Song, Dance and Drama

24 November 2017

After weeks of rehearsals and preparations, the day finally arrived for the girls in Years 7 to 11 to celebrate the end of the year with the Interhouse Singing, Dance and Drama Competition.

Donaldson won the singing and dance, Hale won the drama.  Individual results are as follows:

Drama (Adjudicator Andreas Elms):

  • 1st - Hale presented ‘A Very Hale Christmas’
  • 2nd - Donaldson presented ‘The Missing Teachers’
  • 3rd - Webber presented ‘When you miss one day of school’
  • 4th - Tufnell presented ‘House Feud’

Drama Encouragement Awards:  

  • Webber - Karma O’Reilly,
  • Donaldson - Felicity Brown,
  • Hale - Alyssa Baker and
  • Tufnell - Hannah Scotney
  • Best Supporting Actress Award:  Sandra Miller
  • Best Actress Award:  Alim Deng
  • Best Script Award:  Donaldson

Singing (Adjudicator Martin Paroz):

  • 1st - Donaldson singing a Glee mashup of ‘Living on a Prayer’
  • 2nd - Webber singing ‘Let’s hear it for the boys’
  • 3rd - Hale singing ‘Man in the Mirror’ and ‘Don’t Stop Believing’
  • 4th - Tufnell singing ‘I’m walking on Sunshine’

Dance (Adjudicator Lauren Budden):

  • 1st - Donaldson presented ‘Willy Wonka’s Creations’
  • 2nd - Tufnell presented ‘Peter Pan’
  • 3rd - Webber presented ‘Movies through the Decades’
  • 4th - Hale presented ‘Trapped’

Best Dancer awards:

  • Webber - Sienna Richardson
  • Donaldson - Rachel Hall
  • Tufnell - Anthea Jones
  • Hale - Mackenzie Dunn

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