This week in Boarding

23 October 2015

Glennie boarding is preparing for this coming Sunday when we welcome our new 2016 boarders for an information afternoon and sleepover.

The current boarders always enjoy this opportunity to care for the new girls. They revel in showing new families around the Glennie facilities in addition to providing peer support by assisting the new girls to settle. The sleepover provides excellent opportunities for developing social skills as well as allowing for positive leadership at all levels. Many of the Year 11 girls will initiate games and provide the entertainment.

For new boarding parents, an event such as this is well received. Their daughters can enter next year with a sense of familiarity. During the afternoon, parents have the opportunity to speak with boarding staff, the School Chaplain and Health Centre staff in an open forum and enjoy time to relax, become acquainted with one another and socialise before saying goodbye to their daughters for the night.

On Monday, the new boarder girls will join all Glennie’s new students for the Introduction Day.

We know that the entry to boarding can be hard and we encourage ongoing family contact. Boarder parents and siblings are welcome to stay for a meal or take their child out any time they are in town. It is so important for boarders to stay connected to their extended family and their community.

The Year 12 Boarders are excited about the final weeks leading up to the end of their schooling. Feelings at this stage of the year are often mixed because although we are excited for our senior girls, there is a sense of loss. This particular group has been lovely to live with and have been excellent role models for younger girls.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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