The Captains for 2018 are:

  • AFL: Maddi Malone
  • Athletics: Charlotte Lindemann
  • Basketball: Steph Wentzel
  • Cross Country: Kodi Koina
  • Equestrian: Emma Massey
  • Football: Kirralee Bronkhurst
  • Futsal: Rosie Peek
  • Gymnastics: Alexandra Gurner (Whittaker)
  • Hockey: Molly White
  • Netball: Tilly Parry-Okeden
  • Rugby: Georgie Daniells
  • Softball: Emily Byrne
  • Swimming: Abigail Schoorl
  • Tennis: Molly McKinlay
  • Touch: Paige Edwards
  • Volleyball: Amber Lane
  • Water polo: Isabella Macpherson
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Netball Selection for Ava

24 November 2017

Congratulations to Ava Black (Year 9) who is the only 14-year-old to be selected on the Under 15 Queensland Netball team.  She has also been named as Vice-Captain of the team and wasn't expecting to be given such a huge honour.

Ava will use the skills attained from her recent captaincy role on the Queensland 12- year-old team.

Photo credit:  Darling Downs Netball Region Facebook page

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Years P to 1 Swimming Carnival

24 November 2017

The Year P to 1 Swimming Carnival was a great event allowing our younger students to showcase their skills in a fun environment. Students swam in three individual, non-competitive races: freestyle, backstroke and student choice as well as a House Team Relay.

A big thank you goes to the Year 6 House Officials who ran the event including race starts, announcing, marshaling and supporting the younger girls in the water. We also thank all the parents and staff for their support at the event.

Click here for a photo gallery

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Save the Date

24 November 2017

There will be an information evening on Thursday 8 February for Senior Years students who may be interested in the 2019 Sports Tour.

Possible tour dates, teams touring and itinerary options will all be presented. A representative from the tour company will also be on hand to answer any questions.

Further details will be released in the new year.

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Happy Holidays from the Sports Office!

24 November 2017

On behalf of all the Sports Office, I would like to wish all members of the Glennie community a safe and restful holiday season. 2017 has been a great year for Glennie sport in general, and we are hoping to make 2018 even more memorable.

I would like to thank the girls for being wonderful ambassadors for the School. It makes it that little bit easier to spend a late night at Futsal or all day at Netball when the girls are just so lovely to be around. As Mrs Cohen has said, girls, holiday time is when you repay your parents for all of the time and effort they put into ensuring you have the wonderful opportunities you do at Glennie. Be thankful to them for getting you to training, cheering you on, giving permission for you to play and generally just being supportive of your pursuits. We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Mr Brad Griffiths
Head of Sport

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Office Hours

24 November 2017

The Junior Years office will be open from Monday 27 November to Friday 1 December from 8:00am to 4.00pm. The Junior Years office will reopen at 8.00am on 8  January 2018.

Glennie Main Reception will be until 22 December 2017 and will reopen on Monday 8 January from 9:00am to 4:00pm.


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24 November 2017

Scholarships are now open for students entering Year 7 and Year 10 in 2019. Please see our website for a full list of scholarships available. The ACER Scholarship Test will be held on Saturday 24 February 2018 and applications close on 5 February 2018. To register go to the Acer Scholarship website. If you would like to find out more about scholarships at Glennie, you can visit our website

If your daughter is currently in receipt of a scholarship there is no need to reapply. Please forward this information to any families who may be considering a Glennie education for their daughter in 2019. For further enquiries please contact the Registrar, Mrs Karen Morris, email morrisk@glennie.qld.edu.au or ph: 07 4688 8807.


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24 November 2017

The organisation of Junior Years classes is a long process which involves many of the staff. This will be done over the next week, when all information from class teachers and reports has been gathered and can be assessed. Your daughter will receive an email via your account later in December outlining her teacher for the 2018 school year.

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Pitstop  Vacation Care

24 November 2017

A fantastic program has been organised for those children attending Pitstop during the holiday break. Bookings need to be made in advance for this program. Some days are already booked out and a waiting list has been established. If you need to cancel, please refer to our policy to avoid being charged for that day.

For bookings contact the co-ordinator Mrs Lynne Henare on 0418 882 415.


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24 November 2017

We are currently completing the End of Semester reports. These will be published to parents next week. You will receive an email informing you of this when they are ready.

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A Message from Mrs Kim Cohen

17 November 2017

What an amazing week this has been, filled with bittersweet emotions. The Year 12s and their parents have enjoyed a time of shared goodbyes. Thank you so much to all involved in the planning and organisation of this very special week and a heartfelt thank you to the Year 12s for ending in such a gracious manner. You girls have been a joy to have as the leaders of the school. God go with you.

As we are at the end of the year it is important that I inform you of some changes that will come into place next year.

In order to create more tangible links across the whole school and to ensure that we provide the required about of time for every subject in every grade throughout the year we have decided to match up the structure of the day across JY and MSY. We will also be starting each school day at 8.30am, except Monday which will start at 8.45am in the Middle/Senior Years:

  • 8:30 – 8:45 Tutor Time (Except Monday)
  • 8:45 – 9:25 Lesson 1
  • 9:25 – 10:05 Lesson 2
  • 10:05 – 10:35 Recess (30 minutes)
  • 10:35 – 11:15 Lesson 3
  • 11:15 – 11:55 Lesson 4
  • 11:55 – 12:35 Lesson 5
  • 12:35 – 1:15 Lunch (40 minutes)
  • 1:15 – 1:55 Lesson 6
  • 1:55 – 2:35 Lesson 7
  • 2:35 – 3:15 Lesson 8

The lessons highlighted in bold will be doubles in the MSY.

According to Ben Jensen et.al., teachers’ professional development is a key factor in improved student outcomes. In their journal article, Beyond PD: Teacher Professional Learning in High-Performing Systems they recognise that PD cannot be an add-on to be done in one’s ‘spare time’

For all of these people, professional learning is central to their jobs. It is not an add-on. It is not something done on Friday afternoons or on a few days at the end of the school year. Teacher professional learning is how they all improve student learning; it is how they improve schools, and it is how they are evaluated in their jobs. They work in systems that are organized around improvement strategies explicitly anchored in teacher professional learning. The reasons for this are straightforward. High-performing systems focus on the professional learning practices that the evidence has consistently shown appreciably lifts teacher and student learning. ... ensures that collaborative professional learning is built into the daily lives of teachers and school leaders, which is reinforced by resourcing policies that free up teachers’ time for collaborative professional learning (Jensen, et.al., 2016).

With this in mind, at Glennie we will be incorporating a portion of teachers’ professional development into the teaching day once a fortnight. This will not impact on learning time as it will be when we timetable specialist lessons, House and Junior Chapel services, guest speakers, personal development workshops, House time, study sessions etc. MSY will also be lengthening their school days by 10 minutes a day, 4 days a week, which equate to 80 minutes a fortnight.

Mrs Kim Cohen

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