This Week in Boarding

20 November 2015

On Monday, the boarders enjoyed an evening where the Year 11 boarders farewelled their Year 12 peers with special gifts and a  performance. This is an annual event and one that is looked forward to by all. The evening was a combination of nostalgia and humour; 2016 Boarder Captain Jennifer Stewart and Vice-Captain Georgia Kennedy ran the evening with significant input from their peers. Georgia produced a delightful slide show which showed many changes over the past few years.

The Boarding House Christmas dinner on Wednesday was a wonderful evening with a beautiful meal and a visit from Santa, AKA Simon Wilshire. Apart from the boarders, there were 33 guests. The 2015 Boarding Committee served the meal and Boarder Captain Jane Evans and Vice-Captain Fiona Murray acted as MCs and gave a warm and nostalgic speech. Both girls have done very well in their roles and the Boarding Committee has worked hard for our girls.The boarders also took the opportunity to farewell Mrs Jeannie Baxter and Mrs Donna Evans.

On Thursday was the excitement of the Formal, when the girls paraded their dresses for the younger boarders before heading to Picnic Point.

Friday is always a sad day when we farewell our Year 12 Boarders for the last time.

The Year 10 boarders look forward to their River Cruise on Friday evening and it will be an early start on Saturday with an excursion to Dreamworld.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

To see the photos from the Boarder Christmas Party, click here

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