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campsCamps are an important part of a Glennie girls’ education. These much anticipated trips are viewed by most girls as simply a fun few days away from school. However, the benefit of attending camp is much more far-reaching.

A Glennie girl’s camping experience begins when she is in Year 3 and attends a sleepover. For many this is their first experience of being away from family. From Year 4 until Year 10, girls attend an annual camp at a different location for each year level. Year 11 girls attend a one day adventure camp with a focus on leadership. Year 12 girls do not attend camp.

Each camp is different and presents its own challenges. Girls learn the value of friendship, trust, teamwork and communication. They push their boundaries, test their courage and experience the thrill of achievement.

At camp, girls can be adventurous and try things that they would otherwise never have the opportunity to attempt. Girls return from camp with strengthened friendships,greater confidence, more independence and memories to last them a lifetime.

A Music Camp is held at the beginning of each year for Performing Arts students in Years 4 to 12 who are involved in extra-curricular music. The focus is on introducing and rehearsing the various repertoires for ensembles and choirs.

Sports Camps vary from year to year in terms of locations and the sports featured and are coordinated through the Sports Office. Periodically sports teams travel to interstate and overseas competitions.