Anna wins Queensland Novice Title in Boxing

17 July 2015

Earlier this year, Anna Christodoulou became a registered amateur boxer with Boxing Queensland. Anna has been preparing to step in to the boxing ring under the guidance of her trainer Mick Shaw from Mick Shaw’s Boxing & Fitness.

After many months of hard work and dedication, her training paid off. On 26, 27 and 28 June, Anna nominated for the Queensland Novice Boxing Titles in Brisbane. She was matched against an opponent from Spiders Gym (at Caboolture) and, after three very close rounds, was declared the winner.

The Queensland Boxing circuit holds competitions regularly and Anna will continue to push her training to ensure future success.

Anna says ”It felt good to win and to make Mick and my family proud. It wasn’t easy to just step into the ring, but I knew I had done the hard work with my training and that would help me get through. I’d like to encourage other girls to have a go at boxing – even if it’s just for fitness. I started boxing when I was 12 and enjoyed it right from the first session. Mick has encouraged me to believe in myself and to give it my best. Thanks go to my three trainers Mick, Katrina and my Dad, and my support team at the gym and my family. It feels good to realise my dream.”

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