The Week in Boarding

10 November 2017

The Year 12s are excited and their final exam today was followed by the annual watery tradition of the Pool Jump.

Gayle Ash and I waited at the back door of Simmons at lunchtime to distribute towels and collect wet uniforms. Our laundry ladies kindly clean all of the clothing and towels, ready for the girls by late afternoon.

The Year 11 boarders will give a farewell presentation to the Year 12s on Monday evening and of course we have the spectacular Boarder Christmas dinner to look forward to on Wednesday.

The Christmas dinner this year will have an Australian theme and this is a slight departure from the usual. The holly bush in my backyard will be saved from its annual savage pruning with the focus being on native flowers as decorations. Santa is well prepared for his visit and has a glamorous outfit to wear.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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