A Message from the Acting Principal Mrs Matherson

21 June 2018

Isolated Children's Parents Association Conference Winton

Last week our Dean of Students, Jodi Blades and I travelled to Winton for the Isolated Children's Parents Association Inc. State Conference in Winton. There are many branches of this association across regional and remote Queensland, and delegates from each one join together annually to attend the State Conference.

Boarding families are an integral part of our school community, and the challenges our girls face in their educational years at home are an important element for teachers and boarding staff to understand. It was very interesting to hear about the issues that are arising, successes that the ICPA has had from lobbying government and private enterprise bodies and the challenges that rural and remote students are still facing after many years.

For the town of Winton, hosting an extra 200 people was no small affair, and the Winton Branch of the ICPA provided superb hospitality, and the conference was extremely well organised. Nothing was too much trouble, and they were always smiling. Maybe that had a little to do with the rain that began to fall shortly after our arrival.

Staff Changes Term 3

Term 3 will bring about some staffing changes in the Middle and Senior Years and in boarding.

  • Susan Rollason will return from leave, and we thank Rebecca Denny for teaching her classes and Kathy Lee for stepping in as Head of Donaldson House for the term.
  • We farewell Gill Reynoldson from Brown House in boarding and look forward to notifying you of her replacement shortly.
  • Our GAP students return home after a year at the School, and we will welcome four more, all from Germany, early in Term 3.

Time for Reflection

During the mid-year holiday break is a good time for you and your daughter to slow down and reflect on Semester 1. What were her successes? Where did she feel that, if she had chosen a different path the outcome might have been better? Does she have balance in her week?

We encourage the girls to become involved in the co-curricular life of the School and to explore the opportunities provided to them. We encourage them to open their minds, adopt a growth mindset and to learn from their experiences. This can assist them in identifying what they are passionate about. It is also important to ensure that each girl is not over-committing herself. It might be time to have a conversation about ensuring your daughter is able to meet the requirements of her commitments.

In the Mind Fit program, we talk about recharging our batteries and the girls in the Middle and Senior Years are well-versed in this checklist. There are five steps to ensuring your battery is recharged each day.

  • Have you had enough sleep?
  • Have you eaten nutritious food?
  • Have you exercised?
  • Have you had time to build relationships?
  • Have you had time away from technology and some downtime?

To have a fully charged battery, we all should score 5/5.

We, both parents and teachers, need to help the girls to achieve balance in their academic life and activities program so that they have time each day to recharge their batteries. A full battery allows for each girl to be the best they can be each day.

Mrs Jo Matherson
(Acting) Principal

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A Message from Mr Warren

21 June 2018

Last Saturday’s ‘Winter Wonderland’ Fundraiser in the Junior Years was an outstanding success, with over 400 attendees, both adults and children well-dressed in their winter gear.

Every year, these events are organised by the Year 6 families as opportunities to raise valuable funds towards projects that would not perhaps otherwise be funded. We have seen so many facilities and equipment items purchased and built for the Junior Years as parting gifts from that year group.

Since our Centennial year, the following items and facilities have been provided by these Year 6 co-ordinated functions:

  • 2008  Gazebo near the western car park
  • 2009  Gazebo near the western car park
  • 2010  Tuckshop fitout
  • 2011  Tuckshop fitout
  • 2012  Sports shed on the back block
  • 2013  Outdoor seating and large donation to the Pyjama Foundation
  • 2014  Courtyard stage
  • 2015  Courtyard stage
  • 2016  Large pop-up tent for the Junior Years Stage area
  • 2017  Funds for the front entrance area
  • 2018  Funds for the front entrance area

This year’s funds (which are still to be finalised - stay tuned early next term), will go with the money raised last year to improve the front entry area of our Junior Years campus and will improve both the visual aspect of the area and also the safety for the girls.

I do thank you so very much for your support of this event and I hope that you had as much fun and enjoyed it as much as we all did putting it on for everyone. I would particularly like to mention Mrs Lynette Poole and thank her for her co-ordination of the event which has been months in the planning. Thanks also to all of her fantastic team co-ordinators, who then sought helpers from the Year 6 parent body. A huge thank you to you all.

I would also like to thank our many wonderful sponsors and donors, who made everything happen at as low a cost as possible, maximising our profits for the event. Your generosity is acknowledged.

Special thanks to the following:

  • Burger Urge
  • Homestyle Bakeries
  • Telstra Grand Central
  • Elisha Kennedy Massage
  • Applebom Beauty, Hair & Wellbeing
  • Liam Lourigan Plastering
  • Podiatry Point
  • Dancewear and Gifts by Lana
  • Toowoomba Mobile Care Detailing
  • Inflatable world Toowoomba
  • Price Attack
  • Chemist Warehouse
  • Premier Conditioning
  • Elite Fitness and Performance
  • Ortem Coffee Shop
  • Parkhouse Café
  • The Glennie School Foundation
  • Kelco Contracting
  • GOSS (Glennie One Stop Shop)
  • Clifford Gouldson Law
  • Marlene Studios
  • Judith Shoesmith
  • Cooby Wines

Please support these businesses who have so generously given to support our Fundraiser.

With every good wish for the winter break. We will give you an update on the profits next term.

Click here for a gallery of photos

Mr Steve Warren
Head of Junior Years

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First GSS bursary awarded to Tori

21 June 2018

The Glennie Sports Supporters Committee has agreed that a $500 bursary will be awarded to an individual or a team that competes at an International level.  To qualify, the individual or team must be selected by way of competition and not as a self-nominated competitor.

An individual or team will only be eligible to receive a bursary from the Glennie Sports Supporters committee once they compete in the green and gold.

One Glennie girl has worked extremely hard to achieve such a feat, and we congratulate her. Tori Gallegos proudly accepted a cheque from Mrs Karen Reeves at last week’s Assembly.

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Hale Wins the Athletics

21 June 2018

Congratulations to Hale on winning the Interhouse Athletics Carnival and congratulations too, Webber on winning the marching.

All the results and a photo gallery will be featured in our first week back of Term 3.

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Year 6 Technology Showcase

21 June 2018

Year 6 girls were tasked with the challenge to create a board game as a part of their Technology assessment this semester. Their mission was to design and build a true/false, yes/no quiz style game that provided the user with correct feedback via a LED light. The purpose of this game was to help young children learn about a country in Asia and simple circuits. The game users had to be able to check their answers and receive instant feedback by pushing a button or flicking a switch.

The Year 3 and 4 girls were invited to test the games and had a lot of fun in the process.

Click here to view the photo gallery.

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78 Story Treehouse

21 June 2018

On Tuesday, all Year 3 and 4 students visited the Empire Theatre to experience a live theatre show. The popular children’s book ‘78 Storey Treehouse’ was brought to life on stage. All the girls and staff thoroughly enjoyed this live adaption of the book that so many of the girls have read. It was a wonderful excursion to end Semester 1.

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Readers Cup

21 June 2018

Regional Readers Cup

Glennie hosted the Regional Readers Cup on Tuesday evening, which attracted 20 Primary School teams and 11 Secondary School teams from as far away as Tara and Goondiwindi!  The Primary competition was won by Toowoomba Grammar, and the Secondary competition was won by Warwick State High.

Our guest quizmaster was author Jane Smith, who spoke about her research into Australian bushrangers. It was wonderful to see our Assembly Hall packed with young people who are excited by books and reading!

A highlight for Year 8 students Lauren Lester, Kate Healy and Sienna Richardson was winning the second to last round of the competition. Our girls are to be commended on the sense of camaraderie and genuine fun and enjoyment they displayed throughout the tournament and especially on competition night.

Junior Years Readers Cup

Our Year 5 and 6 girls will be busy reading during their holidays, as next term they compete in teams to win the Junior Years Readers Cup.  With prizes donated by our Glennie P & F, the competition was launched on Wednesday, when guests from Middle and Senior Years joined our Junior Years teachers to read tantalising passages from each of the ten books.  May the best team win!

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Centenary BBQ

21 June 2018

Everyone in the Glennie community is invited to Join the Glennie Old Girls as they celebrate the Centenary of the Glennie Old Girls’ Association.

This year, as part their 100 Years celebrations, a family BBQ will be held on Reunion Weekend, Sunday 12 August. There will be a family communion service in the Glennie Chapel in the morning then the celebrations begin in the Junior Years courtyard.

GOGA is looking forward to Old Girls, their families, staff (past and present) and current Glennie families joining together to celebrate their special milestone.

So, come along, bring your family and enjoy a BBQ. Let the children play while you catch up with lost friends.

You can book your ticket online via Trybooking.com

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Chess News

21 June 2018

Invitational Chess Championships (Primary)

Congratulations to Bailey Crisp and Mashal Imam who represented Glennie in the 2018 Individual and Invitational Chess Championships. Bailey was the top female player coming third overall and Mashal came 40th. A great effort from them both! Mashal was the third best performing female.

Individual Chess Championships (Secondary)

Rheanca Lincoln competed in the 2018 Toowoomba District Individual Junior Chess Championship - Secondary and achieved Best Female in the competition. During the competition, Rheanca progressed to the prestigious  Board 1. She scored four from a possible six points.

2018 Junior Years Chess Captains

At Junior Years Assembly this week, four girls were presented with their Chess Captain badges from Mr Carter. Congratulations to: Bailey Crisp, Darcy Vaschina, Aalia Magzub-Colvin, and Mashal Imam.

The Glennie Junior Years Chess Captain’s Creed

I’m not an expert, but I can help others to improve,
I’ll be patient with beginners and show them the right move. 

I’ll help Mr Carter to run the Chess Club during lunch,
Assisting and coaching participants even as they munch.

I’ll organise tournaments and fund-raising events,
Having fun and sharing chess, there are our tenets.

The Glennie Junior Years Interhouse Chess Championship

Three representatives from each house played in Glennie Junior Years' first Interhouse Tournament.  The final results were: Webber 1st, Hale 2nd, Donaldson 3rd. Congratulations to all who participated and GO TUFNELL in 2019!


Pictured: Chess Captains receive their badges. Bailey, Rheanca and Mashal with Mr Carter. Friendly rivalry at the Interhouse Chess.

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Hospitality Work Experience

21 June 2018

A group of eight Year 11 and 12 Hospitality students spent Monday and Tuesday at Hotel Jen in Brisbane for work experience.  Working alongside staff in restaurant, kitchen, housekeeping and other areas the girls were able to see first-hand how the hotel worked. Not only did they gain valuable work experience, the also got to see the hotel from the perspective of a guest. The girls enjoyed the opportunity to dress up for an Asian-fusion dinner which was delicious.

Click here for some more photos

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Glennie School Foundation support for new Sports Centre

21 June 2018

'The Glennie School Foundation is very proud to be helping the School make the dream of this new indoor Sports Centre a bricks and mortar reality.’

Mr David Russell,
The Glennie School Foundation Chair
and proud Glennie dad

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21 June 2018

Glennie Cadets have had a busy Semester 1. With a total of ten girls participating this year, numbers are the strongest they have been in years. Cadets Eloise Radford, Penny Lamshed, Emily Webster and Piper Beaton have written to let us know what the group has been up to. In addition to the activities described below our cadets have been involved in home training, Anzac Services and the Glennie Fair.

Bivouac 1

As soon as we arrived at the location we had to hike to base camp. Once we hiked the mountain filled with loose rocks and gravel, we finally reached base camp. We were sorted into our various sections then all came together to form a large group so we could get a rundown of the itinerary.

How to put up a hutchie was our first lesson. After that, the recruits were left to fend for themselves to put up their shared hutchies with their partners. After we had all finished setting up, we went up to the fire pit to learn how to cook on our hexi stoves. Once all the cleaning up was done we were told that we could now complete our night routine.

We were woken up at 6:30am for reveille. As quickly as possible we threw on our boots and hats and speed walked to where our Sergeant was standing, waiting for us to form up. Once we were organised, we got started on the lessons and activities. We learned how to move through the camp without being spotted. Then we learned how to camouflage ourselves, others and objects. Then we learned observation in the field. Finally, we learned hand signals. Once we had learned all the basic signs and a few more complex ones we were finished with our lessons.

Before we knew it, we were on the bus back home.

Bivouac 2

This term,  the cadets went on their second bivouac for the year. Exercise Tarin Kowt was a navigation biv, where the cadets had to put their navigation skills to the test. We used a compass, navigation data sheet and map to find checkpoints that had been carefully placed around the activity area. We had great fun finding the checkpoints and then got to radio in the checkpoint codeword. It was a great way to get an opportunity to use the radios. All in all the weekend was a great experience and we all had a fun time.

Weapons Training

We had a successful visit to Oakey Army Aviation to the Weapons Training Simulation System (WTSS) facility. Cadet Corporal Eloise Radford, Cadet Emily Webster and Cadet Penny Lamshed were among the twenty cadets who attended the virtual weapons range. The majority of the group had a successful night achieving passes on the standard military weapon, a F88 Steyr. After the WTSS, a barbeque was held to thank the Australian Defence Force volunteers for their time and effort in supporting our program.

2 Platoon

Over the past term the cadets in 2 Platoon have been working hard preparing for the 2018 Junior Leaders Course which will be held over the holidays.


This term all recruits completed their training and were promoted to Cadets.  Congratulations to Cadet Berry Gehrmann, Cadet Piper Beaton, Cadet Tilly Gehrmann, Cadet Taylor Sheehan, Cadet Claire Sigley and Cadet Indi-Anna Wolfe. Special congratulations go to Eloise Radford’s promotion to Cadet Corporal.

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Prep Fairy Tale Day

21 June 2018

During the term the Prep girls have conquered STEM design challenges including building a boat for the Gingerbread Man to cross the river, building a house strong enough to keep out the Big Bad Wolf, and helping Rapunzel to escape the tower.

All these tasks required teamwork, a collaboration of design and construction ideas, and resilience as their designs were tested. The girls tackled each challenge enthusiastically and successfully. The Prep girls enjoyed Fairy Tale Day this week to celebrate an exciting term.

Click here for a photo gallery

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Eye Spy Glennie in the Media

21 June 2018

Did you spot these stories in the Media?

If you spot a story about a current Glennie girl or Glennie Old Girl in the media, we would appreciate your sharing of the story with us. Kindly forward the story via email to development@glennie.qld.edu.au.

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21 June 2018

We farewelled Mrs Gillian Reynoldson from her Senior Resident's position in Brown House on Monday night. Gill or Miss R as she is affectionately known by the girls she cares for has been an important part of boarding life at Glennie and is now moving on to another career challenge. We will miss Gill who has been such a good parent to girls away from home. She boarded at St Peter's in Brisbane during her school years and her own children were boarders at Concordia College. Gill also worked in boarding before coming to Glennie so having someone with such extensive experience has been wonderful.

Gill came to us in 2012 with a background in boarding and nursing and has been a highly valued member of our team. She is warm, caring and has the highest regard for our rural families. We have been blessed to have Gill in our lives and the boarders gave a moving presentation to her. This was one of the farewells from Glennie because Brown House boarders also put on a lively Saturday concert for Gill. The girls baked her a special cake and made sure she felt appreciated.

The Brown House Boarders also attended the Junior Year's Winter Wonderland on Saturday evening which was a chilly, but lovely experience.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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Old Girls, share your stories!

21 June 2018

Glennie Old Girls, we would love to know what you have been up to since leaving Glennie. You don't have to be a financial member of the Glennie Old Girls' Association to get in touch. 

Tell us what you have been doing using our update form.

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Sisterly support is strong at Glennie

21 June 2018

Charlotte Lindemann (Year 12) received a pleasant surprise at the end of her 1500m race on Wednesday with a supportive hug from sister Madeleine (GOG 2015). Madeleine had just flown in from New Zealand and arrived in time to see her sister run. While at Glennie Madeleine was quite the athlete herself competing at state and national level. Welcome back, Madeleine. It is lovely to see the sisterly support is strong at Glennie.

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GOGA Reunion Weekend and Centenary Celebrations

21 June 2018

This year we are celebrating the centenary of the foundation of the Glennie Old Girls' Association. To celebrate GOGA is holding their Reunion Weekend on Saturday 11 August and they would like as many Old Girls as possible to attend. On Sunday 12 August after the GOGA Chapel service, there will be a family BBQ. Glennie Old Girls and their families are invited to attend a fun and relaxed BBQ. Current Glennie families are also invited to attend this special reunion.

On Friday 9 November GOGAs are invited to join current Glennie students and staff as we commemorate Remembrance Day and reveal the Centenary Poppy Display that the Glennie community has been creating.

The final event to celebrate the Centenary will be a Great Gatsby themed Cocktail Party which will be held at Gips Restaurant on Saturday 10 November.

You can book to attend, one or all events at trybooking.com/WEKK

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GOGA Notes and News

21 June 2018

The Glennie Old Girls’ Association newsletter, Notes and News is available now. Catch up with what our Old Girls have been up to.

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Little Frogs

21 June 2018

In the last workshop for the term, the Year 10 Dance girls welcomed Sue and Shirley Thònell. As a family, they lived for many years in Sweden. They are fiercely proud of their Swedish heritage and were happy to share their culture with us, focusing on Summer Solstice celebrations and folk dancing.

Shirley wore her national dress which was handmade by her mother for her 21st birthday. We learnt some simple folk steps and danced around a Maypole to traditional folk music - played on a record and record player! The girls also learnt a fun children’s dance that almost every person in Sweden knows, Små grodorna ("The little frogs").

This was a special visit for Mrs Budden also as Ms Thònell is a close friend of hers whom she met in her previous teaching position.

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Years 4 and 5 Play-off!

21 June 2018

This week the Year 4 and 5 girls participated in the hotly contested Instrumental Program Play-of.

The Year 5 girls performed in the following groups: Strings with Mrs Vicki Bravery, Strings with Miss Brix, Percussion with Mr Ian Dixon, Brass with Mrs Lorraine Fuller and Woodwinds with Mrs Christine Kleidon.

In the Year 5 Program, the girls form larger ensembles within each of the instrumental families with the focus being to learn the skills necessary for playing in a concert band, orchestra or string ensemble. These groups performed pieces they have been working towards performing at the Toowoomba Eisteddfod after the holidays.  

The Year 4 performed in groups. Mrs Bravery’s two Cello groups and a Viola group; Miss Brix’s, two Violin groups and a Viola; Mr Ian Dixon’s percussion group; Mrs Lorraine Fuller’s two Trumpet groups and a group of Trombones and Mrs Christine Kleidon’s Silly Saxophones, Classy Clarinets and Flirty Flutes and Piccolo!

Both concerts were enjoyed by some eager parents and our guest adjudicator was Mr Jason Wisley. Mr Wisley gave some great encouragement to the girls and helped spur them on to keep up the effort needed to succeed in the future. Both winning groups from this week will feature at a Junior Years Assembly next term.

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AMEB Online Orchestra

21 June 2018

On Wednesday, over 100 musicians from the Middle and Senior Years participated in a recording and filming session for the AMEB Online Orchestra.

AMEB is celebrating 100 years of leadership and commitment to music education this year and has a few programs on offer. The Online Orchestra is a collaborative orchestra made up of Australians playing from wherever they are around the world. Individuals, schools and community groups record their part to Waltzing Matilda and each video will contribute towards a final video presentation of the work. The final video will be released later in the year with a presentation on the big screen at Federation Square in Melbourne.

Glennie boasts an impressive Performing Arts Department, and to be given the chance to come together as a massed orchestra and choir, with the girls’ skills and talent on full display, was a unique experience. We look forward to seeing the video. Thank you to all the girls who participated and to the staff for their support and co-operation.

Click here for a photo gallery

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Abelee and Taylah playing for the Crows

21 June 2018

Recently, Ally Ramsay, Alex McDonald, Abelee Stanley and Taylah Stanley played in a Rugby tournament held in Chinchilla. Playing for the  U16 Western Mustangs team, the girls won all three games.

Taylah and Abelee were also selected into the U16 Central Crows Team, which will travel to Mackay later this month for a three-day carnival. Congratulations and good luck girls!

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Darling Downs Hockey

21 June 2018

On the weekend, the 10-12 Years Darling Downs Hockey Team travelled to Cairns for the Queensland State Championships. Within this team, four Glennie girls played; Jane Butler, Caleiah Budd, Jazelle Carter and Bianca Markham.

All the students played fantastically, with the Darling Downs Team placing fourth overall. The girls really enjoyed the warm weather of Cairns before heading back to chilly Toowoomba on Monday.

Congratulations to Jazelle on her selection into the Queensland 10-12 Years Hockey Team!

Enjoy the photo gallery


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Glennie lands a win in AFL

21 June 2018

Glennie U17s team went into last Friday night’s game with a full team of players and celebrated a win against Toowoomba South scoring 2 goals, 2 points, 14 to 1 point.


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