Vocational Training

9 October 2015

If your daughter is in Year 10 and looking at undertaking vocational training during Year 11 and 12, there are two ways she can do this -  either by undertaking a school-based traineeship or apprenticeship (training and employment) OR by undertaking a course (just the training component).

Both options will provide her with a nationally recognised qualification. She will be awarded QCE points (from 2 to 8 points depending on the course), and depending on the course, have a guaranteed ranking on completion, which may help her get into university. Girls are able to do this along with their normal school studies. NOW is the time for her to start her planning if she wants to begin her training at the start of Year 11.

If you would like any further information or help please contact me.

Mrs Belinda Paul
VET Co-ordinator


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