A Message from Mrs Cohen

3 November 2017

This is a time of year which is filled with a mix of emotions. Sadness, excitement and fear is experienced as Year 12s and Year 6s prepare to leave the comfort of a place where they have spent the majority of their time for many years in order to move to bigger things. For the Year 6 girls they may be leaving the halls of the Glennie School to embrace a new adventure, or making the big move across the road to experience all the  Glennie Middle and Senior Years has to offer. Our Year 12s are preparing for their very last school exams, thinking ahead to the celebrations that follow and dreaming of the world that lies out there beyond the Glennie picket fence.

At the same time the Year 11s are experiencing some trepidation tinged with either joy or maybe some sadness as they learn of their success or otherwise in securing a coveted leadership position. It is important at times like these that students who have not received the position they desired can reach deep and use the resilience they all have within to bounce forward, rather than bounce back.

Our Year 11s have managed themselves with grace throughout the leadership process. They have done themselves, their families and their school proud. I speak of the girls who have realised their goals of being elected into their chosen leadership positions as well as those who were disappointed not to be elected. The students have encouraged, supported and helped each other on a challenging journey; at all times keeping it in perspective. The gracious way in which they have congratulated the chosen leaders or reminisced with those not chosen should be a lesson to us all.

Disappointment is not a bad thing; it is normal and can be worked through, but regret is a sad emotion. Regret can be summed up as ‘would of, should of, could of’. Many of our Year 11s may be feeling some disappointment - that’s okay, this can help them to create strategies to cope with let-downs in later life. It is an opportunity to grow in confidence and resilience. Very few, if any, of our girls will be feeling regret; throughout the process they were honest, they spoke with conviction and showed themselves in a great light. And if a few tears were shed along the way - well that’s just human nature.

I believe that with the calibre of students at our school the Year 12 cohort for 2018 will go from strength to strength, as all students join in leading the School into the future.

Congratulations and good luck to our new leaders:

School Captain: Rachel Hall

School Vice-Captain: Zoe McLoughlin

Committee Leaders 2018

  • Academic Captain: Claudia Sullivan
  • Academic Vice-Captain: Charlotte Lindemann
  • Arts Captain: Georgia Meise
  • Arts Vice-Captain: Sophie Little
  • Boarding Captain: Paige Corke
  • Boarding Vice-Captain: Shannon Rush
  • Chapel Captain: Josephine Mahony
  • Chapel Vice-Captain: Rachel Turner
  • Interact Captain:  Stephanie Wentzel
  • Interact Vice-Captain: Chene Malan
  • Sport Captain: Georgie Daniells
  • Sport Vice-Captain: Abigail Schoorl
  • SWC Captain: Isabella Nolte
  • SWC Vice-Captain: Kate Reeves
  • TIP Captain:  Piper Salisbury
  • TIP Vice-Captain: Alexandra Gurner (Whittaker)
  • Donaldson Captain: Renee Clark
  • Donaldson Vice-Captain: Amy Eiser
  • Hale Captain: Matilda Parry-Okeden
  • Hale Vice-Captain: Kodi Koina
  • Tufnell Captain: Amelia Moss
  • Tufnell Vice-Captain: Lily Ryan
  • Webber Captain:  Maddie Malone
  • Webber Vice-Captain: Ellie Reedy

Mrs Kim Cohen

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