This week in Boarding

9 October 2015

We have commenced this term with a flourish! The boarders are excited to be back with their friends and have warmly welcomed two new members into our community.

There has been a focus on community service this week. Mrs Sue Crocombe, Co-ordinator of the Middle and Senior Years Library, attended dinner with some of the junior boarders on Wednesday to make stars. These woven ribbon stars will form a part of an installation in 2017 for the Million Stars project to end violence. A star-making session will also be held in Brown House on Saturday afternoon with Mrs Gayle Ash.

The woven stars are currently on display in the Library. If you would like to make a star or two, have a look at the website to find out how. Mrs Crocombe has supplied of ribbon for you to use.

Nineteen Brown House boarders will participate in Light the Walk in Queen’s Park on Saturday night. Mrs Gill Reynoldson and Miss Lisa Hindle will accompany the girls to this event to support cancer research. There will be swimming for boarding girls on Sunday afternoon at the Glennie Aquatic Centre and chess for boarders will resume on Friday evening.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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