Interhouse Sing, Dance Drama competition

30 November 2018

After weeks of rehearsals and preparations the day finally arrived for the girls in Years 7 to 11 to celebrate the end of the year with the Interhouse Singing,  Dance and Drama Competition.

Tufnell won the singing, Hale won the drama and Webber won the dancing.   Individual results are as follows:

Drama (Adjudicator Andreas Elms):

1st - Hale
2nd - Donaldson
3rd - Tufnell
4th - Webber

Drama Encouragement Awards:  Webber - Ava O’Reilly, Donaldson - Felicity Brown, Hale - Alexis Thomas and Tufnell - Bella Mott

Best Supporting Actress Award:  Sophie Fleming
Best Actress Award:  Lily Bragg
Best Script Award:  Hale

Singing (Adjudicator Martin Paroz):

1st - Tufnell
2nd - Hale
3rd - Donaldson
4th - Webber

Dance (Adjudicator Lauren Budden):

1st - Webber
2nd - Hale
3rd - Tufnell
4th - Donaldson

Best Dancer awards:

Webber - Mykaila Saal
Donaldson - Dixie Townsing
Tufnell - Sienna Richardson
Hale - Isabel Lanigan

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