Aussie Bird Count

3 November 2017

Glennie is home to many native birds. Year 4 are investigating the requirements of our native bird population here at Glennie. To help our population, Year 4 has planted native bird attracting plants. We have planted nine different plants. We have Grevilleas, Fringe Myrtles and Bottlebrushes. As we were planting, we also entered our observations in the “Aussie Bird Count.” Our class spent 20 minutes every day walking outside and counting every bird we saw. We mostly saw birds like Australian Magpies, Currawongs, Plovers and Noisy Miners. It was a fun experience to see birds and feel the nature all around us. As we sat quietly one morning, we were quiet enough to hear little chicks chirping in their nest. We couldn’t see them though. The Bird Count was an amazing experience for Year 4 and everyone enjoyed it. Grace de la Croix, Year 4.

This term in Year 4 O’Shane we have been citizen scientists by being involved in the “Aussie Bird Count”. Girls from Year 4 saw many species of birds. We planted some special native bird-attracting plants in our Year 4 garden. Some of the plant names are Callistemon, Grevillea lanigera, a fringed myrtle, a Micromyrtus ciliata and a Melaleuca thymifolia. The most frequent bird we saw was the Australian Magpie.

The new bird feeder we hung up in a tree certainly increased the number of birds we put in the bird count. Some of the birds we saw roaming around the courtyard were a Rainbow Lorikeet, Laughing Kookaburra, a Noisy Miner and an Australian King Parrot. Hopefully our plants will grow so that we can have more than just birds.

I hope that we can bring wildlife to our school and that the birds in Glennie will always be happy. Freya Statham, Carrie Coetzee, Skyla Fleming and Charlotte Baker. Year 4.

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