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Years K-12 Enrolment Form

Use the form below to complete an online enrolment. If you would prefer to use a printed form, click here.


This name should match your child's birth certificate
This name will appear on name badge, reports, etc
Please format as DD/MM/YY
If attended school, which school is your daughter currently enrolled at?
Does your child have any siblings who have / are attending Glennie
Not applicable for Kindergarten applications
If this section is not completed, the School will assume your child does not have any particular special needs. Non-disclosure may lead to cancellation of this enrolment.
Enter any additional information you would like us to know here.
If different from Postal Address
Please enter Suburb if applicable
Are there any Court Orders, Parenting Plans or Specific Issues Orders affecting your child?
Attach a PDF or JPEG scan here. 5MB Limit.
Attach a PDF or JPEG scan here
Attach a PDF scan of Year 3, 5 and 7 NAPLAN results, as applicable
Attach a PDF or JPEG scan here. For International students only.
Please indicate how you intend to make payment of the Application fee
This section indicates your agreement to the Terms and Conditions of enrolment at The Glennie School, as outlined in the Application Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

Upon submission of this Application for Enrolment, the individuals named on the submitted document declare and agree to the following.

  • to the School collecting the information contained in this form, as well the School’s use and disclosure of this information for the purpose of the School’s consideration and determination of this application.

Note: if not all the information requested on this form is provided, the School may not be able to process the application

  • to the School retaining any information from this application for such period of time as the School may consider reasonable.
  • acknowledge that our application is made subject to and on the basis of the Enrolment Process (advised separately).
  • understand that this application is an application for enrolment and does not constitute to any form of guarantee by the School that your daughter will be enrolled as a Glennie girl in any year.
  • payment has been made to the School of the non-refundable Application Fee (A$50, one or more children, enrolled on a single occasion)