We Need Your Blood!

4 September 2015

Holidays are approaching and this puts stress on Red Cross blood stocks.Only one in six of us donates blood products yet one in three of us will need a donation at some time. Holiday time always sees blood stocks running low. Hospitals and emergency care units depend on blood banks having maximum stored products prior to school holiday time.

This season, blood stocks across all regions are low due to serious influenza outbreaks and longer recovery times over the colder months for general colds. This prevents potential regular donors from keeping up the blood stocks to maximum storage capacity.

Prior to the school holiday break, consider rolling up your sleeve and making that valuable contribution. For one hour (or less) of your time, you can help save three lives and help the Australian Red Cross Blood Service meet demand.

Call 131495 to make an appointment. Donate either full blood, platelets or plasma. Blood banks are open early morning to late evening (so donations before and after work are possible). Don't forget, when making your valuable donation, nominate the Glennie School Club Red Account, because just as each donation is valuable to them, it’s also valuable to our school target for 2015 in the Club Red School Challenge.

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