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4 September 2015

The Year 12 boarders completed a milestone in their lives this week with their participation in the QCS. Like any household when there are such occasions, boarding uses these special times as a cause to celebrate. The Year 12 boarders enjoyed a relaxing pizza party in Simmons House on the Wednesday night following the completion of their papers. This is a tradition in boarding and something to look forward to as a brief "wind down" before exams.

On Monday, boarding held an Etiquette Dinner. We had an evening of engaging in traditional dining skills, and the meal was enjoyed by all. Each boarder received a small booklet to help her negotiate modern social expectations.

Last Friday night saw a line dancing session with Mrs Cass Daniells in the Glennie Assembly Hall. Many older boarders enjoyed the annual Grammar Downlands football clash last Saturday, but this weekend will be a time for serious pursuits like productive study time.

For Glennie families who are unfamiliar with boarding, we do our best to support the needs of our boarding families. Boarder parents often make medical appointments for their daughters towards the end of term and we are currently busy attending to these. Younger boarders are always escorted to appointments with either a member of staff, a Gap Student or the Head of Boarding. We tend to escort older girls as well, especially if they require a medical procedure or are visiting a specialist. We understand that distance is an issue for many of our families who would like to support their daughters in person, but we do our best to offer our services and be the ‘parent’ in their place.

If a boarder goes to hospital in an emergency, she is escorted by a staff member. The boarding staff may take shifts until the situation is sorted out and the child is either admitted or returned to boarding. I had a nine hour shift one day following the discovery of a girl with appendicitis.

There is a significant benefit in having three experienced Registered Nurses who share duties for the week. They reside at Glennie during their shifts. We are also blessed to have a highly experienced visiting General Practitioner in Dr Sian Ford, who sees boarders three mornings per week before school. In addition, there is a visiting Physiotherapist on a Wednesday afternoon.

Valerie Lovell
Head of Boarding

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