The Glennie Chapel's Centenary

17 November 2017

Last weekend we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the consecration of the Glennie Chapel with a special family communion service conducted by Rev’d Kate Powell. In celebrating the centenary of this historic building, we appreciate its value as a calm, meditative sacred space.

Here is a snippet from the Glennie Gazette of April 1918 detailing the consecration.

On 11th December 1917 at the Consecration of the new Chapel by His Grace, Archbishop Donaldson gave a short but very inspiring address on the text “Come ye apart”. He set before us the idea of using the Chapel as a quiet resting place for prayer and meditation and he gave us many helpful thoughts. To many there, the service held a sad significance for they were leaving their school days behind, and they knew the Chapel would soon be only a memory, but one and all felt the beauty and solemnity of the service and were truly glad to have helped in providing their School with such a beautiful little sanctuary.

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