STEM camp reward for Charlotte

10 November 2017

Each year, the QUT Vice-Chancellor's STEM camp invites high-achieving Year 11 students to a fully funded, five-day research-intensive camp to engage in solving some of the major challenges facing our society today. This year, Charlotte Lindemann applied and was delighted to gain selection.

At the camp, students were split into groups of four to select a project from ten options.  Charlotte’s group were tasked to develop a method to prevent glacial flooding in Bhutan (a country in the Himalayas). They created prototypes for using siphons, a rope pump, and the Archimede’s screw (similar to an auger). Testing pressure effects and mathematical equations proved to be quite challenging, however, useful. In the end, they decided that the rope pump method would be the best. Each group presented their findings to a panel of mentors, professors and current student camp ambassadors.

Charlotte said “the project work was a definite highlight of the camp and I have to admit I had fun at the ‘STEM Camp has Talent’ night and Science Show”.  

When Charlotte finishes school she plans to study a dual degree in Engineering and Science majoring in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry.  We wish her every success as she prepares for her final year at Glennie and beyond.

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