Futsal 2017 - Term 4

10 November 2017

Term 4’s Futsal season was certainly one to remember, for many reasons! For me personally, seeing the improvement from week to week was really satisfying. Girls who had never kicked a ball before the season, were now setting up plays and scoring goals!

There was never a dull week, from hailstones to power cuts to grand finals. 120 girls in 20 teams took to the court each week to battle their way to the finals.

Throughout the season, the girls played to the best of their ability in the true Glennie spirit that I have come to admire.

Congratulations to the following teams for reaching the Grand Finals in their respective divisions;

  • Pool D - Glennie Gliders (Winners)  V Glennie Shakers (Runners-Up)
  • Pool B 2  - Glennie Flames (Winners)
  • Pool B 1- Glenne Bomb Squad (Runners-Up)

I would like to thank  Hayley Smith, our Futsal Captain 2017 for the enormous amount of work that she has done throughout the whole year. There wouldn’t be a futsal player this year who doesn’t recognise her as the face of Futsal 2017. I would also like to acknowledge Meg McKinlay who was an incredible support and gave so much of her time this season, coaching and helping with our younger teams. As ever, Stacie Broom and Jordan Moy were amazing every week helping with whatever was needed.

Keep a lookout for nominations for the Term 1 schools season.

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Mrs Sue Watts
Futsal Coach

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