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Since launching the Make a Poppy for Glennie project in October 2017 crafty folks in the Glennie community have been knitting, crocheting and sewing to create a beautiful range of poppies and we already have well over 1,000 completed but we need plenty more, the more the better. 

Thank you to the people who have helped to make a great start.

Here are our most recent additions.


Thank you to Mary Meehan, Ellie and her Nannie, Kate and Liz, Reagan and Josie Wood with help from Chrissy Duff and their Nanny.


Isabel Brown dropped off more poppies made by her Gran at Junior Years Grandparents Day


 Mrs Gordon delivered poppies made by Mrs Kocsis from a kit she collected at the Glennie Fair.


Mrs Sue Crocombe - former Glennie teacher librarian

Isabel Brown (Year 4) and her grandmother

Mrs Linda Lester and Mrs Fyona Ballard (grandmother of Isabella Apalais)

Mrs Noeleen Fleming - Glennie Archivist
Miss Bree Coleman - 2017 GOG and Glennie Alumni Officer
Miss Emma Human - 2017 GOG
Mrs Gayle Ash and Mrs Val Lovell - Glennie boarding staff

Mrs Tracey Patrick - former Glennie Academic Admin Officer
Mrs Tracey Kessels - Glennie Development Officer - Marketing
Mrs Tina Tilden - Glennie Development Officer - Communications
Mrs Karen Morris - Glennie Registrar
Mrs Sabine Eadie - Glennie HR Manager
Glennie Middle and Senior Years visual arts students
Mrs Ros Meyer
Rosabella Threads