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Equestrian sports build in our Glennie riders the qualities of self-discipline, motivation, responsibility and attention to detail. Girls can enjoy a sense of achievement that comes from working hard for a personal goal and the camaraderie of working in a team. Glennie equestrians have been consistently successful competing as a team in Equestrian Australia (EA) recognised disciplines of dressage; show jumping; eventing; showman; and combined training and showing in the Interschool Queensland (IQ)competition. The Glennie Equestrian team competes against other schools in the Darling Downs and the Queensland Championships. They can potentially ride for Queensland at the National Championships.

Girls must be prepared to work hard as a team on weekends and often during the holidays. Competing can involve a significant amount of travel. In return, they will have great fun as part of a friendly and inclusive team.


Parents play an important role in the success of the team and they are encouraged to join the Glennie Equestrian Supporters Team (GEST). The aim of the group is to provide a social and information network for parents. This sub-committee of the Glennie Parents and Friends’ Association also raises funds to assist with the cost of competing. The GEST meets on the first night of each term, allowing boarder parents to also become involved.

The most important role of Glennie Equestrian team parents is to be involved in assisting on training days and at qualifying events.

The GEST’s Team Convenor and Training Day Co-ordinator are experienced parents who are able to answer most questions regarding the IQ competitions. In addition, a Glennie staff member is the Equestrian Co-ordinator who manages the girls’ regular meetings.

Who can join?

Girls over seven years of age can join the team and compete in the IQ Primary competition. Older girls compete in the Secondary competition and there are major prizes in these divisions. As a whole, the team competes for the IQ Champion School Trophy.

Boarders are most welcome to join the team and the GEST President can advise boarder parents about how both horse and rider can be managed remotely.


The competitions in which the Glennie Equestrian team participates are governed by Interschool Queensland and Equestrian Queensland and annual registration with each of these governing bodies for both riders and horses is mandatory.

The rules, regulations and information handbooks for IQ and EA can be found on their websites and it is recommended that girls and parents read these regulations before joining the team.


All riders are responsible for their own nominations for events at their own expense. There are specific rules for nominating into the State competition and some planning is needed. It is extremely important for girls to keep records of registrations, performances and score sheets. These records are required in order to nominate for State competition.


The team holds regular training days with instructors teaching flatwork, dressage, show jumping and cross country. Presentation and general information days are also held throughout the year. In addition, girls are expected to dedicate their own time to additional training. There are Toowoomba Equestrian clubs that can assist with lessons.


Girls can win awards for individual and team performances at IQ competitions. Based on these results girls may be considered for the IQ Annual Equestrian Awards. School Colours are also awarded to girls who meet certain criteria. As well as performance based awards, coaches’ awards are presented at the Glennie School Sports Awards.

Horses, gear and uniforms

Horse owners know that all Equestrian sport can be costly. However; it is not necessary to have the most expensive horse or the newest gear. Perfect presentation of horse and rider using clean, well-maintained gear, the correct uniform and a great attitude are more important.

All aspects of being part of the Glennie Equestrian team are at the rider’s expense. This includes providing their own horse, agistment, transport, training, coaching, nominations, competitions, uniforms, gear, insurance, veterinary costs, shoeing and dentistry.


In addition to the official riding uniform and gear specified by IQ for each discipline, girls are expected to wear the Glennie equestrian uniform when representing the School. For awards presentations girls must wear riding uniform including Glennie spray jacket, School tie competition jodhpurs and helmet. Hair should be tied back with Glennie ribbons. When not riding, girls should wear the Glennie polo shirt and cap. A Glennie saddlecloth is also required.

Have fun!

The Glennie Equestrian team always aims to achieve well and if our members improve their skills, build a team spirit and have some fun, then the aims of the team have been met.

We look forward to welcoming new girls and parents to the team..

For information

Contact gest@glennie.qld.edu for more details.

Once enrolled, girls and parents keep up to date with key dates, details of training days, qualifier events and competitions via emails from the Equestrian Co-ordinator. Additional information and links to websites are available on the Glennie Portal (intranet).

Parents are welcome to join the Glennie Equestrian Supporters Team (GEST) a sub-committee of the Glennie P & F Association . . . Read More