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Be Confident.

– Be You. –

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Our Middle Years program has been specially designed for girls to learn and grow in ways that acknowledge and respect this unique and special time of adolescence.

The transition from childhood to young adulthood presents many challenges for girls, from coping with physical changes, as well as handling situations that can be emotionally and spiritually demanding. As your daughter’s body changes, so too will her mind. She will begin to learn, interact socially and approach situations from a new perspective.

Our Years 7 to 9 Program

In this important period of change, the Glennie Middle Years provides a dynamic and supportive learning environment that will help your daughter to navigate the world she lives in. Our supportive and inclusive community will provide her with the tools to develop a positive sense of self and guide her on the path to developing into an independent, confident, resilient, and well-skilled young woman.

Encouraging collaboration and peer support

In the Middle Years, we focus on the specific needs of the girls in Years 7, 8 and 9. Unlike many schools that have a Middle School program, there is no division between Middle and Senior Years girls in the physical spaces of the School. This ensures our Middle Years girls feel emotionally connected to their community and receive positive role modelling and encouragement from the older students.

Challenging her thinking

Our Middle Years program strives to challenge the mind, offering your daughter the opportunity to explore her unique interests and talents, with the flexibility to cater for individual learning styles and stages of development. Your daughter will be well-prepared for the Senior Years and her future beyond school, acquiring real-world skills through engaging and practical learning experiences that encourage creativity and stimulate her natural curiosity.

Developing global citizens

Supporting your daughter to gain a world-view, our Middle Years program focuses on raising global citizens who embrace life with integrity, compassion and respect. She will be encouraged to make a meaningful contribution to her community and develop a sense of responsibility and care for the environment. Through our highly-immersive Middle Years program, your daughter will connect today’s learning with her future, developing the confidence and courage needed to reach her full potential.

Download the 2022 Years 7 to 9 Curriculum Guide

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The MFit® program at Glennie encourages our Middle Years girls to reach their full potential through the development of a positive sense of self and providing the skills for forming healthy relationships with themselves and others.

Your daughter will participate in regular MFit® lessons, which will provide her with a space to connect, share and learn with their peers and Tutor teacher. The program aims to grow her resilience, shape character and establish healthy and helpful habits for a rewarding Middle Years experience and to prepare students for the rigours of the Senior Years and life beyond the classroom.

The MFit® Program strengthens each girl’s mind by developing their ability to:

  • Manage the everyday challenges of life.
  • Create a strong sense of self.
  • Cultivate a growth mindset.
  • Effectively communicate with others.
  • Navigate various social media platforms.
  • Develop and maintain healthy relationships.
  • Build resilience to be able to handle failure and rejection.
  • Incorporate mindfulness practices into their daily lives.
  • Seek help for themselves and others.

Extra-Curricular Program

Our innovative extra-curricular program is designed to enhance the learning opportunities available at Glennie and inspire each girl to discover and develop her unique cultural, academic or sporting talents.

We offer a broad range of activities across sport, arts, debating, chess, and academic competitions. 

Middle Years girls participate in Chapel, regular School assemblies, social justice programs, and study skills sessions. Our Learning Hub provides a space for girls to challenge each other and work collaboratively on learning tasks.

All Middle Years girls participate in our hands-on Be Real, Get Set program, providing the opportunity to learn and practice essential skills to assist in managing their life, learning and work.

Strong bonds are built with senior girls through House time and The Interyear Program, where Year 7 girls meet with Year 11 girls regularly throughout the year. 

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French Immersion

The Glennie School’s French Immersion program offers your daughter an innovative and challenging learning experience in Years 7 to 9. 

Throughout the three year period, girls study a range of core subjects - maths, science, social science (history and geography), and French - entirely in French, with three native-speaking qualified teachers.  French Immersion subjects adhere to the Australian Curriculum so the transition into Year 10 occurs without difficulty.

Prior study of the language in Junior Years is not essential and as half of the Year 7 curriculum is taught in French, girls quickly become proficient by systematically building their communication skills.

The French Immersion program culminates with the opportunity to take part in an exciting four-week study tour to France.  Students have the chance to explore landmarks, sites and monuments related to their social science studies.  They will also spend two weeks with French families and attend classes at Glennie’s sister school, Saint Paul-Bourdon Blanc, in Orléans. 

Neuro-science studies consistently demonstrate the benefits for brain development involved with learning a foreign language.  Increasing numbers of schools around Australia and the world now offer immersion or bilingual programs.


Learning through immersion provides maximum exposure to the language as well as developing the building blocks for a successful career beyond school, including:

  • Adaptability.
  • Thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Organisation, self-discipline and concentration.
  • Good work habits, perseverance and resilience.
  • Confidence and self-esteem.
  • Team work.
  • An increased understanding of how language works, including an improved understanding of the English language.

Glennie is a member of the Australian Association of French English Bilingual Schools.  The Association aims to promote French-English bilingual education in Australia and to share knowledge, experience and expertise in bilingual education with the support of the Embassy of France in Australia. Member schools educate bilingual, bicultural students whose academic excellence prepares them for entrance to the finest universities. 

Our informative French Immersion Program fact sheet provides further details about the program.  

Take a look at our short video to see how your daughter will benefit from our French Immersion program.

Life, the Universe and Everything

A course developed specifically for our Year 9 girls, Life, the Universe and Everything provides a dynamic learning environment which encourages collaboration and lays the foundations for thinking about the future and the changes that are reshaping our world.

The course adopts a transdisciplinary approach to studying the cosmos, earth, life, and humanity, exploring human existence in the context of this bigger picture. With a focus on developing deep critical thinking skills through inquiry-based learning, students are encouraged to work collaboratively, ask driving questions, develop research skills, test claims, and present solutions to real and relevant problems.

Virtual Tour

If you can't make it to Glennie for a personal tour, take a look at our Middle and Senior Years campus virtual tour.  (For the best viewing experience, we recommend taking our virtual tour on a desktop computer.)

You can also explore our interactive campus map.  

Find out how our Senior Years program offers an extensive choice of learning pathways.