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3 November 2017

As the process of selecting student leaders for 2018 concludes, this poem and photograph from the past indicate how treasured these girls have always been as leaders of The Glennie tradition.

From The Glennie Gazette October 1912

The Glennie Prefects

(With apologies to Lewis Carroll)

One fine day the Glennie Prefects
Thought they’d get their photos taken,
Thought they’d get them taken nicely
To adorn the Glennie paper.

Thought they’d make the morning lively
By beginning with refreshments,
After which their way they wended
T’wards the Studio of Schaefer.

Tastefully did he arrange them,
Thought a book of illustrations
Would be nice for “Miss McDougall,”
Placed a chair for “Miss McCallum”
Just to rest her slender arm on.
Thought a pensive sad expression
Suited Dora’s charming features.

Then all steady and unblinking,
Nobly did they face the camera,
Till he told them to be quiet,
Not to breathe or sigh or quiver.

Then did Mildred start to giggle,
Giggled so, they could not stop her,
Giggled till they all were giggling.

Then he had to rearrange them,
Putting Emmie more to forward
Just because she looked so thoughtful.

Readers all – I bid you gaze on
Eight fair maidens with big bows on,
Bows which now are all the fashion,
Therefore we must all admire them.

Readers, prithee please remember
That this counterfeit presentment
Does not fully do them justice
In our private estimation.

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