Year 9 Gets Real!

10 November 2017

The Year 9 girls arrived at school looking a little different this week, spending three days learning valuable skills to start them on their future career journeys. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists, engineers, physiotherapists, creative artists and psychologists were just some of the careers explored in the Be Real, Get Set program.

It is never too early to start thinking about the future and to begin developing the skills and knowledge that enable you to plan and make informed decisions about your education, training and career choices.

One of the most significant changes of the 21st century world of work is that the concept of a “job for life” is no longer a reality. Most individuals will likely change jobs, if not careers, numerous times throughout their working life. Through the  Be Real, Get Set program, the girls had the opportunity to learn and practise skills that they will use on an ongoing basis to manage their life, learning and work.

The program began with self-exploration of strengths, interests and values and how these fit within a variety of career interest areas. The girls were shown how to find valuable information about potential career paths, including the future outlook and employment trends for their fields of interest. Changes in the world of work requires the development of skills that make an individual more employable and a focus on the transferable skills such as interpersonal skills, critical thinking, creativity and enterprise allowed the girls to consider ways that they can build these throughout their senior education.

One of the culminating activities of the Be Real, Get Set program is the chance to trial the job application process. The girls were required to apply for a traineeship in one of their interest areas, prepare a cover letter and resumé, and interview for that position. This is a very valuable experience for the girls, as, for some of them, this was their first formal interview. The buzz of nerves and excitement that was heard before the interviews, was quickly replaced by a sense of accomplishment. We would like to thank the members of our interview team (acknowledged at the end of this article) who gave up their time to offer this experience for the girls. The confidence gained and feedback received will certainly strengthen their skills as they encounter many more interviews in the future; for jobs, college positions and leadership roles.

After a jam-packed three days, it is hoped that the girls will walk away with some key skills to begin planning and preparing for their senior phase of education and feeling empowered not to choose, but to construct their careers.

Mrs Sharon Currie
Careers Advisor

  • Julie Meyer, Westpac Bank
  • Jamie McMillan, Westpac Bank
  • Nick Fortune, Retired Glennie parent
  • Melody Labinsky, Fairfax Media
  • Mark Stevens, Busy at Work
  • Lyndon Dadwell, Retired Vet
  • CAPT Sarah Bowden, Australian Defence Force
  • CPL Corey Holland, Australian Defence Force
  • Ann Wilshire, Retired Physiotherapist
  • Amy Cook, SHE (Shining Hearts Everyday)
  • Terri Davis, USQ Nursing
  • Sorita McGrane, TAFE Queensland
  • Danny Carter, Retired Teacher
  • Craig Irwin, Range Lawyers
  • Senior Sergeant Regan Draheim, Queensland Police
  • John Whiteside, Telstra
  • Mark Hancock, Queensland Ambulance
  • Victoria MacRae, Iona Health
  • Geordie Galvin, Astute Environmental
  • Prue Leyden-Smith, Bella Lucia Photography

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