Robogals girls place First and Third in Robocup Junior Dance Competition

24 July 2015

Regional Robocup was held this Tuesday at USQ’s Clive Berghofer Arena. Eighteen Year 6 Engineers participated in five teams contesting the Junior Dance category. Teams had to program their robot to dance to music for between 1 and 2 minutes. Girls worked for several weeks to build and program their robots to complete the task.

Our teams gained first and third place although, all five teams performed outstandingly well in what was a very hotly contested category. The results were even more impressive when you consider that this was the very first time the Glennie Junior Years has participated in Robocup.

Girls made the following comments at the conclusion of the competition:

We had a lot of fun performing to the judges, all the girls tried their very hardest;

We couldn’t always rely on the technology or the conditions, so we had to solve problems on the run;

We learnt a lot about our robot and ourselves, it was an incredible experience and very educational;

We had been programing for months and it was fantastic meeting new people and showing what we could do.  

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