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19 February 2016

Week Three saw our Year 12 Boarding Committee head to St Ursula's College on

Monday for a Boarder Leaders' Meeting. This committee is headed by Boarder Captain Jennifer Stewart, Vice-Captain Georgia Kennedy and Dining Room Captain Aimee Sullivan. They perform a great deal of work on behalf of our boarders. The organisation of special events is an important part of their brief, as is boarder welfare. We meet weekly at breakfast on Tuesday mornings.

The Boarding Committee is frequently involved in organising themed dinners. They are great favourites with boarders, plus an important part of fundraising for the wider school community. Functions such as Valentine's day, the alphabet dinner, pyjama/bingo night and the Indigenous dinner are all events which require considerable organisation. As well as decorating, as there is the running of the function, microphone and prizes.The recent Valentine's Day dinner on raised $200 for the Bush Ministry Fund through a gold coin donation. Boarders are encouraged, but not forced to contribute.

The dining room is always a sea of pink and red at this annual event and the Boarding Committee chose lasagna with various delicious salads and heart-shaped icecreams. Each boarder also received a small heart-shaped chocolate from the Committee at the end of the meal. Glennie Boarder Parent Helen Wilson kindly donated  beautiful flowers for the dining room.

Valentine's Day dinner is not focused on romantic love, but rather an emphasis on care, kindness and compassion for family, friends and others.

In addition to the recent Valentine's dinner, the Committee is planning to host the next Toowoomba boarder get-together at the commencement of Term 2. They are also planning to fundraise for the March walk for Motor Neurone disease

The Boarding Committee holds regular meetings with representatives from each year level and they also run Birthday Tuesday and other special activities. The Glennie Boarding Committee distributes and collates food surveys in conjunction with the Catering Staff and Head of Boarding. This is a highly constructive group who work to continually improve the boarding experience, in addition to encouraging boarders' involvement in the wider community.

Leadership is not limited to the Committee. All Year 12 boarders take on leadership roles by being table parents in the Dining Hall. The role of a table parent is a pastoral one. The Senior girls assist the younger ones, listening and caring and alerting the staff if they have concerns. On Mondays and Thursdays each week, these senior girls care for a designated group of boarders. They are much loved role models and mentors to these younger girls. Family tables are ongoing from year to year so the connections are strong.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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