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cadetsGlennie girls interested in Cadets can join the Toowoomba Grammar School Cadet Unit. This group is part of the Australian Army Cadets (AAC), a community-based, Defence sponsored, youth development organisation that provides adventurous, fulfilling and educational military-like training for young people.

Cadets is open to all girls aged over twelve and a half years. It is a youth development organisation that develops the values of teamwork, leadership skills, survival skills, friendship, morale, self-discipline, respect and a spirit of adventure.

Cadets meet once a week for training. They attend four bivouacs (camps) each year and an annual camp operated by the Australian Army in the September holidays. Cadets can attend voluntary adventure training days. Awards and promotion courses are run by Southern Queensland AAC Brigade. Promotion starts from the cadet’s second year and provides them with the opportunity to be responsible for small groups of other cadets from an early age.

Cadets can achieve their potential in the Duke of Edinburgh Award, an exciting self-development program of individual, non-competitive, personal challenges. The program builds self-motivation and confidence whilst giving participants a real sense of achievement. In many instances the Australian Army Cadet Training program satisfies the requirements of the Duke of Edinburgh Award with little additional commitment by the participants.

Glennie Cadets participate in ceremonial duties within the school on ANZAC day as well as attending various ceremonies in the Toowoomba district.