Year 5 visit Parliament

17 November 2017

Last Friday, the Year 5 girls went on an excursion to Brisbane. We went to Parliament House and Queensland Museum. Thank you to Mr Griffiths, Mrs Kleidon, Mrs Balzer and Miss Fischer for accompanying us! Here are some reflections on our trip:

We learned lots of things like how in 2014 for the G20 summit many great world leaders came to Parliament House for a meeting, including Barack Obama. Inside Parliament House we got to go and sit in the green room and the red room. Some of the G20 summit meetings were held in the red room and we got to sit on the exact same chairs that the world leaders sat on. In the green room some of us were assigned to the seats of some politicians of Queensland. I got to be Opposition Leader and Hannah T got to be the Premier. Then we had a mini debate about whether sport is better than computer games. After that, we went to the Museum. We had an amazing time learning about the different reptiles and other animals there. A fun fact about green snakes:  the ones with creamish/yellow spots on them are males and the ones with the white spots are females. Overall we had wonderful time. Dulini

We learnt about the history of Queensland politics. I loved how we got to do a roleplay like the debates that happen in Parliament when laws are being created and learned how voting works. We then went to the Museum. I loved the animals and how the lady walked around with us answering our questions. It was a great experience where every student got to see something that they enjoyed. Hayley

I enjoyed learning about how the red and green chambers operate at Parliament. We also went to the Museum and I liked looking at all of the exhibitions.  Bianca

At the Museum, I liked it that there were lots of interactive exhibitions.  At Parliament, we got to have a mock debate. Hannah got to play the Premier of Queensland, and she argued that playing outside is better than playing video games. Charlotte F

I liked the mini debate that we did at Parliament. The rooms looked really interesting, and we got to see the mace.  I liked having a look at the Museum too.  My favourite part was the interactive water display. Claire

I liked seeing the mace at Parliament House.  Our tour guide said that it was worth about $250 000.  In our mock debate, I liked agreeing with the speaker by saying ‘hear, hear’ or ‘shame’ if we disagreed.  I liked all of the gold detail around the rooms at Parliament House.  Kelsey-Rae

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