Winding Down

23 March 2016

We have experienced a busy time of late and our boarders are "winding down" after their exams. All the girls are looking forward to the coming  holidays. Last Friday saw our Year 6 and 7 boarders head to Fairholme for an afternoon of games and a picnic dinner with their peers. It was a lovely evening that was enjoyed by all. The junior boarders at Fairholme will join us next term for dinner and line dancing!

Chess and Bella Chicks were also available on Friday evening. The pool was open for boarders on Sunday. Monday night saw our special Easter meal which was prepared by the Glennie Catering Staff and conducted by Miss Kate Powell. This meal is most enjoyable, providing our boarders with a rich experience that few young people would have. Miss Powell always makes her services engaging, relevant and understandable with this meal having spiritual and historical significance. Miss Powell also held a lively quiz on Sunday and kindly gave each boarder an Easter egg on Monday.

Tuesday night is the night before most boarders depart so we now have a fun night each term with a pyjama dinner and bingo. This particular evening is also Birthday Tuesday for March, so is a big night. The bingo prizes are always small chocolates and each boarder also receives a small treat. The girls return to their houses after dinner for packing and cleaning and we look forward to their return in Term 2.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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