Thank You

18 March 2016

Thank you to everyone for make the Glennie Fair such a sensational day!

There are lots of people to thank for enabling the day to happen but without everyone coming and enjoying the fun, food and frivolity there is not much point. So thank you everyone for coming and enjoying the day!

However the day would not be possible without the contributions of a number of groups and individuals that are acknowledged separately below.


Thank you to all our sponsors, especially our major sponsors!

  • E-Computing
  • Best Wilson Buckley
  • Black Truck Sales
  • Burling Brown
  • Deli Delicious
  • Downs Rural Medical
  • Fitzy's on Church
  • Heritage Bank
  • Kehoe Myers
  • Local Government Super
  • Precinct Planning
  • RMA
  • Smoke n Mirrors
  • Weareco         

A full list of all our sponsors is on the Glennie Fair Facebook site which can be accessed by following this link.

A special thanks also to Lyndal Brown for co-ordinating the majority of the sponsorship for the fair.

Supporter Groups Stalls

Thank you to all of the Supporter Groups Stall Managers, and to all of the volunteers who supported them before the day and on the day.

A special thanks to Tracy Keighran (French Immersion Crepe Stall), Sybil Beeson (PASA BBQ), Sharon Willmington  (Equestrian Pony Gymkhana) and Troy Jensen (Sports Supporters Sno Cones).

Stall Managers and Volunteers

Thank you to all Stall Managers and Year Level Co-ordinators for harnessing the efforts of your year levels, and to all of the volunteers who supported them before the day and on the day.

  • Noah's Farm  (Mrs Lachalle Jones and Mrs Amanda Beard); 
  • Mystery Bottles  (Mrs Alicia Middleton, Mrs Hanna Rose, Mrs Tanya Archinal);
  • Photobooth  (Mrs Angelique Pienaar, Mrs Amanda Manthey, Mrs Melissa Oo, Mrs Shadi Faramand); 
  • Coin Toss  (Mrs Pru Rattray, Mrs Sue Hill, Mrs Jess Garratt);
  • Crazy Hair  (Mrs Renae Mc Namara, Mrs Vicki Lourigan, Mrs Tracey Coetzee);
  • Fairy Floss & Donuts  (Mrs Lynette Poole and Mrs Penelope Lilford); 
  • Lucky Dip and Sample Bags  (Mrs Lyndal Brown and Mrs Shelley Wardle);
  • Fishing Stall  (Mrs Regina Baker, Mrs Linda Lester, Mrs Niccii Anderson);
  • Cakes  (Mrs Carissa Jaworski); 
  • Greenfingers  (Mrs Julia Greive); 
  • Chips  (Mr Paul Albion – Past Parent); 
  • Cup Cakes  (Mrs Christina Lipp and Mrs Tracy Nicholson); 
  • Fudge Stall  (Mrs Claire Huddleston); 
  • Tea Hut  (Mrs Sarah Parkinson); 
  • Produce Stall  (Mr Mitch and Mrs Nick Ruhe-Bennett); 
  • Drinks  (Mrs Mandy Stonestreet); 
  • Multidraw Raffle  (Mrs Erica Buchanan); 
  • Boarder Boxes  (Mrs Sarah Parry-Okeden);
  • Wine & Cheese  (Mr Phil Stonestreet and Mrs Sally Sainsbury);

A special thanks also to Mrs Mandy Stonestreet who co-ordinated many things, one of which was the Year Level stalls.

Senior School Committees

Thank you to the Senior School Committees and supporting staff for co-ordinating the various stall and activities.

  • Pig Races – Interact (Mrs Kristie Skett)
  • Fashion Parade – Student Welfare Committee (SWC) (Mr Leigh Duffin and Mrs Kaye Broadfoot)
  • Academic Stall – Academic Committee (Mr John Farmer)
  • Morning Tea – The Interyear Program (TIP) (Mr Russell Baldock)
  • Dunking Machine – Sports Committees (Heads of House – Mrs Susan Rollason, Mrs Cathy Waters, Ms Sue Reynolds, Miss Peta Vincent)
  • Helping on all Stalls - Senior School Girls (Head of House - Mrs Susan Rollason, Mrs Cathy Waters, Ms Sue Reynolds, Miss Peta Vincent and Mrs Jillian Johns)
  • Japanese Kyoto girls stall - Mrs Jenny Black
  • Aquathon – Mr Greg Convery and the sports committee volunteers 
  • A special thanks also to Mrs Sharon Willmington who coordinated many things, one of which was the School Committee Liaison.


Thank you to all of the students (and their families) who performed on the various stages throughout the day, including Glennie Gymnastics; students in ensembles who played/danced/acted; JE Dancehouse – Jameille Haworth and dancers; Dance Central – Alison Vallette and dancers and Olympus Cheer.

Thank you to Mrs Sharon Gilbert, Mr Jacob Finlay and Mr Jason Wisley for co-ordinating ensembles and helping set up/pack up;  Mr Chris Tattersall for setting up and running the sound desk all day;  Miss Andreas Elms for organising the drama performances;   Mrs Janene Mills for organising the junior ballet;   Mrs Christine Kleidon, Mrs Vicki Bravery, Mrs Wendy Evans, Mrs Elizabeth Gordon – conducting and accompanying;  Vince from Vetone helping with some sound issues and Mr Russell Pugh for helping with power issues.

A special thank you also goes to Mrs Tamara Hall, Mrs Linda Lester and Mrs Amanda Dalton for coordinating the entertainment and ensuring it progressed throughout the day.

School Staff (Teaching and Non-teaching)

So much happens behind the scenes both before and on the day so thank you must go to a huge number of staff for their assistance and support:

  • Advertising and Advertising Material – Special thank you to Mrs Tina Tilden and Mrs Tracey Kessels for their patience and support
  • Handing out armbands - Heads of House - Mrs Susan Rollason, Mrs Cathy Waters, Ms Sue Reynolds, Miss Peta Vincent, Mrs Karen Taylor, Mr Cam Broom, Mrs Fiona Stone, Mr Darryl Griffiths, Mrs Jaye Griffiths, Mrs Jeanet Dawson
  • Kitchen Support (feeding volunteers, access to kitchen for preparation, cooking potatoes, access to kitchen and kitchen equipment) – Mr Daniel Scott and all the Kitchen Staff
  • Maintenance Staff:  Mr Russell Pugh and Mr Steve Pugh
  • Handling and forwarding enquiries regarding the fair – Mrs Margaret Hawkins and Mrs Lisa Chan  in the front office
  • Help on the day doing a variety of things – Revd Kate Powell (Master of Ceremonies), Mrs Annie Muller (Glennie Information), Mr Greg Convery and Sports Staff (The Glennie Gift), Mr Henry Campey, Mr John Devine (Tasks various)
  • Cash Management (Mr Jason Hockaday)
  • Linen at the end of the fair (Laundry Staff)               
  • GOSS Staff

Thank to Mrs Tracy Keighran (GOSS Manager) and the GOSS staff for all of their support in the lead up to the fair, selling arm bands, collecting donations, printing and everything else they did to support the fair. Special thanks also to Mrs Tracy Keighran who co-ordinated many things, one of which was co-ordinating the purchasing of the bits and pieces for all of the stalls and everything else we needed on the day.

Cash and Funds Management

A special thank you to all the volunteers who supported this during the day (Mr Jason Hockaday, Mrs Joy Taylor, Mrs Karen Reeves and Ms Non Andrews).

A special thanks to Mrs Karen Reeves for all of the pre-fair cash and funds management and all of the funds management activities that are still underway.


Thank you all of you who took signs and placed signs.  A special thanks (again) to Mrs Tina Tilden and Mrs Tracey Kessels who supported us in all things advertising and printed, and special thanks to Mrs Erica Buchanan who co-ordinated many things, one of which was advertising and signage.  IF YOU HAVE A SIGN WOULD YOU PLEASE RETURN IT TO THE GOSS AT YOUR EARLIEST CONVENIENCE.  Thank you again!

Setup and Clean-up

Thank you to all of the volunteers to came to set up and stayed to clean up. All the planning in the world will not put up and pull down the tents, so THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


Thank you to all the aquathon competitors (and their families) who competed in the Aquathon. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all of the volunteers who helped coordinate the event, especially Mr Shane Nicholson; Mrs Gen Schoorl; Mr Mark Ryan, Dr Sian Ford and Mr Nick Chicalas.

Market Stalls

A very big thanks goes Mrs Sharon Willmington who co-ordinated many things, one of which was the market stalls.

GOGA and Foundation

Thank you to GOGA and The Foundation for supporting the Fair.

Special Thanks

There are a couple of very special thanks. One goes to Mr Paul Albion who co-ordinated the Chip Van and provided training for next year’s coordinator.  Paul’s daughter finished at the school last year and we are extremely appreciative of his time this year.

Another special thanks goes to Ms Robyn Ayles for all the assistance she provided last year and this year to make sure initial bookings were made, orders placed and ‘TO DO’ lists produced to make sure we didn’t miss anything.   Thank you Robyn!

2016 Fair Committee

Thank you to all of the fair committee (Mrs Linda Lester, Mrs Erica Buchanan, Mrs Lyndal Brown, Mrs Tamara Hall, Mrs Mandy Stonestreet, Mrs Sharon Willmington, Mrs Sarah Parkinson, Mrs Karen Reeves, Mrs Tracy Keighran, Mr Phil Stonestreet, Mrs Amanda Dalton, Mrs Sally Sainsbury)  for all of your efforts. Cheers all round!

2017 Fair Committee Planning

Planning will commence in September so think about how you can help out.   We have lots of documented records to assist, so don’t be shy.

I am sure there are people I have forgotten and I apologise in advance.  A great day and we look forward to 12 March 2017!


Mr Jason Lipp
P and F President

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