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10 September 2015

The latest Parentingideas Magazine is available for you to read throught this link.  It is full of wonderful ideas and articles from the experts.

Exploring the new frontier in parenting – emotions

Michael Grose gives five ideas to help you explore emotions - the new frontier of parenting - and help kids to manage their feelings.

Online flaming

So what is online flaming? Catherine Gerhardt gives practical tips for parents to recognise the signs and how to respond should your child be affected.

Hurry sickness

When every hour is rush hour – ‘hurry sickness’ and its impact on families.

Helping our kids to learn better

How effectively we learn depends on a number of factors. Dr. Jenny Brockis highlights 8 ways parents can help our kids be ready and effective learners.

Take off the shoes

Maggie Dent looks at how allowing children endless opportunities to walk and run barefoot, and move freely in our world, will also create healthy brains which can function at more optimum levels.

Letter by letter – G

Girls, Guilt and Grit – our quick tips parenting guide has these topics covered.

Rites of passage

The teenage years can offer challenges for boys and fathers as they struggle to connect. Malcolm Dix reflects on the importance of a Rite of Passage experience with his teenage son and how it offered an opportunity for strengthening their bond now and into the future.

No body’s perfect!

Sharon Witt looks at how we can help our girls develop a positive body image.

Parentingideas Magazine.

Here’s to building strong parent-school partnerships.

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