The 26 Storey Tree House

24 July 2015

On Monday, the Year 3 girls travelled to the Empire Theatre to watch the production of The 26 Storey Treehouse. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the theatre as well as the opportunity to have a ride in a bus. Two of our girls shared their thoughts about the play.

It was great fun. Lights, camera, action! There are so many things to tell. I loved the characters Andy, Terry and Jill. There were funny parts like when Terry had dirty underwear and some sad bits like when Jill’s parents got eaten. But mostly it was funny. I would like to go again. Hayley Catlow

At the beginning, it was really funny because Terry’s underpants were dirty. Towards the middle of the play he got changed into shorts and then they told a story about Terry’s life. His parents were very over-protective and they put him in inflatable underpants. Then they told Jill’s story. Her parents were rich and they got her what she wanted most in the world - a pet. Andy didn’t have a story. I really liked it.  It was funny and interesting in one way or another. Isabella Poole

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