Junior Years Carols

17 November 2017

Parents are reminded that the Junior Years Carols services will be held at St Luke’s Church this Sunday evening: Years K to 3 at 4.30pm and Years 4 to 6 at 5.30pm.

For the service for Kindergarten to Year 3, girls in Kindergarten, Prep, G Minor Choir, and the Bible and prayer readers are asked to be St Luke’s Hall by 4:00pm please. At the conclusion of the Kindy/Prep item, children are to be collected by their parents (from where they finish their item) and they sit with parents for the remainder of the service.

For the Service for Years 4 to 6, G Major Choir, String Ensemble, Dancing, Bible or Prayer Readers and the Tableau are to be at St Luke’s Hall by 4:45pm please. All others sit with their parents.

All children are expected to attend, please, in uniform. No hats are required. Other family members are most welcome to join us for these short services. There will be a collection of groceries for the St Luke’s parish larder. These may be left under the Christmas tree. Thank you in anticipation for your donation. If you have a daughter in both year level groups, you may choose which service you attend as a family, unless she has a specific role in one of the services.

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