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Periodic Table of Elements

Just like Glennie girls, each element is unique. Which one will you choose?

Click on an element below to take the first step in transforming a Glennie girl’s life. By purchasing an element, your generosity will forever be remembered on our Periodic Table of Elements Honour Board which is displayed in the new Sue Edwards Science Centre.

Elements start at $2,000 and there is a payment option to suit all budgets. For more information about the Transforming Lives Campaign, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact the Glennie School Foundation Limited.

To watch how our new building grew, click here.

Transforming Lives
The Glennie Science Centre

H Sold
He Sold
Li Sold
Be Sold
B Sold
C Sold
N Sold
O Sold
F Sold
Ne Sold
Na Sold
Mg Sold
Al Sold
Si Sold
P Sold
S Sold
Cl Sold
Ar Sold
K Sold
Ca Sold
Sc Sold
Ti Sold
V Sold
Cr Sold
Mn Sold
Fe Sold
Co Sold
Ni Sold
Cu Sold
Zn Sold
Ga Sold
Ge Sold
As Sold
Se Sold
Br Sold
Kr Sold
Rb Sold
Sr Sold
Y Sold
Zr Sold
Nb Sold
Mo Sold
Ru Sold
Rh Sold
Pd Sold
Ag Sold
Cd Sold
In Sold
Sn Sold
Sb Sold
Te Sold
I Sold
Xe Sold
Cs Sold
Ba Sold
Lanthanide Series Hf
Ta Sold
W Sold
Re Sold
Os Sold
Ir Sold
Pt Sold
Au Sold
Hg Sold
Pb Sold
Bi Sold
Po Sold
At Sold
Rn Sold
Fr Sold
Ra Sold
Actinide Series
Rf Sold
Sg Sold
Hs Sold
Mt Sold
Rg Sold
Cn Sold
Uut Fl Uup
Lv Sold
Uus Sold
La Sold
Ce Sold
Pr Sold
Pm Sold
Sm Sold
Eu Sold
Gd Sold
Dy Sold
Ho Sold
Er Sold
Tm Yb Lu    
Ac Sold
Th Sold
Pa Sold
U Sold
Pu Sold
Am Sold
Cm Sold
Bk Sold
Es Sold
Fm Md No
Lr Sold


Actinide Alkali Metal Alkaline Earth Basic Metal Halogen Lanthanide Noble Gas Non-metal Semi-metal Transition Metal