House Farewells

17 November 2017


Every year Middle and Senior Years girls gather in their House groups to farewell the Seniors. It is also an opportunity for the younger girls to meet the incoming House committees.

Each House celebrates in a unique way. Webber girls exchange Willbes who have been handed down for many generations of Seniors and each year the graduating Senior adds a personal touch to her Willbe before passing it on to a Year 11 girl in the Webber Willbe Exchange.

Donaldson House introduced a new award this year, the Duck of the Year. Girls from each year level were elected by their peers for the award and they also selected an overall winner. Congratulations to the following Ducks

  • Year 7:  Lily McGill
  • Year 8:  Elizabeth Causer
  • Year 9:  Alim Deng
  • Year 10:  Louise Armstrong
  • Year 11:  Rachel Hall
  • Year 12:  Anne Crosby
  • Overall:  Lucinda Jensen

Donaldson also said a special farewell to one of their most dedicated Donaldson supporters Miss Powell. In a short speech she revealed that although she held the stop/go sign each year for the athletics carnival as an impartial official, she was always quietly cheering on the Donaldson girls as they went past.

All Houses celebrated with a cake in House colours.

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