This Week in Boarding

5 February 2016

Whilst this column usually list activities for the week (in addition to regular letters to boarder parents outlining boarding events), I felt that it may be of general interest for me to explain how boarding supports academic and co-curricular pursuits.

Boarding should never be considered a holding bay between bouts of schooling. Glennie boarding staff are expected to promote good study habits and educate their charges for life. Boarders often cope well when they go to tertiary institutions or work away from home because they have experienced independence, albeit carefully monitored. The Year 12 boarders are given a range of sensible and age appropriate freedoms to allow for a transition period. They also learn that being trustworthy is in their best interests, and we are very similar to home in many respects.

Time spent in boarding takes up the majority of a boarder's week so we remain dedicated to support the girls’ co-curricular sport and arts commitments. This is effectively managed through negotiating with the various departments. It can involve opening the houses at 6:15am, or earlier, for girls who wish to attend supervised early training.  Escorts may even be necessary.

The Catering staff often prepare over thirty late meals to feed boarders who have out of school hours’ commitments. Boarders who require a late meal complete a form before breakfast and this is taken to the kitchen. Packed lunches are made available for excursions, external courses and traineeships.

It is our role to support individual pursuits; for example, some older girls have work outside of school. We ensure that they travel safely and have a meal waiting on their return. Obviously parental approval is a necessity for outside work. Boarding manages and encourages traineeships.

As well as regulated prep sessions, there are also tutors in boarding who can support the girls. A variety of people help with homework. Some of this is informal and others have advertised set times. Glennie teacher, Mr Ian Bywater, assists with Maths and sciences out of my office on a Tuesday evening. Tufnell Head of House, Miss Peta Vincent also assists. We have three new resident tutors who specialise in Sciences and Maths plus other staff who look after the Humanities areas. We are currently setting up our boarding tutoring for 2016 and will advertise this to boarder parents next week.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

Photos: This week the girls celebrated February birthdays with cake and a card made by Mrs Lovell. The Seniors helped the younger girls make the decorations for the Valentine’s Day dinner next week.

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