A Message from the Head of Middle Years

11 March 2016

It has been a fabulous few weeks in the Middle Years. Years 7, 8 and 9 have returned from a week at camp and are now focussed on their Term 1 assessments. Camps do not only provide an opportunity for the girls to get to know each other in a different context but provide very specific challenges for them and they must rise to these in an unfamiliar environment. Whether academic, social, or physical, not everyone succeeds initially. Staff do not step in and solve a situation for them but guide the girls to devise a solution for themselves and work through the emotion that is attached. As parents, it is very important to avoid the temptation to rescue your daughter but support her to think her way through the problem. As part of the Mind Fit program, the girls themselves are learning about strategies in order to pause, take a breath and calmly try a new approach.

Success is not always measured by the final outcome but by the things learned along the way.

Mrs Jo Matherson
Head of Middle Years

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