Middle and Senior Years Easter Services

29 March 2017

The Glennie Easter Services for girls in Middle and Senior Years will now take place on Wednesday, 19 April at St Luke’s Church. Formal uniform must be worn.

Please check the online calendar for details.

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Middle and Senior Years Staffing Changes

24 March 2017

As we move towards the end of Term 1, it is important to identify the teachers taking up Middle and Senior Years leadership positions as a result of staff taking long service leave. Please be aware of the following appointments.

Acting positions for Term 2:

  • Deputy Head of Senior Years – Ms Alison Bedford
  • Head of Arts – Mr Jason Wisley

Acting Positions for Terms 2 & 3:

  • Head of Department – Senior Years Science – Miss Amy Theobald
  • Head of Department – Middle Years Science – Mrs Jennifer McPhie

Acting Position for Term 3

  • Head of Webber House – Mrs Kaye Broadfoot

Acting Position for Term 4:

  • Head of Department – Middle Years Social Sciences – Miss Leanne Mitchell 

Acting position for the remainder of 2017 (Terms 2 – 4):

  • Head of Department – Health and Physical Education – Mrs Susan Watts

Thank you, in advance, for your support of these staff in the months ahead.

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Job Opportunities for girls aged 16 and over

17 March 2017

We currently have two traineeships available for our senior girls. Both would be a fabulous opportunity to learn new skills, develop real work experience and of course complete a Certificate III qualification which will award 8 QCE points and a selection rank on completion. Girls, I look forward to receiving your applications.  

Graphic design / marketing / digital media  

If you have lots of creative flair and are interested in producing marketing material to help promote Glennie, then we have a job for you!

  • Working within the School's Marketing Department, you will learn about the design process from concept to finished product and all the bits in between. 
  • You will need to be motivated and prepared to work on projects from start to finish with our guidance and your effort.
  • The work is varied, fun and creative but it is important that you must be prepared to work within the School's guidelines surrounding the Glennie brand.
  • This opportunity is a real-life situation, with real clients, real deadlines and real expectations. Forget that you are at Glennie and work like you are in a design studio.
  • At the end, you should have a portfolio of work that could increase your chance of gaining employment in the design or media industry.

If successful you will undertake a Certificate III in Screen and Media, and work for The Glennie School. Please send your resume to me (paulb@glennie.qld.edu.au), and in your email outline why you are the best person for this job.

Cert III in Business in the Careers and VET department

Ms Currie and myself have decided to put on a school-based trainee to help us both out with our ever-increasing responsibilities in the Careers and VET department. Now normally, we would both say that we are happy to give advice or feedback on your application letters and resume, but this time, we obviously can't do that. So, we will detail exactly what we are looking for here.

  • We want you to send us BOTH an email detailing why you are the perfect person for this position.
  • Your attached resume needs to be current, presented fabulously and grab our attention within 5 seconds of opening.
  • This job will require you to work one day each school week, and potentially some other days as well to ensure you meet the minimum days required of your traineeship (375 hours per year). We are flexible on days but ideally a Tuesday or Wednesday each week. Or alternative days each week 1 and 2. We may even give you work hours to complete some jobs externally to our office. 
  • You will complete a Certificate III in Business, and you will be given SOME training time during your work day to complete this, otherwise you will need to do your training work in your own time. 
  • Qualities we are looking for are:
    *Professional and confidential.
    *Organised and good time management skills
    *Clever IT skills - we may need you to train us in some IT matters, and we are keen for you to develop some new IT procedures to help us make our jobs easier.
    *Friendly and positive

If you think you are the right person for this role, then we are very keen to hear from you soon. We will hold interviews before the end of term, with a plan to start someone in Term 2. Please keep in mind that while we would like to give every interested person a job, we only have one position. We will choose that person based on how well each applicant attends to the criteria of this role.

Parents - if you would like further information on either of these roles or about traineeships generally, please contact me on paulb@glennie.qld.edu.au or 07 4688 8793. Thank you.

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All Rounder Award

10 March 2017

All Rounder awards are awarded at Speech Day each year. I have been asked by some girls what the criterion is for this award. To ensure that this is transparent for the girls, the following information has been added to the Student Handbook, in the Academic Awards - Middle Years Criteria and Senior Years Criteria. I hope this clarifies eligibility for the girls.

For the Middle Years: An all rounder award is presented to one girl in each of the Year 7, 8 and 9 cohorts. To be considered, girls must achieve a B or higher grade in most subjects, participate in two Glennie sports and two Glennie cultural activities and demonstrate good citizenship.

For the Senior Years: An all rounder award is presented to one girl in each of the Year 10, 11 and 12 cohorts. To be considered, Year 10 and 11 girls must achieve a B or higher grade in most subjects, participate in two Glennie sports and two Glennie cultural activities and demonstrate good citizenship. Girls in Year 12 must achieve an HA or higher in all subjects, participate in two Glennie sports and two Glennie cultural activities and demonstrate good citizenship.

Mrs Jo Matherson
Head of Middle Years

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Middle and Senior Years Cross Country

10 March 2017

Next Thursday on 16 March we will run our annual Interhouse Cross Country Carnival at Kearneys Spring. The first race is at 9:30 am with the day finishing at around 2:00 pm.

Middle and Senior Years girls are reminded that our Glennie Sports Supporters will be running a sausage sizzle at $2.00 a sausage, as well as Snow Cones at $2.50. No drinks will be for sale, so please ensure that your girls bring a water bottle with them.

For information about the cross country check the online calendar.

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International Women's Day

3 March 2017

Next Wednesday, 8 March, is International Women's Day. This year, the theme for International Women’s Day is BE BOLD FOR CHANGE!

The day reflects on how far women have come in the past 150 years but also looks to the future. It seeks to empower women to do more for equality and opportunities. Remember, women CAN DO ANYTHING!

Mrs Cohen, the Student Welfare Committee, and the Performing Arts Centre are hosting a picnic for Middle and Senior Years girls under the trees at the PAC on Wednesday. Speakers will include Mrs Cohen and a student. Our performing artists will provide the entertainment. It will be a wonderful celebration of being a young woman in the 21st Century.

Girls are asked to bring a blanket and their lunch and join in the fun.

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Early Starts

10 February 2017

We understand that at times, girls in the Middle and Senior Years will arrive prior to 8:00am. Girls are encouraged to use the new Flexible Learning space, located on the western end of the Dining Room, if they arrive early. Girls must use the Northern door (closest to Hospitality) to enter this space as boarders will be finishing breakfast.

This is a comfortable space, with good wifi access and is supervised by boarding staff.

A reminder that The School library is open from 8:00am if your daughter wishes to use this facility.

Mrs Jo Matherson
Head of Middle Years

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Creative Dragons

10 February 2017

Fuel your daughter’s imagination while improving her writing skills with Creative Dragons after school creative writing classes at Toowoomba and Highfields in 2017.

Classes will be held at the Highfields State School library on Tuesday afternoons and at the Toowoomba City Library building (Level 3) on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

The Master Dragons class (Years 7-11) at 4:30pm helps high school students study the craft of writing at an advanced level while also setting and achieving tangible goals to transform their imaginative drafts into professional manuscripts.

Classes are run by published author and Queensland Writers Centre presenter Cherie Curtis (aka Cheryse Durrant).

Classes have started, but it is not too late to register email Mrs Curtis via bookings@creativedragons.com.au, telephone 4696 7355 or go to www.creativedragons.com.au

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3 February 2017

Year 7 parents: Consent forms for immunisation have been sent home with your daughter. Please complete and return to Glennie as soon as possible. Direct any queries to the Health Centre health@glennie.qld.edu.au Ph 07 4688 8809.

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School-based traineeships

3 February 2017

With the beginning of the new year, I am being sent lots of vacancies for school-based traineeships from many different businesses and I am sending these on to Year 10, 11 and 12 students. Girls interested in obtaining a traineeship are asked to check their emails regularly.

For girls in Year 10 and 11, now is a great time to start undertaking a traineeship as they could possibly finish before they start their final year of school. For girls in Year 12, it may be a bit late to start a traineeship now, but it still possible if they are really keen.

Having completed a Certificate III through a traineeship will give girls a ranking that may help them get into university, as well as provide them with 8 QCE points. This is a great backup plan for girls who aren't sure that their OP will be high enough to get them into university. It is also a great thing to have on their resumé. Traineeships provide girls with important skills and experience, and prepares them for the world of work.

Employ your own daughter!

Parents who own their business should consider employing their daughter as a school-based trainee. There are Government incentives and funding for training available that make this a great opportunity for parents and their daughters.

Girls should come and see me, or email me for any further information.

Mrs Belinda Paul
VET Co-ordinator

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Year 12 Leadership Training and Planning Day

27 January 2017

  • Date - Sunday, 5 February
  • Time - 2:00pm to 5:00pm
  • Venue - AD15

All Year 12s are required to attend this important afternoon where Mr Bernie Kelly will lead and inspire the girls to work together in their Senior Committees to ensure they meet their objectives for 2017.

Please contact your daughter's Head of House if you have any questions.

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Carol Service

18 November 2016

You, your families and friends, are most welcome to join us at The Empire Theatre for the annual Middle and Senior Years’ Carol Service on Wednesday 23 November at 7:00pm.

As always, the Glennie choirs will be participating, and the String Ensemble will accompany the Carol singing.

No booking or ticket is needed, but there will be a retiring collection for Anglicare's Symes Thorpe Aged Care Home.

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Careers office always open

11 November 2016

The year is almost over and the Year 12 girls will soon be getting their final results. While this time is important, it is essential that the girls keep things in perspective. They are far more than their OP score and their results do not control their future success or happiness. This term, the girls have had the opportunity to meet with Mrs Paul or myself for an exit interview. We used this time to check in with the girls and to make sure that they have established some realistic pathways towards their future careers.

For those girls who have submitted a QTAC application, we encourage them to keep a close watch on their QTAC application portal and emails. Most courses have the major offer round in January, but girls can receive early offers from November. They must respond to QTAC offers within four days. Many girls have nominated parents as an authorised representative to act on their behalf in case they are away during this time. It might be a good idea to ask your daughter to show you how to login to their QTAC application in this case.

When students receive an offer, they can respond by:

  • accepting the offer;
  • refusing the offer; or
  • conditionally accepting the offer – this means that they accept the offer, but wish to be considered for courses higher in their preferences if a place becomes available.

Some institutions allow students to defer offers, and in most cases students can do this when they respond to their QTAC offer. The institution will then contact them to advise what to do next.

The girls can change their preferences - the first three changes are free. They may consider doing this after they receive their OP, if they are making a conditional acceptance, or when an offer round is over.

Mrs Currie will be available the week following the release of OP results (from Monday 19 December) to assist any girls or parents with preference changes or to discuss different options. You are more than welcome to make a time to come and see her, chat over the phone (07 4688 8852), or send an email (curries@glennie.qld.edu.au).

A message from Mrs Currie: “Belinda and I have enjoyed working with the Year 12 girls this year helping them to explore all of the exciting opportunities that await them. At this time it is important for the girls to know that the door to the Careers and VET room is never closed. As they embark on their next adventures, know that they are always welcome to come in and talk through options and possibilities. We want the girls to remember that there are many ways to reach their goals and we will continue to help them get there.”

Mrs Sharon Currie, Careers Advisor
and Mrs Belinda Paul, VET Co-ordinator

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Year 12 parents

4 November 2016

Year 12 parents with a 2014 Acer Travelmate R14-R5 notebook are asked to check their parent emails for a special offer.

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A(nother) Night at the Theatre

7 October 2016

Parents and students from Years 11 and 12 are warmly invited to join us for La Boite Theatre Company’s stage production of Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire in Brisbane, Friday night 21 October. There is no better time than now to instil the passion of theatre in the minds and hearts of our students. Similar to our last beautiful evening of theatre, we will be dining in ‘Little Paris,’ Park Road, Milton before the performance at the Roundhouse Theatre in Kelvin Grove so please bring enough money to enjoy dinner with great company.

Don’t delay in securing your ticket and bus seat by returning a completed form (accessed via the Glennie Portal calendar – 21 October) to the School reception or email the completed form directly to bennettn@glennie.qld.edu.au.

Tickets for the performance are $35 per person. Please note, there will also be an additional cost of transport that will be divided equally amongst attendees. We have a maximum of 69 tickets available including teachers who will be attending and supervising students.

  • Performance Date: Friday 21 October 2016
  • Depart: Meet at Vacy Street pool carpark at 3:00pm to leave at 3:15pm (sharp)
  • Return:  Vacy Street pool carpark at approximately 11:30pm.
  • Cost: $35.00 + share of coach costs
  • RSVP Date: Wednesday, 12 October 2016

A Streetcar Named Desire is an immortal classic that thrusts us into a sensual world of desperation, violence and desire. Join a stellar cast, including Bridie Carter as Blanche DuBois, in this hothouse melodrama as we are swept into the deep south of Louisiana, all set to a distinctive New Orleans cultural blend of live music onstage.

A striking work that resonates as strongly today as it did in 1947.  Be seduced by Blanche DuBois as she wrestles with the irrepressible Stanley Kowalski in the bitterly funny and devastatingly sad Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece by Tennessee Williams.

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Student Exchange

15 September 2016

Year 9 girls, what are your plans for 2017? Spend semester two on exchange and gain memories and skills for life. World Exchange Program is offering students in Year 9 a $500 discount off their student exchange program fee for programs departing in 2017. Don’t miss out: apply before 30 November 2016.
For more information head to the WEP website

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Shake and Stir

15 September 2016

On Friday 7 October, Year 6, 7 and 8 students will be attending performances presented by the Shake & Stir Theatre company.

Year 6 girls will explore the concept of transitioning from the Junior Years into the Middle Years via the performance of Territorial. In 2015, much conversation was had in response to the show, and girls enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions which had clearly been a concern for them about this topic.  This valuable discussion was the reason we are offering this opportunity to the Year 6 students of 2016.

Year 7 and  8 students will be presented the uniquely re-crafted performance of Romeo and Juliet. All students in these years, undertake a study in Drama. Having access to professional theatre companies, such as this one, is a fantastic avenue to strengthen their own performance skills.  It's also beneficial to develop an appreciation of Shakespeare, which is studied in the English and Drama curriculums within the Middle Years.

An information letter will accompany the calendar item for this event. However, should you have any questions please do not hesitate to access the link to Shake & Stir's website indicated on the letter, or please email broadfootk@glennie.qld.edu.au

Mrs Kaye Broadfoot

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Interim Reports - Middle and Senior Years

15 September 2016

Interim Reports for Middle and Senior Years will be available shortly through SEQTA. Instructions describing how to access these will be emailed to your Glennie email address. If you have trouble accessing this email address or accessing your daughter's report, please contact IT via their email address it@glennie.qld.edu.au or phone (07) 4688 8811.

There are no formal Parent-Teacher interviews at the beginning of Term 4. If you wish to discuss your daughter's progress with any of her teachers, please email them directly.

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Making a Difference

15 September 2016

The Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia is offering a unique Leadership Summit for Year 9 to 11 students.

The Girls for Change Leadership Summit: Making a Difference will be held at St Margaret's Anglican Girls School on 19 and 20 November 2016.

Over the two-day weekend program the Girls for Change Leadership Summit will give young change-makers and entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in their own lives, their school communities and beyond, the confidence, skills and ideas to step up and lead.

Schools and/or parents may register girls for the summit.

There's a special offer for students from Alliance member schools. Please use the code: MAD2016 when registering to receive the member discount.

A program is included, and more information and registration is available on the Alliance website.

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Defensive Driving Course – Willowbank

19 August 2016

Saturday 10th September

Years 11 and 12 students who have the minimum of a learner’s permit have the opportunity to participate in a Defensive Driving Course. The course will be run by Safe Drive Training Australia at Willowbank via Ipswich on Saturday, 10 September.

As many Glennie seniors now have either their learner’s or provisional licence, this is a great opportunity for them to improve their skills on the road. Preference will be given to our current Year 12 students but Year 11 students are strongly encouraged to apply.

All completed applications should be returned to administration at The Glennie School by Monday, 22 August 2016.

The course runs all day at Willowbank with manual and automatic cars supplied for participants. The program’s objectives focus specifically on overconfidence, risk-taking, inexperience and peer influence. Students will receive a certificate of participation for their resume.

The cost of the course will be heavily subsidised by the Parents and Friends Association (often reduced to around half price in past years) but a final cost for each student attending this year will not be known until we receive completed applications and can confirm final numbers.

Applications, including information, have been emailed to parents of Years 11 and 12 students and are also available on the School’s Portal calendar – Saturday 10 September.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Natalie Bennett  on 07 4688 8745 or email bennettn@glennie.qld.edu.au

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Nominate your grandparents today!

5 August 2016

Middle and Senior Years Grandparents’ Day will be held on the last day of Term 3, Thursday 15 September. Girls in Years 7 to 12 who would like their grandparents to attend must nominate them using the Grandparents’ Day Nomination Form by Friday, 5 August.

Girls can nominate up to four grandparents. If they have no grandparents then girls can nominate two special guests (not their parents).

Once nominated, grandparents or special guests will be sent an official invitation by The School.

It is very important that girls complete the Nomination Form, not just ask their grandparents to come along on the day. Grandparents who have not been properly nominated using the Nomination Form miss out in many ways because they:

  • do not receive a formal invitation and program,
  • don’t know when to arrive and either have to wait or they miss the registration process,
  • are not on our guest list and do not have a name badge or meal allocated,
  • are disappointed and confused because we have no record of their intention to attend.

Only one form per family should be completed.

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Body Image

5 August 2016

City Women, a group dedicated to making our city a better place for women and girls is screening a documentary on body image on 5 September. Called Embrace, this documentary presented by Jessica Ryder is hailed as one woman’s journey to inspire everyBODY. Tickets are selling fast and all the information can be found on the event's facebook page 

Glennie is pleased to support such a worthwhile event.

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Year 10 Parents

5 August 2016

Girls in Year 10 start the subject selection process for Year 11 2017 on Wednesday and Thursday next week with subject selection talks from the teachers of Year 11 and 12 subjects.

Parents are asked to keep an eye on their Glennie email for details of how this process will occur. Girls will submit their choices electronically and parents will be asked to submit their approval of the choices their daughters have made.

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Year 9 Subject Selections for Year 10, 2017 - Correction

29 July 2016

Last week's Enews advised parents of girls in Year 9 that the subject selection process would be electronic. Unfortunately, a hiccup in the development of this process meant that we had to resort to paper. At the subject selection talks on Tuesday this week, the girls were given a Subject Book for 2017 and a subject selection form.

We ask that parents discuss subject choices with their daughters and complete, sign and return the form by Thursday 11 August. Our apologies for any confusion this may have caused.

If you have any questions about subject selection, please contact Mr John Farmer, Deputy Head - Senior Years. farmerj@glennie.qld.edu.au

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Information Evenings

29 July 2016

For parents who missed the information evenings conducted this term (QCAA Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance on Monday 11 July, or Year 11 2017 Subject Selection and QCE on Thursday 28 July) all information distributed on those evenings is available on the Careers and VET section of the Portal.

Please click on the 'Important Info' button, scroll down to 'Subject Selection Processes at Glennie'

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