Year Level Parent Information Evening

5 February 2016

75 parents attended the two Years 7 to 12 Parent Information Sessions on Thursday, 28 January. Staff presenters spoke to topics such as key calendar events for the respective year levels, navigating the portal calendar, staff contact points, managing absentees, locker rooms, IT equipment, and Parent Teacher Interviews. Heads of Department and Curriculum Co-ordinators circulated through the classrooms during the course of the evening in order to introduce themselves to parents and outline any changes to the curriculum program for 2016. Although the sessions were not able to be held in the new Science Centre, lights were left on during the course of the evening to allow parents to view the new facility.

If you were unable to attend the evening but would like to access the presentation slides, you may do so via the Glennie calendar. All PowerPoint presentations have been attached to the Years 7 - 12 Parent Information Evening Session calendar item, located on Thursday 28 January.

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