This Week in Boarding

17 September 2015

The last week of the term is always lively and exciting with boarders looking forward to family time, and for many, returning to life on a rural property. The Hale and Tufnell House dinners were well attended by boarders, and we held our annual Alphabet dinner on Tuesday night. There were some amazing home-made outfits featuring fantasy characters as Shrek and Fiona, rural workers and even animals. There was a quiz with an array of small prizes. Alphabet soup was a feature of the meal and the junior boarders created colourful decorations.

Wednesday night also saw some frivolity with a Pyjama and Bingo dinner, with mini chocolate frogs as the prizes.

The past weekend was busy with Bella Chicks in the Glennie Assembly Hall on Friday night, sporting fixtures on Saturday, the Glennie Tennis Championships on Sunday and a movie afternoon at the cinema with boarders from Concordia and TGS.

Girls have been moving rooms during the past week. Year 12 boarders keep their rooms for the whole year, but the Years 6 to 11 boarders shift rooms each term. This allows the younger girls to have a change of scenery and explore new friendships. It also provides time for practicalities such as culling possessions, or at least, sending the excess home. The opening of the Heather Smith Wing was an exciting time for The Dowson boarders who are making good use of this well-appointed new area.

The Year 6 boarders took time out after school to go to Grand Central with Mrs Suhr, as a treat to celebrate the end of term and birthdays.

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