Junior Years Classes

10 November 2017

The organisation of classes is a long and involved process involving many of the staff. However, we will endeavour to get the classes out to the girls and families with their reports this year.

The teachers for classes in 2018 will be as follows

  • Kindergarten, Ms Amanda Harman and Mrs Kathryn Pinwill
  • Prep, Mrs Cathy Somerfield and Mrs Karen Taylor
  • Year 1, Mrs Jeanet Dawson and Mrs Sue Greig
  • Year 2 Mrs Fiona Stone, 
  • Year 2/3 Mrs Sonya Vickers 
  • Year 3 Mrs Wendy Henley
  • Year 4, Mrs Jodi Miles and Mrs Jaye Griffiths
  • Year 5, Mrs Emma-Lee Kleidon and Mr Darryl Griffiths
  • Year 6 Miss Angela Bullock and Mr Cameron Broom

Specialist staff teaching responsibilities will be announced once the new appointments have been made.

Mr Steve Warren
Head of Junior Years

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