The Importance of Play in Kindy Years

19 May 2017

A few months ago Senator David Leyonhjelm reduced childcare workers' jobs to merely 'wiping noses and stopping the kids from killing each other'. His statement caused much indignation and rightfully so. At Glennie we understand the incredibly vital role that these staff play in preparing the little people for formal education and life in general.

Below is a piece published recently in the Wall Street Journal

Any preschool teacher will tell you that young children learn through play, and some of the best-known preschool programs make play central. One of the most famous approaches began after World War II around the northern Italian city of Reggio Emilia and developed into a worldwide movement. The Reg­gio Emilia programs ­encourage young children to ­freely explore a rich environment with the help of attentive adults.

The long-term benefits of early childhood education are increasingly clear, and more states and countries are starting preschool programs. But the people who make decisions about today’s preschool curriculums often have more experience with primary schools. As the early-childhood education researcher Erika Christakis details in her book 'The ­Importance of Being Little', the ­result is more pressure to make preschools like schools for older students, with more school work and less free play.

Is play really that important?

A recent study in the journal 'Developmental Psychology' by Zi Sim and Fei Xu of the University of California, Berkeley, is an elegant example of a new wave of play ­research. The researchers showed a group of 32 children, aged 2 and 3, three different machines and blocks of varying shapes and colours. The researchers showed the children that putting some blocks, but not others, on the machines would make them play music.

For half the children, the ­machines worked on a colour rule — red blocks made the red ­machine go, for instance, no matter what shape they were. For the other children, the devices worked on a shape rule, so triangular blocks, say, made the triangle-shaped machine go.

Both sets of children then ­encountered a new machine, ­orange and L-shaped, and a new set of blocks. The toddlers trained with the colour rule correctly used the orange block, while those trained with the shape rule chose the L-shaped block.

Next the experimenter showed a different set of 32 toddlers the blocks and the machines and demonstrated that one block made one machine play music, without any instruction about the colour or shape rules. Then she said: “Oh no! I just remembered that I have some work to do. While I’m doing my work, you can play with some of my toys!”

The experimenter moved to a table where she pretended to be absorbed by work. Five minutes later she came back. As you might expect, the toddlers had spent the time getting into things — trying different blocks on the machines and seeing what happened. Then the experimenter gave the children the test with the orange L-shaped machine. Had they taught themselves the rules? Yes, the ­toddlers had learned the abstract colour or shape rules equally well just by playing on their own.

It’s difficult to study something as unpredictable as play. Telling children in a lab to play seems to turn play into work. But clever studies like the one in Developmental Psychology are starting to show scientifically that children really do learn through play.

The inspirational sayings about play you find on the internet — “play is the work of childhood” or “play is the best form of research”, for example — aren’t just truisms. They may actually be truths.

Reference: The Wall Street Journal

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A Message from the Head of Middle Years

19 May 2017

After such a long dry spell, it was a guarantee that it would rain on the day scheduled for the Junior Years Athletics Carnival. The girls and staff have adjusted quickly to a school day today, and the rain is welcome. In a short term such as this, there are many events compressed into the middle of the term, and the girls are busy with assignments and the seniors are beginning their examination preparation. The Science Experience Day today was an amazing opportunity for girls to engage with scientists from USQ exploring what scientific research is all about and investigate careers in STEM. The timing of this is crucial so that they can make informed decisions about their senior study pathways.

Mrs Jo Matherson
Head of Middle Years

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Line-dancing’s golden girl

19 May 2017

Line-dancing isn’t all about boots and country music.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see line-dancing has a huge youth following including Glennie Year 11 boarder Bella Agius. Seeing the fun her older sister Montana had in the sport, sparked an interest for Bella and younger sister Matylda. Since commencing line-dancing at the age of four, Bella’s love for the sport has not waivered.   

In January, Bella competed in January at the Australian Line Dancing Championships held in conjunction with the Tamworth Country Music Festival, and most recently the Mayworth Festival also held in her hometown of Tamworth. Ecstatic about gaining second place in the18 years and under Waltz solo, third place in the 18 years and under Freestyle solo and second place in the 18 years and under Standard solo, at the event in January, Bella’s sights were set on the Mayworth Festival.

The Mayworth Festival is an event for the who’s who in line-dancing.  The event attracts international guests, adjudicators and dancers from eight countries.  

Bella receives wonderful support from her hometown dance group ‘Dare2Dance’ and expert tuition from her coach who also happens to be her Uncle.  Initially, Bella qualified to compete in the 18 years and Under Freestyle Solo –  Handclap.  One week before the Festival, Bella learned she gained a place to compete in the 29 years and Under Freestyle Solo –  Keep It Groovin’ category too.  With only one week to prepare for this dance, walking away with a second place was her just reward.  She was also awarded second place for her Handclap solo.

Included in the Mayworth Festival is the Australian Dance Masters. This competition allows for the selection of dancers to compete in the World Masters to be held in Blackpool, United Kingdom in August. Bella and Matylda took out a second place win in their Sibling Duo dance. Bella also received Gold in all three of her Masters solos and has now qualified to join Team Australia in Blackpool.  

“My confidence and styling are evolving with each performance ultimately making me a better dancer, delivering entertaining routines,” said Bella.  

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Glennie P & F and Interact donate $3,000 to Angel Flight

19 May 2017

Interact Committee Captains Noa Levi and Taliesha Leslie took pleasure in presenting Mr Andrew Mladen from Angel Flight with a $3,000 cheque at Middle Years Assembly on Tuesday.

These funds were raised through the Pig Races at the Glennie Fair.  Interact Committee girls are to be congratulated for their co-ordination of the races on the day. We also acknowledge the generosity the Glennie Parents and Friends’ Association in directing these much-needed funds to Angel Flight.

$3,000 will go a long way to supporting the efforts of their 1,000 volunteer pilots and 2,000 earth angels (volunteers on the ground) across Australia.

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Game boards and circuits

19 May 2017

The Year 6 girls have been working on their Technology Assessments, creating an electronic game with simple circuits. The game’s purpose is to teach younger students about particular Asian countries.

Girls have designed their questions and game boards before creating simple circuits, wiring and soldering their connections. Although a little daunting, the girls are enjoying the challenge and hands-on elements of the task.  

Click here to view the photo gallery.

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High school students become cancer researchers

19 May 2017

Work experience opportunities for high school students have certainly changed over the years. Gone are the days of making the morning cups of tea and endless hours at the filing cabinet. Glennie Seniors Ellie de Jong and Jessie Lilford are breaking the mould with hands-on cancer research.

Ellie and Jessie were among 146 applicants vying for selection for 36 work experience places offered at the world-leading medical research institute QIMR Berghofer. Stepping inside the Institute which is located at the Royal Brisbane Hospital was a surreal experience especially when Ellie and Jessie learned they were the only two students selected from Toowoomba to take part in this experience.

This unique three-day laboratory work experience program offers introductory training in the purpose-built Education Lab, followed by placement in one the working research labs. “On the first day, we were introduced to Dr Liam St Pierre, a molecular biologist who came to QIMR Berghofer as a PhD student in 2000 with a research project identifying new therapeutic drug leads from the venom of Australia’s deadliest snakes.  He guided us through basic laboratory skills, tours of the Institute including a viewing of the infectious diseases and mice testing laboratories” said Jessie.

On days two and three Ellie and Jessie were paired with Dr Adrian Wiegmans a Senior Research Officer at QIMR Berghofer. “Dr Wiegmans guided us through the process of finding protein in breast cancer tissues, and we learned about tumour micro-environments,” said Ellie.

With a keen interest in pursuing careers in medicine, Ellie and Jessie were delighted to have had the introduction to a research laboratory environment. It was certainly an eye opener for the girls to see how much research goes into formulating cures.

Pictured L-R: Jessie Lilford, Dr Liam St Pierre and Ellie de Jong in the QIMR Berghofer research laboratory.

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Stimulating Scientific Minds

19 May 2017

Girls in Year 10 participated in The Science Experience Day today. Visiting USQ scientists put the girls through their paces in a series of workshops.  

A DNA Discovery Lab Experience with Dr Eliza Whiteside

For this activity, girls were medical scientists and their job was to extract the DNA from a patient’s blood specimen and then determine whether their ‘patient’ has one of several genetic diseases.

Teardrops, Targets and Pencil Cells with Ms Leanne Dooley

Teardrops, targets and pencil cells are just a few of the many things that red blood cells can look like under the microscope. Medical laboratory scientists can tell a lot about a person just by looking at their blood cells. In this session, girls played the role of medical laboratory scientists diagnosing some serious, and not so serious, medical conditions by looking for abnormalities in blood cells.

Investigating the cause of plant disease with Dr Anthony Young

Girls inspected a range of plant disease specimens, made some slides and attempted to identify the particular disease based on some info packs prepared by Dr Young.

Worms in the Grass with Dr Rebecca Zwart

This workshop used a case study of poorly growing grass at a golf course to investigate problems caused by nematodes. Girls examined the grass from the golf greens for symptoms/signs of fungal diseases to determine if this could be causing a reduction in the quality of the grass. After the diagnosis is narrowed down to a possible nematode problem, girls then extracted nematodes from soil samples to determine the types and population density of nematodes present in the soil.

3D Printing and Biofabrication with Stephanie Piper

Girls were taken through the basics of 3D printing and 3D scanning with live demonstrations of each. It was fascinating to watch.

We are currently collating footage from the day and will share a wrap-up video with you next week.

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Junior Art Expo

19 May 2017

On Wednesday evening, Junior Years girls were awarded certificates as a result of having their works selected to be exhibited at the Toowoomba Regional Gallery. Thank you to Mrs Armstrong for her work in preparing the items for the exhibition. Glennie had the most artworks selected for the Exhibition - a fantastic effort! Well done, girls!

The Middle and Senior Years awards night was held on Thursday with some exciting results.

A full list of results including special prizes and awards will be available in next week’s news. In the meantime, please enjoy a photo gallery of the Junior Years awards night.

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Seeing Sound

19 May 2017

In Science this term we have started learning about sound, how do we hear it, what it looks like and different devices used to see it. We have learnt that sound is produced by vibrating objects, such as the vocal cords in the throat. These vibrating objects cause the particles in the surrounding medium to vibrate as well (a medium is anything that contains particles). Sound travels in waves known as sound waves. A sound wave is a series of compressions and rarefactions that move away from the vibrating medium. There are multiple characteristics of a sound wave such as its frequency, wavelength and amplitude. The frequency of a wave is caused by the number of vibrations a sound source makes per second. Wavelength is how long a wave is. The amplitude is the amount of vibration which occurs as a sound wave passes through a medium. For example, the police siren has a high frequency and short wavelength, so it produces a high pitched noise with a large amplitude.

We have also been learning about the ear and how sound is measured. The Decibel scale is used to tell us how loud a sound is. However, this scale is not completely accurate as our ears are more sensitive to some sounds than others. Did you know that permanent ear damage occurs after approximately 140 Db (decibels) and the headphones we use for our phones and laptops are at 160 Db? We have to be so aware of volume, and not to increase it if background noise is increased. It is better to do something about the background noise!

While the Year 9s experimented with how sound can be represented, we had the privilege to use a machine called an oscilloscope. This machine gave us the opportunity to observe sound in a visual form. The machine registers the sound in wavelengths. If the wavelength has high vertical waves, the pitch is high, and vice versa with a low pitch. To show that the wavelength of sound continues for a long period of time the screen will continue to show the sound wave until the sound has stopped. The classes tried using different vowels to show how the wavelength changes to the pitch and length of the sound. In one image, the vowel ‘i’ was used, and in the second, the vowel ‘o’ was used. Can you see the difference in the sound waves? Year 9 cannot wait to discover sound in more depth to see how it can be manipulated and changed in many ways, and view this on the oscilloscope.

Contributed by Claudia Simon and Cassidy Cook

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Debating news

19 May 2017

The Year 8 Debating team; Emma Donald, Apoorva Abeysundera, Sandali Gange, Laura de Jong and Jemima Brodie; finished the preliminary rounds of the Queensland Debating Union's Toowoomba Region Competition undefeated. The girls will now proceed to the knockout finals round next term. Congratulations, girls!

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Maths Team Challenge

19 May 2017

This week, girls participated in the Mathematics Team Challenge.  The Challenge was held on Tuesday at St Ursula’s College, and competition consisted of a team event and a relay.

Teams worked collaboratively on problems throughout the Challenge, within a time limit.

Junior Years nominated two teams in the Primary Schools division. Both teams performed well and enjoyed the experience of the competition. Thanks to Mrs Yevdikomov who helped to prepare the girls.

In Middle and Senior Years a large number of girls were keen and excited to participate. Six teams competed in the three divisions (Junior, Intermediate and Senior). All girls participated with great enthusiasm and effort. Thank you to Miss Chapman, Mrs Rollason and Mrs Markham for supervising the girls on their walk to St Ursula's and for supervising the teams. 

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Cadets’ Birthday

19 May 2017

Glennie cadets were amongst the group who celebrated the Toowoomba Grammar School Cadet Unit’s 125th anniversary with a birthday cake. This is just one of the celebrations planned to commemorate this milestone. The TGS Cadet Unit is the oldest in Queensland.

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Junior Years Tuckshop re-naming

19 May 2017

The votes are in, and we have a new name for the Junior Years Tuckshop. Stay tuned to find out more . . .

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Mother’s Day Stall

19 May 2017

This year’s Mother’s Day stall held at Junior Years was our most successful yet! Due to the support of Junior Years students and their parents, $1,100 was raised for the Kindergarten. These funds will be used towards to purchase of another Smart TV for the Kindergarten.

Thank you to our Kindergarten parent representatives for all of their hard work in making the stall a success and to everyone who supported the Kindergarten fundraising ventures.

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Junior Years Staff PD - Resuscitation and Child Protection

19 May 2017

On Monday, all Junior Years staff members updated their CPR skills as part of their First Aid requirements. This training is done annually and was conducted by Ms Shannon Townsend from the Aquatic Centre.

On Friday, Kindergarten and Pitstop staff hosted a Child Protection Mandatory Reporting Workshop presented by Anglican Schools Commission Queensland.

The workshop was compulsory for all Early Childhood educators and staff and supports new legislation coming into effect on July 1 this year.

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Eye Spy Glennie in the Media

19 May 2017

Did you spot these stories in the Media?

If you spot a story about a current Glennie girl or Glennie Old Girl in the media, we would appreciate your sharing of the story with us. Kindly forward the story via email to

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This Week in Boarding

19 May 2017

This week is a celebration of National Boarding week and the Glennie boarders raised $184 for the Australian Boarding Schools' Association (ABSA) fundraiser Beanies for Brain Cancer. There was considerable fun at the Hometown dinner last week. The girls also participated in a walk organised by boarder Captain Lucy Geddes and Vice-Captain Bella Joseland. ABSA does considerable work with boarding schools to provide support, encourage friendships between schools and supply professional training.

The Year 6 and 7 boarders joined in by creating small paintings on canvas about Glennie and home. The plan is to join the images together to create one large painting. The boarders were invited to write a small piece on why they loved boarding, and there were many heartwarming responses.  

Click here to view the photo gallery

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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National Boarding Week

19 May 2017

Boarding Captains Lucy Geddes and Bella Joseland have done a fantastic job in assisting with National Boarding Week arrangements.

Click here to view the video produced for National Boarding Week as we interviewed some of our youngest boarders to ask them what they love about boarding.  Girls from other year levels kindly offered their views too. 

Click here to see the Home Town dinner video  

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State Honours Ensemble Program

19 May 2017

This weekend approximately 120 music students from the Darling Downs Region will converge upon Glennie to work with staff from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. SHEP is designed to offer students the opportunity to make music with other like-minded teenagers whilst gaining the experience of learning from industry professionals. This is a wonderful opportunity for the 60 Glennie students involved.

The final concert on Sunday 21 May at 1:00 pm will feature the Choir, String Ensemble and Concert Band. These ensembles will have worked across the weekend, and the concert promises to be of a very high standard. The concert is open to the public for a gold coin donation. It will be held in the Glennie Assembly Hall.

Good luck to all of those involved in this auspicious weekend.

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Eisteddfod Results - Individual

19 May 2017

Round 1 of the Toowoomba Eisteddfod concluded last week with the Glennie girls bringing home a number of awards and prizes in the Singing, and Speech and Drama sections. Many of the Speech and Drama students competed for the first time and received high praise for their performances. Well done to all of the students and parents. Also a big thank you to the staff, conductors and tutors for their time and effort before and during the eisteddfod.

Round 2 of the Toowoomba Eisteddfod occurs in August, with some preparations already beginning. Stay tuned for dates and times in the coming months.

Below are the individual results from Round 1

Section 084 - Year 7 to 9  Vocal Duet

  • Laura Hunt & Taylor Steinmuller - 2nd 

Section 055 Year 8 Vocal (Female) Solo

  • Amy Grant - HC 

Section 054 Year 9 Vocal (Female) Solo

  • Katelyn Nicholls - HC 

Section 082 Open Vocal Duet

  • Vicki Bravery - 1st (Current Strings and Vocal tutor)

Section 151 Years 7 to 9 Piano Duet

  • Emma Donald & Olivia Taylor - 1st 

Section 130 Years 7 to 9 Australian Composer Piano Solo

  • Zoe Dann - 1st

Section 143 All Age Graded Piano Solo Grade 4 Standard

  • Olivia Taylor - 2nd 

Section 213 Years 5 and 6 Dramatisation of Poem Group

  • Year 5 Drama Group - Elizabeth Cross, Philippa Lilford, Keira Nicholls, Isabelle Morrissey, Isabella Poole, Felicity Russell - 2nd 

Section 212 Years 1 and 2 Poems in Pairs

  • Olivia Kemp & Sophia Kavanagh - 2nd
  • Amalia Gomez-Faramand & Caitlyn Morrissey - 3rd

Section 209 Year 5 Poem in Pairs

  • Isabelle Morrissey & Keira Nicholls - 3rd
  • Elizabeth Cross & Philippa Lilford - HC
  • Felicity Russell & Isabella Poole - HC

Section 68 Year 7 Music Theatre Performance Solo

  • Isabella Shelton - HC

Section 66 Year 9 Music Theatre Performance Solo

  • Lauren Baryla - 2nd

Section 210 Year 4 Poem in Pairs

  • Anastasia Hand & Isabella Poole - HC

Section 50 Years 10 to 12 Vocal Championships

  • Isabel Lanigan - 2nd 

Section 65 Year 10 Music Theatre Performance Solo

  • Isabel Lanigan - 1st

Section 75 Year 7 Contemporary Commercial Vocal Solo

  • Isabella Shelton - 1st

Section 80 Years 8 and 9 Contemporary Commercial Ballard Solo

  • Laura Hunt - 1st
  • Celine Dixon - HC

Section 78 Years 8 and 9 Rock Song Solo

  • Laura Hunt - 1st
  • Taylor Steinmuller - 2nd
  • Celine Dixon - 3rd
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Billets required

19 May 2017

The School has been asked if ten families could billet female students from the Birralee choir. They have requested we source families able to billet the girls in groups of two or three from 4:00pm Saturday 27  May until 11:00am Sunday 28 May.

If you are able to assist, we would be very grateful. Please contact Alicia Hawthorne in the PAC office on 07 4688 8816.

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Voices of the Trenches 27 and 28 May

19 May 2017

Members of Glennie’s Xpression and G Major choirs have been invited to participate in "Voices from the Trenches". This concert is a musical tribute to the First World War soldiers, not just those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in The Somme, France but also for the soldiers who returned home.

Presented by Brisbane’s Voices of Birralee, the festival will unite the community. School choirs will perform stunning music reflecting the WW1 era, with modern compositions. These will include a beautifully poignant and emotionally charged commissioned piece, ensuring the Anzac legacy is preserved.

This event will be run over the weekend of Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May. Sunday will conclude with a concert uniting Voices of Birralee, Toowoomba school choirs, and community choirs to honour our Anzacs. Tickets for the concert can be purchased through the Empire Theatre.

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Seeking New PASA President

19 May 2017

The Glennie School Performing Arts Supporters Association (PASA) is seeking a new President for the remainder of 2017.

PASA undertakes fundraising activities to assist in supporting the School's arts programs and students. This year PASA ran the BBQ at the Glennie Fair, a raffle at the Junior School Grandparents’ Day and, a sweet stall and raffle at the very successful High School Musical performances.

Upcoming events are already planned and include a social dinner for PASA members at Fitzy’s in Term 3, JazzFest, Morning Melodies and helping with the girls at July Eisteddfods.   

The President will be well supported by the Secretary, Treasurer and Vice-President and the active PASA members who always provide many helping hands at PASA events.

A Glennie School sub-committee is a fantastic way to contribute to an area of special interest for your daughter at the school.  

If you are interested in the PASA President role, please contact PASA.

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Glennie Equestrian, champions again!

19 May 2017

Glennie Equestrian Captain Ellie Reedy led the Equestrian team for the Prydes Easifeed Darling Downs South West Regional Interschool Equestrian Championships held over the weekend.  All girls rode brilliantly and represented Glennie with the usual pride and friendly sportsmanship.

Glennie won three out of five disciplines:  Showman, Showhorse and Combined Training, also coming second in Dressage and second in Showjumping.  These excellent results ensured  Glennie Equestrian was awarded Champion Secondary School and, for the fourth year in a row, Overall Champion Equestrian School.  

There were a number of Glennie parents who were instrumental in making these championships run smoothly, including Ben Muirhead, President of the Darling Downs Organising Committee, Maureen Johnston, Showman convenor, Kirstie Ferguson, stabling convenor, Paul Reedy and John Massey who were the competition announcers for the three days and Warren Willmington who transported tents, advertising material and the BBQ for the Glennie team. He also towed trailers of equipment to where they were needed on the grounds.

The Glennie Equestrian Supporters Team worked hard to provide delicious pizzas and BBQ dinners for all Glennie families involved at the event.

Special congratulations go to Rebecca Roellgen and Sarah Coggan who won some of their events for the second year in a row. We wish all girls well in their preparations for the State Interschool Equestrian Championships being held in Toowoomba from 26 to 29 June.

Major Individual Results include trophy and ribbons winners as follows;

Combined Training:

  • Primary 60cm: 4th – Emma Fitzgerald
  • Champion Secondary 60cm: Rebecca Roellgen
  • Reserve Champion 60cm: Holly Willmington
  • Secondary 60cm: 5th – Emma Massey
  • Secondary 60cm: 6th – Jessica Black
  • Reserve Champion Secondary 80cm: Rebecca Roellgen
  • Secondary 80cm: 6th – Sarah Coggan
  • Reserve Champion Secondary 95cm: Piper Wise


  • Primary Preliminary: 5th – Ellie Stenzel
  • Intermediate Preliminary: 6th – Lucy Stanford
  • Secondary Intermediate Novice: 3rd – Piper Wise
  • Secondary Intermediate Novice: 4th – Imogen Taylor
  • Secondary Intermediate Novice: 6th – Holly Willmington
  • Secondary Senior Novice: 3rd – Emma Massey
  • Secondary Senior Novice: 5th and 6th – Emily Lawrence
  • Reserve Champion Elementary: Rebecca Roellgen
  • Champion Prix St George:  Sarah Coggan

Show Horse:

  • Reserve Champion Primary Working Hunter: Emma Fitzgerald
  • Reserve Champion Secondary Show Horse: Rebecca Roellgen
  • Secondary Show Horse: 3rd – Emma Massey
  • Secondary Show Horse: 4th – Holly Willmington
  • Secondary Show Horse: 5th – Shelby Emmerton
  • Reserve Champion Show Hunter: Sarah Coggan
  • Secondary Show Hunter: 3rd – Piper Wise
  • Secondary Working Hunter: 4th – Sarah Coggan


  • Primary 4 Phase (45cm): 4th – Emma Fitzgerald
  • Champion Secondary 3 Phase: Sarah Coggan
  • Secondary Showman 3 Phase: 5th – Imogen Taylor
  • Secondary Showman 3 Phase: 6th – Shelby Emmerton
  • Champion Secondary 4 Phase (45cm): Sarah Coggan
  • Champion Secondary 4 Phase (65cm): Rebecca Roellgen
  • Reserve Champion Secondary 4 Phase (65cm): Emma Massey
  • Secondary 4 Phase (65cm): 3rd – Holly Willmington
  • Secondary 4 Phase (65cm): 4th – Jessica Black
  • Secondary 4 Phase (85cm): 5th – Piper Wise

Show Jumping:

  • Primary 60cm: 4th - Emma Fitzgerald
  • Champion Secondary 70cm: Kate Bellars
  • Reserve Champion Secondary 70cm: Kate Bellars
  • Secondary 70cm: 3rd – Jessica Black
  • Secondary 70cm: 5th – Holly Willmington
  • Secondary 80cm: 5th – Sarah Coggan
  • Secondary 90cm: 5th – Rebecca Roellgen
  • Secondary 90cm: 6th – Piper Wise
  • Secondary 100cm: 4th – Grace Muirhead
  • Secondary 110cm: 4th – Shelby Emmerton
  • Secondary 110cm: 5th – Bridie Emmerton

Team Results

Reserve Champion Secondary Dressage

  • Sarah Coggan, Rebecca Roellgen, Emma Massey, Piper Wise

Champion Secondary Combined Training

  • Rebecca Roellgen, Holly Willmington, Piper Wise, Emma Massey
  • 4th: Jessica Black, Sarah Coggan, Imogen Taylor, Lucy Stanford

Champion Secondary Showman

  • Rebecca Roellgen, Sarah Coggan, Emma Massey, Holly Willmington
  • 4th: Jessica Black, Imogen Taylor, Piper Wise, Shelby Emmerton

Champion Secondary Show Horse

  • Rebecca Roellgen, Sarah Coggan, Emma Massey, Piper Wise
  • 3rd: Holly Willmington, Shelby Emmerton, Holly Wilkie

Reserve Champion Secondary Showjumping

  • Kate Bellars, Jessica Black, Grace Muirhead, Shelby Emmerton
  • 4th: Bridie Emmerton, Holly Willmington, Rebecca Roellgen, Sarah Coggan

Darling Downs and South West Region: Champion Secondary School

Darling Downs and South West Region: Grand Champion School

Click here for a photo gallery of some of the action

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Challenges and Opportunities

19 May 2017

Glennie students have been afforded a range of different sporting opportunities this term. The School has two teams competing in the Friday night Girls AFL competition. The girls have limited experience, but have impressed observers with their rapid skill development and willingness to have a go. Many thanks go to Mr Baldock and Ms Cooper for their passionate support of the girls.

Four Year 7 students attended a Rugby League Gala Day this week. They had a wonderful experience learning new skills in preparation for Darling Downs trials later in the year.

Sport and Fitness students were treated to OzTag training and gameplay recently and also welcomed the Development Officer from Darling Downs Football to learn a little more about the ‘World Game’.

We wish our All Schools Touch Football players luck in their first tournament of the year. The girls travel to Brisbane this Sunday to compete in the All Hallows Carnival, the first of a number lead in tournaments in preparation for Queensland All-Schools in Term 4. Thank you to Mrs Broadfoot, Mrs Dyson and Ms Cooper for their hard work with our Touch players.

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