The Week in Boarding

30 October 2015

Last weekend was busy with line dancing and chess on Friday night.

As part of introducing new boarders to the routines of boarding at Glennie, our current boarders did a great job entertaining new girls and their families on Sunday. The excited and slightly nervous new girls were quickly put at their ease by current boarders who played games with them and made sure that they were comfortable. The afternoon was organised by Year 11 boarders.

New parents had an Information afternoon with Boarding, Health Centre Staff, Mrs Ashley-Cooper, Mrs Evans and  Miss Kate Powell.

We all came together for a family dinner in Lawrance Hall and the new boarders returned to Dowson House for the movie, Paper Planes and a sleepover. The new boarders joined all new girls for Introduction Day on Monday.

The current Boarding Committee will have their farewell outing to the Parkhouse Café next Wednesday while the Year 12 boarders enjoyed dinner at Fitzy's with two of their Senior Boarding Staff this week. Monday night provided an opportunity for some fun where boarders could dress up in the outfits of their possible career path. There were several vets and even a boy band.

We will have chess on Friday night and the pool is open for boarders on Sunday.

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