Research Results

24 July 2015

Over the next five weeks, I will be reporting to the Glennie community in eNews+ about a landmark research project completed by the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra on the link between junior success and transitioning to senior success in sport. This study was the first of its kind conducted in Australia and internationally. The research has interesting implications for Glennie assisting girls in their sporting journey. The research project is titled; Improving the identification and development of Australia’s sporting talent. Led by Dr Juantia Weissensteiner from the AIS, the project focused upon junior boys and girls involved with tennis, cricket and kayaking (and just boys in AFL) progressing into senior sport. It took three years to complete.

Starting next week’s eNews+ and for the following four weeks, the topics will be:

  • Father’s influence and teenage sport.
  • Importance of self-regulation.
  • Developing sport psychology skills in junior years sport.
  • Rural versus city-based athletes and transition.
  • Identifying talent and the concept of recycling.

The reports will be brief and to the point and hopefully provoke some thinking in the Glennie community regarding our sports program.

Mr Greg Convery
Head of Department, Sports


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