Seana secures scholarship

30 November 2018

Seana McPhie (GOG 2016) has been studying Law and International Relations at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) since 2017. At 16, she was one of the youngest to graduate from Glennie in that year.  Seana was asked by USQ to consider their Honours program which would mean a six year study commitment to her studies and agreed.

In July, she was contacted by the university regarding a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) scholarship entitled ‘The New Colombo Plan Scholarship’ for overseas study at a university in Asia for one year, beginning February 2019. The Scholarship is open to all Australian University Australian university students and an excellent opportunity to be involved in Australia’s foreign policy interests. Only students with a grade point average above 5 were considered. The scholarships also considers your volunteer and community work, overcoming hardship and broader academic achievements.  Seana’s managed to be consistent with these grades across her subjects despite also working 30 hours plus per week on a casual basis.

She passed the first stage of the selection process using location information and researching possible universities and an application essay.  In September she was accepted into the second stage and flown down to Canberra for an interview with DFAT.

After successfully reaching the third and final stage, Seana was offered the scholarship. This week, Seana travelled to Canberra for the award ceremony to accept ‘The New Colombo Plan Scholarship’.   At the Ceremony, Seana listened to speeches from the Governor General and Foreign Affairs Minister.

The scholarship includes accommodation and living expenses for one year, plus fully supported attendance and study at Yonsei University, regarded as being one of the top three universities in Korea.

We wish Seana every success with her future studies and exciting career plans.

Click here to see the photo gallery.  Photo credit: Seana McPhie

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