A message from the Head of Junior Years

30 November 2018

One could not possibly wish for a better farewell than the ones to which I have been treated over this last week. I have been totally humbled and overwhelmed by your good wishes and through your attendance at the functions arranged. It was wonderful to see so many families and guests at the picnic. I apologise if I didn’t get around to talk with you! I tried hard, but there were so many there.

To see Mr and Mrs Norris and Mrs Ashley-Cooper there was one of great surprise, along with current and former staff members, past students and friends of the school.

I am indebted to the Parents and Friends Association, its Exec members and the supporter groups- GOSS, PASA, GEST, GSS for your work in arranging this for me. You really are amazing and this was very much appreciated. I thank Mrs Cohen, Mrs Willmington, Mrs Wood and Mrs Suhr for coordinating this event for me. Such a surprise!

Thank you so very much for the gifts which will provide lovely reminders of my time at Glennie- so cleverly chosen for me!

The Carols Service was a wonderful event and I thank Mr Finlay, Reverend Sharon, Mrs Suhr, Ms Mills, Miss Emily, Mrs Bravery and Mrs Gordon for all of their work in preparing this, our first outside service. From you comments this week, you all enjoyed this new place for the carols and a picnic to follow.

As I mentioned in my thank yous at the picnic, Glennie has a wonderfully inclusive community and these events were again testimony to this.

Monday’s farewell from the girls was so very special. Whilst I will miss our fantastic school and everyone in it,  it is the girls that I will miss the most. Their wonderful sense of fun, their genuine and honest nature makes them so endearing. I was so touched by the sincerity of their speeches and I thank those who represented their year groups.

Your jar of messages will be treasured forever, girls. One to read for each day of the year next year- Thank you!. Your gift of the rose bushes is very much appreciated and these will take pride of place in my rose garden. Thank you!

I am looking forward to stepping back a little and redirecting to new areas after 24 years, but I will maintain contact through my attendance at key school events.

Working at a school such as Glennie is a privilege and one which I have never taken for granted. Each day has been different, presenting its own joys and challenges- but that’s what has made it so enjoyable over all these years!

The Junior Years is in a great place to move forward to even greater heights and I wish Mrs Kate Harris all the very best as she leads in 2019.

My wife, Colleen, joins me in wishing every family, all the very best for Christmas and the year ahead.

Mr Steve Warren
Head of Junior Years

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