Literature Circles

10 November 2017

This term the girls in Year 4 Cottee have been reading the novel Wonder by R J Palacio. We had a lovely time reading this book together. We have worked in small groups taking on a different role each week; these have formed our Literature Circles.

These roles have linked to the comprehension strategies we have worked with all year. The roles consist of Summarisers, Directors, Connectors, Illustrators and Word Wizards. As we have taken on a role we have had a different prop and activity to complete.

“I really liked wearing the props as we worked because it made the activities a lot more fun.” Ava Rowe.

“I liked how we got to change around all the time each week. As we read more of the book, the activities became even more fun.” Addison Silver

“I enjoyed working as a team and helping each other.” Isabella Raccanello

“I liked being a connector because I got to make connections between the book and other books I have read and the book and my own life”. Holly Donaldson

“I liked being an illustrator because drawing is one of my passions.” Isabella Jones

“I liked being an illustrator because it helped me to visualise the book a lot more.” Kate Roper

“I liked being a Word Wizard because this meant we found new words and expanded our vocabulary.” Amy Leis.

“I liked that we got to converse about our findings in the book.” Bailey Crisp.

“My favourite role was Director because I got to ask questions about the book.” Kate Leis.

“I am looking forward to reading the ending because I do not know what is going to happen.” Evie Archer

“I am really looking forward to finishing the book because some of the girls in Year 4 are going to the cinema to see the movie together when it comes out these holidays.” Addyson Jones.

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