This Week in Boarding

13 November 2015

This week, the boarding houses were in exam mode. The Year 12 boarders were very focused but are becoming increasingly excited about next week and all of the special events pertaining to them.

Mrs Gayle Ash and I were prepared for the the "mopping up" of emotional girls as they returned from the pool jump today after their last exam. We will also farewell the Year 12 boarders with a supper this evening.

Next Monday is an evening when the Year 11 girls have some fun with presentations to our departing boarders. One of the highlights of the boarding year is the special Boarding Christmas dinner next Wednesday. This involves a sumptuous meal plus time to farewell members of family tables and staff. Santa pays a quick visit at the end of dinner and distributes chocolates to all. This dinner will also be attended by thirty special guests.

Lawrance Hall will be the venue for a walk through by the Year 12 boarders in their formal dresses. This is something all boarders look forward to. Our Senior boarders have been a wonderful and involved group and will be missed by all. They have been very special.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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