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French Immersion

frenchimmersionFrench is the language of diplomacy and English is the international language.

Glennie's French Immersion program is a concentrated and challenging course for girls specifically motivated toward the study of languages. French Immersion offers your daughter an opportunity to learn a new language while her capacity for language acquisition is strong.

Girls can participate in the French Immersion program from Years 8 to 10. With almost 60% of subjects taught in French, it is a program of authentic immersion that provides maximum exposure and results in language fluency.

Girls who participate in French Immersion benefit from:

  • Developing a high level of proficiency in French, as well as advanced linguistic skills and cultural understanding.
  • Personal enrichment and challenge.
  • Enhanced listening and thinking skills
  • Good study skills, self-discipline, motivation and confidence.
  • More flexible and creative problem-solving skills.
  • Improved career and travel opportunities.
  • An increased understanding of how languages work, including an improved understanding of the English language.

French in Junior Years

Girls learn French in Junior Years which is excellent preparation for the French Immersion program in Years 8 to 10.

Girls in Years 1 to 6 become familiar with the French culture through their studies as well as participating in cultural activities including Bastille Day celebrations, the Toowoomba Languages and Cultural Festival and experiencing French cuisine. The girls also spend time with French exchange students who visit the School as part of a reciprocal arrangement of the Year 10 French Immersion tour to France.

For information

Parents are welcome to join the Glennie French Immersion Supporters Group (GFISG) a sub-committee of the Glennie P & F Association . . . Read More